The Cronicles of Scotland, Volume 2

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G. Ramsay and Company, 1814 - Scotland

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Page 404 - God, and spak litle from thenforth, hot turned his back to his lordis and his face to the wall. Att this tyme Sir David Beatoun, cardinall of Scotland, standing in presence of the king, sieing him begine to faill of his strenth and naturall speich, held ane throughe of paiper to his grace, and caused him to subscryve the samyne, quhairin the cardinall wreatt quhat he pleassed, for his awin particular weill : thinkand to have had the auctoritie and pro 3 heminence in the governement of the countrie.
Page 460 - First and chiefly, since the time I came into this realm, I taught nothing but the Ten Commandments of God, the Twelve Articles of the Faith, and the Prayer of the Lord, in the mother tongue. Moreover, in Dundee, I taught the Epistle of...
Page 346 - It is said, at this tyme, in Atholl and Stratherdaill boundis, thair was slaine threttie scoir of hart and hynd, with other small beastis, sick as roe and roebuck, woulff, fox, and wyld cattis, etc.
Page 365 - ... that time in a very sickly state of health; — " Yitt notwithstanding all hir seiknes and malice [malady], fra tyme shoe saw the king of Scotland, and spak with him, shoe became so enamoured with him, and loved him so weill, that shoe wold have no man alive to hir husband...
Page 461 - Quhairvpoun, the prydfull and scornefull people that stood by mocked him, saying, such man, such judge speaking seditious and reproachfull wordis againes the governour and vtheris of the nobles, meaning thame also to be heretickis.
Page 343 - I am but a fool to seek grace at a graceless face. But had I known, sir, that ye would have taken my life this day, I should have lived upon the borders in despite of King Harry and you both ; for I know King Harry would down weigh my best horse with gold to know that I were condemned to die this day.
Page 312 - Proclamations were issued announcing that the King had assumed the government; but his actual and independent authority was not exercised till four years afterwards, when he was in his seventeenth year; and during that interval the Queen-Dowager, Archbishop Beaton of St. Andrews, who had filled the...
Page 306 - Bot this William Meldrum of Bines was evill martyred, for his hochis war cutted, and the knoppis of his elbowis war strikin aff...
Page 347 - Williame, ane bischope, and vther gentlmen, to the number of time scoir horss, quhilkis war all able, wailled gentlmen, for all kynd of pastime, as schotting, louping, wrastling, runing, and casting of the stone. Bot they war Weill assayed in all these or they went home ; and that be thair awin provocatioun, and almost evir tint, quhill at the last the kiugis...
Page 549 - Vpoun the 28 day thairof, the wholl lordis and barrones that war on this syd of Forth, passed to Stirling, and be the way kest doun the abbey of...

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