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bay, where fone hot were exchanged between the night before, and the Mosquito crafts, them and the fort, but nct having a fufficient imagined that Indians (only) landed from land force to a tack-on Ihre, they were obliged them, were the enemy on shore, not thinking to leave it. Judring this a happy opportuni- i that Europeans would undertake such a march; ty of add ng luftre to his Majesty's srirs, ! and in order to favour this deception, the Inwaiied upon Commodore Lustrell, and offered dians were advanced in front and dislodged to attack on the land side with the Indians them from th:it look-outs, which prevented and the detachment of Ligal Irish, it he would them from occupying the defiles and passes, reinforce me with the marines and musg etry until we arrived near the town, where they men from the ships. The Commod'se agree had placed an ambuícade. The Indians, who ing in opinion, that the fort might be raken are extremely Marp as scnuts, perceived them; by attacking by sea and and at i he same time, they represented that the Spaniards wcie drawa it was according'y determined on, and Truxil. up in force. A disportion of attack was ini. Jo was appointed as the rendezvous cu colec mediately framed for the Loyal Inih and ma the Bay-men wiih heir Naves, where we met rines to force the pass in front in coluon, and some people from the Mosquiro Shore, who to advance rapidly wi h the grenadiers march, had been on an expedition against the regifter supported by the second line drawn up, and Thips. The commr dore immediately had the che Pomona's musketry men of the fift fine, Bay-men colleaed, as I figgered it, who were were detached to gain a hill on the left, covei, dispersed about the hands of Raran and Bo- ed with wood, which commanded the pala: naccao; they were formed by me in'o four these orders being instantly executed, the doo companies, being invested with powers by Ge file was forced. We received a scattering ill Deral Dalling for tha: purpose; the Daves ! directed fire from so'or 60 Spaniards, which officered by Their proprietors. With this re killed one soldier only of the Loyal Irish and inforcement of 250 men, adred to the Loyal wounded a marine ; and fo gieat was their Irish marine mosquetry men from the thips, panick, that they Red on all quarters to the and Indians, our force amounted to upwards fort, woods, and town, evacuating the Gos of soo men. The Commodore having gor in vernor's house, built with battlements, and readinese at my request scaling ladders, issued terrassed on the top ; a poft which, if deferd. out 200 stand of arms. exclusive of. 70 stand ed by 20 British seguiars, would have ftoppes illued by me of the regimental aims, and 150 our whole force. The gaining this hill, and sent down by General Dalling, which were that which the Poniona's men had ascended, intended for the bay, we failed from the Bay gave us the catire view of the fort, commardof Truxillo on the soch infant, and landed on ing it and the town in the bottom, the fort the 16th, about eight o'clock at night, at Por- diitane half a mile, and the town close under to Cavallo. We were informed by our guides the bill. The skirmish ng coptinued from the That Porto Omoa was only thiec leagues dilo town, and galled us a little; beiog unwilling tant ; and our intention was to have marched to see fire to it, I defifted upwards of an hout; directly on in the night to surprise and escalade but finding that I could not permit an enemy the fori; but the distance proving grea'er than on my flank, the town forming a crescent uswas imagined, a d the roads very bad, which der the hill, orders were given for iro being they palied, such as I möy venture to affi'm no consumed, which were carried into executiob, Eur, pean loops ever marched before in this the inhabitants Aying to the fort and the climaie, being obliged ar 'ines to walk (on woods : the property consumed in the towa account of impeneliable mangroves) out into was estimated at 100,000 piatres. The fquathe sea, which damaged iheir cartouches, and dron came into the bay while the towo was ia at other times through lagoons, morasses, and Hames ; and, supposing it a proper time to belo Darrow foot paths, over mountains, renderes ter the fore, went in a breast of it. A diver. almost impaffable from the late rains, having fon was made by the land forces in their faprecipices on each side, and f sced to grope our vour from the hill. The scaling ladders were way by lighis made from cabbage trees. We carried by the Honduras Fulice:s; but their were not arrived within two leagues of the fore eagerners to engage in skirmishing made them at day-break, having lit our rear, fome lay drop the ladders, and halten to get up to the ing down through fatigue, and others loging head of the column ; which prevented the ladd the line of march from the darkness of the forces from co-operating with the squ dron (by nighe, and the difficuley of keeping up in paths storming) so heartily ibat day as could have only patřable by Indians. In the morning the been wiihed. rear line was brought up by Cap'ain Carder, The Lowestoffe having got a-ground, and of the both regiment of fout, and, having re the other thips, as I imagined, oblerving the freihed ihe iroops for two hours, we porceeded signal was displayed that the land forces coeld again through pasles and defiles the same as nit co operate, defifted firing. The Loweftefe the night before, the Indians skirmishing a. was much damaged, but got off. long the paths. We had taken ewo look.ouis, The day following we parled in skirmishing, from which fome of the soldiers escaped, and in securing the roads roued the fort, and drive carr ed intelligence that an enemy was ad- ing in cattle for the land forces. On the 18th, yancing, and, as they had seen our squadron the squadron landed some guos to the wet





ward; 2 four pounders were got up that were two guns pointed from the Bank of the night, and a batiery was immediately opened bastion to fcour is. We were perceived by their on them.

centries, and their drum beat co the alarm poftr. This battery incommoded them much, but Our columns we:e staggered, and stepe back : never could have made any impresion on the but instantly recovering themselves, they adwolls of the parapet, as they were 18 teet thick. vaned to the wall in height 28 fect, on which

The Spaniards pointed that evening three was a battery of five guns ; they reared one more guns towards the land lide, and in the ladder, a second, and a third; the first ladder morning dismounted one of ours. Observing was bioke by he link guns of another bastion, there were some hovies near the fort which the kiling a milín.pman, and badly wounding Spaniards had neglected to burn, parries of five men; the other ladders were also woundma:ires, bay.nien, arw lodiani occu ied them ed, but not broke ; two scamen gol up firft by and kep: up so ir.cctant a file on the ladder, and obeyed their orders in not firing; sures of the fort, that the Spaniards fire from they presented at 60 Spaniards drawn up, but. the guns, were often filenced for hours, and we retained their fire unul others ascended; and ob'erved them throwing over the dead. This so great was the conflernation of the enemy, day 6 more guns were got up by the seamen that it seemed as if they had loft ihe power of and bay-men, one of which General Dalliog their arms, although their officers were at their had fent for the Three others be ng head encouraging them. unfortunately swamped coming on shore, Cap The seamen Scrambling up the ladders, tain Ca den opened a battery of 4 fix-pounders down off the parapets they went, and, being from the hill which the Pomona's men had reinforced by marines and seamen, the Spagained in the first kirmish at the defile, which niards Aed to the casemates, but they could not also commanded the fort.

recover their panic, notwithlanding every exForesceing that, by a siege of this ratuse, ertion of their officers : about 100 Spaniards before approaches could be made in a regular elcaped over the walls on the opposite side, and way, and a breach effected, a vait train of ar out of a sally-port. The governor and principal tiileis would be required, and a lengih of time, officers ihen came and delivered ap to me their afle which we woud be obliged to form, hiv. words, the geriifon and regifter ibips, with ing also the enemy in our rear all round; and the keys of the fort, and asked their lives. having maturely weighed all these circum As to the behaviour of the officers and fol. stances, and the disadvanlage inevitably attend diers under my command, the British displaying a sege, it was therefore determined to ed that valour which is their known chaescalade the fort, as the ditch was found to be acteristic. The and Indians were dry. And, having consulted witb the commo. also of the utmost fe:vice in all duties of fadore on the mode of, it was refolved rigue, in skirmishing and dragging up the canthat the Pomona should be towed clofe in, the heavier ships co operating The attack being Your lordship will pardon my mentioning determined on, the Europeans were formed in an instance of en elevatod mind in a Britii to four columns in line, four men advanced car, which amazed the Spaniards, and gave with guides at the head of each column ; in them a very high idea of English valour : not each column followed 8 men carrying he lad. contented with one cutlass, he had fcrambled ders, who were followed by a few hand grenade up the walls with two, and meeting a Spanish

Two colom'ns consisted of seamen and officer without arms, who had been rouled out two of marines, with a few Loyal Irish. A of his Aeep, had the generosity nit to take any three in the morning, this difportion being advantage; but presenting him one of his cutmade, and our force confiling of 150, we lafles, told him, “ You' are now on a footing moved down the hill, and there lay waiting for with me." The orders were, not to spare the ligoal of the Charon, wh ch was to denote while they refifted, but to grant quarters to all she had got under way, and would attack in who requested. Only two Spaniards were 20 minutes. The fignal being made a little wounded by the bayonet in resisting, nor was after four o'clock in the morning of the 20th, any person pillaged or plundered, we advanced und:r the fire of our own batte. Í have the pleasure to inform your lordship, sies, and were encouraged by observing that ihat the greatest harmony has subalted between the Span'ards did not perceive our march, by the sea and land forces during the whole of the dinction of their Thot over us, pointed at this expedicion; and that Commodore Lurerell our batteries on the hills.

and the captains of the navy have, on cỏery The Pomona and fileet also attracted their no-occafion, made the greatest exertions to fortice by the fire from the sea-lide; by this forward the service on shore; and all underwent Lunate co-operation in profound filence, arms the most severe fatigue, in this hot climate, trailling, and in order to animate the iroops, with uncommon alacrity. the parole was changed to Bayonetle, and the Of this fortification jour lordship will judge counter.sign Britons strike Hsme. We advanced of the importance, from ihe incredible expence undiscovered under the Spanish c ntries, who the crown of Spain has he nat in erecling it, were every two or three minutes pasting the as the stone of which it is built is raised out of word alerio. Al the entrance into the ditch the sea, and broughe twenty leagues.




beds 2.

The out works are not finished, notwith. Second Lieutenant Wightman, of the ftanding they have constantly employed 1000 ham-division of marines, wounded. men at work for twenty years. It is the Key (Signed) W. DALRYMPLE, Commandet to the Bay of Honduras, and where the re

in Chief of the Land Forces. gifter ships and treasure are sent to from Gua

From the LONDON GAZETTI. timala in time of war. The morning of our Wbitebali, Dec. 20. This morning Capt. arrival the treasure was conveyed into the coun. Lloyd, one of Sir Henry Clioton's Aides de try, fo that what we have found in the milita- Camp, from New York, arrived in town with ty chef, and what belonged to the public, the foll»wing dispatches from Sir Henry Cl'a'on does not exceed 8000 piastres, but the register to Lord George Germain, one of his Majcky's ships must be very valuable, if they arrive in Principal Secretaries of Siale. Tatery in England.

New York, Nvo. 19, 1779. I knd these dispatches, with the colours of MY LORD Onioa, and also plans of the fortificacion, by As I was clośng my dispa:ches yesterday for Lieutenant Corden of the both regiment, who the paquet, I had the pleasure, by the arrival I apprinted to act as captain of astillery and of a privateer from St. Augustine, to receive engineer to this expedition, and humbly beg letters from governor Tonyn and Licur. Col. he may be permitted to loyihem at his majel-Fuser, who commands the iroops in that garrity's feer.

ron, communicating to me the very importaot Buurn of Artilery and Stores taken at Fort Se incelligence, that the French

troops, command Fernando de Omoa, 08. 20, 1779.

ed by The Count d'Estaing in person, in con- Brass 24 pounders mounted 6, 12 ditto 2. junction with the rebel army under Geu. Lia. 4 dito 6, 4 fiild pieces not mounted. coln, were repulsed with very considerable lots

Ir n. 18 pounders mounted 10, 12 ditto 8, in attempting to form the lines at Sapansab la 3 ditto r. Tocal moupied 33.

Georgia, on the morning of the gth ult. 24 Puunders not mounted 1, 4 ditto 4, 3 I have the honour to transmit copies of geditto 8, i ditto 10. Total not mounted 23. veroor Tonyo's and Licuicrant Colonel Fuser's Swivels 100.

leitere for your lord'hip's informacion, togeBrass mortars, 13 inch, mounted on biars- ther with copies and extracts of other letects

from different persous, all confirming this most Shot. Brass elghteen pounders 127. Four' agrecable event. pounders 365. One pounder 107. Lon ewen The privateco having taken on her pallage dy-four pounders 836. Eighteen pounders an advice-boat with dispatches from general 4196. Twelve pounders 2809. E ghe pound. Washington, gives me alto an opportunity of ers 273. Six pounders 195. Four pounders inclosing copies thereof; by which your lord2990. Threc pounders 174. One pounders thip will perceive that they had not confiaed $32. Bas-that, eighteen, weight 43 lb. 141. their views to the southward, but had likewise

Thirteen-inch tells 326. Hand grenades made confiderable preparations for the attack of 400. Muskets 472. Swords 100. Piftols these posts. Apairs 10) 20. Pickaxes 200. Hoes 200, Pit Captain Lloyd, one of my Aides de Camp, Saws 3., Ladles 8. Bullet moulds 13. Cork will have the honour of delivering my dilof bullets 1. Rourds of landgrage 3co. parches to your lordship; and I beg leaye to Rounds of powder fill d for 33 guns 20. refer to him for any further particulars your Twenty-four pounder carriages old jo. Ditto lord'hip may delire io be informed of. new 9. Four pounder Ship carriages 4. Cheft

I have the honour to be &c. of carpeaters tools 1. Bolis, places, pins,

H. CLINTON and other iron work for ten carriages. 50

St. Auguftine, O Etuber 30, 17:9 guineals of gunpowder, molly damaged.

Give mc leave to have ibe honour iu ionfsigned) HANS CARDEN, Capt. Artillery gratulate your excellency upon Count D'EL

and Engineer. taing's having raised the blockade of Savan"(signed) W. DALRYMPLE, Commander,, nah-Though I have received no letter from in Chicf of the Land Forces. gineral Prevost, fince the ruth of lalt month,

I am convinced, by letters from several meReturn of Kilied and Wounded afting on Sbore. chants al Suvannah, dated ihe 22d isiant,

which arrived express from them, tha: , Midshipman, 3 seamen, killed ; 7 seamen, he is re-embarked with all his roops. Wounded.

As very likely your excellency will not bea 713 Subaltern and 4 wounded. so soon from major-general Prevolt, (he past Loyal Irish. 4. Private killed.

of Savannah, being ftill blocked up) 1 mall Bay Fulileers. “I Private wounded. Mosquito Indians. Thilled, I wounded.

' | happened during the blockade, as far as I can Total. 1 Mdhipman, 5 men, killed; I judge by the several letters which i bave feca

1. Subaltern, 13 men wounded. from thence; a ló from the report of the Names of Officers Killed and Wounded. express who was at Sayannalı during the whole Mr. Llogd, midchipman of the Loweltoffen time, and though be is a mulattoo appears killed.

to be a yery intelligent mas


HOME NEW S. 671 In the beginning of September last general , was wounded in the arm and the thigh; and Prevof was informed of M. D'Estaing with the Count Polisky is very dangerously wounded French fleet's being on the coast.

with a grape hot, On Wednesday the 8th, the French landed On the coth the last of the French troops their troops, and on the Saturday following the re-embarked; and, what is very extraordinarebels joined them, and the wa cm. ry, our trosps never attempted to harrass them pleted the French encamped between Savan- in their retreat : the rebels had retreated before nah River and Sunbury Road, and the rebels them. Mutual apimolitics and revilings have from that road to the road leading to augusta. arisen to such a height, between the French

The sth the Count fummoned the town to and Rebels, tince they were repulsed by us, surrender, a proper aniwer was returned; in the that they were almott ready to cut one another's mean time captain Moncrieffe was indefatigable throats. in purring the place into a proper Itace of de The Ariel man of war was taken fome time fence. There were not above eight or ten guns agy, and the Experimcas, coming from New rinunted on the day of fummons, buc in a few York. days they had not less than eighty or ninety The 22d, a 28 gun French frigate remained mounted, borrowed from the shipping.

in light of the town, a little below BroughA few days afterwards the fıench and se cun's plantation, with two Carolina ga.lies, bels began to throw up batteries upon the hills and leveral small veileis ; ten frigates were ac on the left of Tarnali's, being within about Tybee, and the grand feet, conuifting of 24 400 yards of our lines, when three companies tail of the line, were in the offing. of light infantry, commanded by Major Gra

It is furpaling that a man or such ability hom, went out in hopes of drawing or age and repute as Counc d'Ettaign is reckoned to neral adlion; but not being fuppurted looa enough, they were obliged to retire, with the be, hould have delayed his attack untit, our lors ot is men. On the 17th, about midniglar, Colonel Maitland had joined ; or that they

work and baitery was erected, and Licutenaac Lieutenant-Colonel Maitland arrived by water

thuld not have attempoeed to take that place at Savannab from Beaufort, having fought his

by fap. way through the enemy. The Vigilant man

It was reported by a rebel, that M. d'Efaiga of war was left at Beaufort, and nobody knows

was in Charlestown previous to his landwhat is become of her; indeed ships have been sunk to hinder the entrance of the river. Af with the sebels; thót they told him, that our

ing in Georgia, in order to coniult meatures ter this our troops never attempted to interrupe army were very much scattered about the counthe enemy, who were hard workingevery night: try, very sickly, without discipline, and con

About one o'clock in the morning of the manded' by a man of little experience in 3d of October they opened their batteries, con military affairs, and that, by only the wing fitting of 30 pieces of heavy cannon aod 10 mortars, and played inceffaviy upon the fuwo i surrender. If this repuit be true, M. d'Etain

himself betore the town, shey certaioly w ud when on the oth, about day break, the united forces of France and America, con lifting of was deceived, and very likely it made bio upwards of 4000 French, and as many rebels, neglect the precauciou usual in lieges. It is attempted to form our lines. The principal reported also, that the rebels took umbrage at attack was in three columns, upon the

redoubts his fumaoning the town in the French king's

name only. the Augufta road : the Count, in person, be

I have the honour to be, &c. gan the attack with great vigous, but was toon


L. V. FUSER. thrown into confusion by the fire from our barteries and redoubus.

From the London GAZETTE, Dea 25. A body of French grenadiers came on with such a spirit to attack ihe old redoube upon the Extract of a Letter from Sir James Wrigbe, Bari.

Governor of obe Province of Georgia, to Lord Ebenezer road, that it Captain Taw, with a number of his men, and Captaio Wickham,

George Germaine, dated Savannab, Nov. 53 with the grenaders of the both, had not

1779, received by Captain Sbaw. thrown themfelves io very opportunely, it mult

Since I had the honour of writing to your lord. have been carried. The heat of this action fhip laft by the Cork victuallers, we have met lafted about 20 minutes, when the enemy began with a very unexpected, alarming and serious to retire in great confusion : the rebels could scene, especially in this part of the world; for not be brought to charge agın; and in that no man could have thought or believes that a confufion (it is said) they fired upon cheir ally. Ficoch fleet of twenty-two fail of the line, Our loss is Captain Taw and 20 private killed with at least sine frigates, and a number of and wounded the loss of the enemy cannot oher vessels, would have come on ihe coali be ascertained; but Mr. Robert Baillie (who of Georgia, in the month of September, and was a prisoner with the Freech during the landed from four to fire thousand troops, so between killed, wounded, and lickness, fo near amazing as this is, it is certainly tact, for on 1 500 men. The rebels confess to have lost sa

che 30 of September an accouni came to $aofficers, and men in proportion, Count d'Edaing vannah, that five large tips weic in the offing,


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and the next morning advice came that they List of capital prizes drawn in the prefeat were French ship, and I concluded that they Lottery since our last. had been drove here by distress. However, on No. 34,904, 20,oool. the 7th, a letter was wrote by captain Henry, No. 33,501, 10,cool. commander of his majesty's (hip Fowey, chat No. 29,253, 20 733, 2,372, 5.oool each. forty-two fail of French hips appeared off No. 11,205, 11,246, 42,123, 18,419, Tybee Bar, and on the 8th live or them, very | 37,837 2,000l. each. large thips, came in over thc Bar, on which No. 9,035, 39,237, 2,474, 9,901, 32,984, the Fowey and Rose thips of war were obliged 11,892, 1,000l, cach. to retreat, and come up the river; and op he No. 16,576, 38,970, 12,55, 20,178, s2th leveral of the French fleet went in at Ossi 16,661, 27,511, 40,706, 44,056, 37,352, ban, and at night began to land their troops at sool. each. Beaulieu, and on the igth the count D'Estaing

AMERICA. fent a summons to general Prevost to fuireader Pensacola, Sept. 16. Noswithtanding the the town and province to the King of France; rupiure with Spain, we live upon as good terms on which fome mesTages and letters parled, -nd as ever wih our neighbours the Spaniards ; on the 17th the truce ended in deciding it was the fame trade is carried on as before, and the unanimous opinion and reso visin of the they are as forward to buy as we to sell.

Our civil and military, that the town should b: umber trade to Jamaica increases daily, aed, Jefended. This, my lo d, made me very happy: if we had but more negroes, we might dill esthe particulars of the negociacion your io: dihip tend it, but for wunt of them we cannot da will from general Prevoit, and fruin so much business as we could with. This cothis time holilities began, and borb fides were lony increaser daily in pumber of people, which very active in railing redoubis and batteries, the troubles in the northern provinces greatly and opening trenches, &c. And now, ny contribute to. lord, give me leave to mention the great abi j. New-York, 08. 9. Early lift Sunday mata. ties and exertions of capi. Moncrief, the chief ing a small derachment of cavalry and intan. engineer, who was indefatigable day and night, try, con aning of an officer and 23 men of and whose eminent services contributed valtly Captain Diemar's huilara, with an offic: to our defence and safety ;' and on the 3d of and 30 intantry of the 64th regiment, un October, at half after eleven at night, the der the command of Cape. Beck with, Aid French began to bombard the town; and at the de Camp to his Excellency Licutenant general firing of the morning gun on 'Monday the 4h, Knyphhausen, açacked a rebel pa role of Man they began a most furious cannonade, which land's dragoons, under the command of Lieut. continued more or less till Saturday the gth, Gill, near East Chester, took that officer pri. when just before break of day, an attack was soner, wih one private, left another dead made by the united armies of the French and upon the spot, and put the reil to flight. Onc sebels ; and we have it from very goud autho- Helsian was highly wounded upon this occ. ricy, that the lower of boib amics, to the lion. amount of two thuusand five hundred Frinch, Very late accounts from Quebec inform us, and one thousand five hundred rebele, came the inhabitants had enjoyed a plenuful barvelt, against us : the con diet was harp, and lafted and that the province, under the vigilance and for about an hour and half, and we were well excellent administration of General Haldimand, informed by French officers, who were wounda continues in a perfect state of tranquility. ed and taken, and also by fome who came with We are informed that the morning and Rags, and by deserters and others, that they evening guns are no longer fired by the rebel loft seven hundred killed and wounded ; and vessels in Boston bärbrur: this now is pero fomic accounts mention one thousand, amongit tormed by a fhip of France lying in that part. which are sixty-three officers. D'Efaign was Surinam, 08. 19. Nine fail of Englih sewounded in the thigh and arm, Polasa in the rels, one a ship, tour brigs, two (nors, ani hip with a grape shot, and is fince dead; and two schooners, are detained here, and will the rebels, it is said, had killed and wounded not be suffered to depart, until the Darch reifive hundred : astonishing to thik, we had lels taken by the English, and carried ipta only seven killed and fourteen wounded. And Jamaica, and other islands, are released. The I have it, my lord, from several persons, who Dutch have now a good oaval force in these faw the condition of the French filet when leas, and their islands being well ganiloded they were ready to depart from our coast, that with large reinforcement of troops, &c. the the ships were much out of repair, and the are determined to carry on a free trade, evca mea exceedingly lickly.

if enforced from the muzzle of their guns.

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Lift of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, in the Supplement .

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