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And bright as when o'er rosy tide

The halcyon rides the waves,
Thy winged smiles in sunshine glide

And sink in coral caves.

Night's fingers dark have twined thy hair,

Morn's lips thy lips have pressed, And Eve's soft dreams have lingered there,

In those dark eyes to rest.

But not the Eve that kisses Night,

Nor Eden's beauteous Eve,
Is clothed to me in such a light

As thou art, Genevieve!

Gloom may shade life's sunny way,

And Mirth embrace with Woe, to grieve, Shed but thy gleam, thou star of Day !

'Twill light my path, bright Genevieve !

Now fare thee well! a sad regret

I feel to part, but I must leave, I have no heart for more, but yet

Adieu, ma plus belle Genevieve!

C A N T A R.

SHINING, for ever,

On my life's river,
Flower of love! by the waters of bliss-

Sweet, thy red lips

Throw a transient eclipse
Where shadow and wavelet commingle and kiss.

Roseate Lily!

Tremblingly stilly,
Dear contradiction of pleasure and pain;

All light is about thee,

All darkness without thee, Like the Angel that bends his bright wings o'er the rain.

A year has departed, ,

Yet I, where I started,
An enthusiast kneeling at beauty's bright shrine,

Each day she seems dearer,

And yet nothing nearer,
Spell bound I am gazing on magic divine.

My fair vision, vanish!

In mercy-or banish
My fond soul by saying you love, or you hate ;

Give Hope some dear token,

Or be the spell broken, Whose web has enthralled me, the captive of Fate.

The long night is waning,

I cease my complaining ; Perchance ere another dark year rolls its sand,

The boatman that ever

Doth cross the Black River, Shall point the way o'er to a mystical land !

What e'er Fate's decreeing,

Thou, beautiful being!
Shalt live in my heart, like the fire of the Greeks;

There, there, at its altar,

When Hope's voice shall falter, Thy name shall be last, of all else that she speaks !



In thine eye's dark fountain,

I can see there swelling,
Gold and silver sands,

From Truth's sacred dwelling,
In the light of Love evermore upwelling.

I feel those mystic waters

Make it understood,
That a kindred nature,

Joining us in blood,
Poured from one same fountain our being's living flood

As oft upon a mountain

A clear spring gushes forth,
To right and left departing

From its spot of birth,
One flowing far to southward, the other to the north.






Still wide and wider wending,

By rock and chasm riven,
Divided stili by distance,

Apart still ever driven,
Till gathered and united as the sea mists are in heaven!

Yet ere we've reached Death's ocean,

On Life's broad continent,
'Tis sweet to mingle, and to find

Floods from the peaks of being sent
Thus to bless each other as their tides are blent.

Yet though my heart's stream darkly

A night-shade shore doth lave,
Winds through a land of shadows,

A plain with many a grave,
Yet shall it grow more lucid commingled with thy wave.

And thus with thee united

I would wander to that sea
Whose broad spread vista opens.

So calm and tranquilly
On that unknown Pacific, the blue Eternity!

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