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Nor night so dark
But some bright spark

In shade will yet be shining;
While Winter's snows
But bring the rose,

The Spring-time's scarlet token:
Then let us sing

The silver string

And golden bowl unbroken.

To Love and Song
Our lives belong,

They make this earth Elysian,
And death so strange
Is but to change

To heaven's brighter vision;
While He above

Will bless the love

And words our lips have spoken,

And we shall sing

When silver string

And golden bowl lie broken!

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COME when the daylight is dying,
Far o'er the blue water plying,
When stars lie asleep

On the face of the deep,

And flash in our wake as we're flying;

When soft the evening zephyr swells,
And wild waves break o'er sands and shells.
Chorus "Come when," &c.

Come when the darkness is paling,
Come when the Moon is unveiling,
Our songs shall illume

All the shadowy gloom,

And ring thro' the air as we're sailing-
While every breeze that sweeps along,
Shall bear away our gentle song.
Chorus-"Come when," &c.

We'll glide where the mermaid is flinging Her hair to the wild billows springing, When the sea-berry waves

O'er the red coral caves,

And the harps of the ocean are ringing!
And in the hollow cavern's cells

We'll hear the water fairy's bells.
Chorus "Come when," &c.

We'll glide by the shores, where the bowers Are filled with the fragrance of flowers,

Where the spirit of love

Haunts the cove by the grove,

And blesses a joyance like ours,
While echo all the night replies,
Sing on, sail on, Time flies, Time flies! -
Chorus-" Come when," &c.




THERE's an eye that's as blue as the violet's bell,
When damp with the dews of the morning,
And a look that's as mild as the gentle gazelle,
The face of the fair one adorning,

There's a hue in her cheek like the roseate tinge

When the sun o'er the waters at even,

Sends his warm flush of light, through the vapory fringe, Of the white clouds which sleep in the heaven.

The breeze that comes rippling the water's smooth face, Like her smile, makes the beautiful sweeter,

And a laugh o'er her countenance dances with grace, Like the beam on the wave, when you meet her, There's a charm in her voice, and a bliss in each word, As the spirit of mirth in it haunting,

Like the form of a bird in the woodland that's heard, Which is hid while its strain is enchanting.

The fairy that dwells in the crystal decked cells,

Has no charm like her own for beguiling,

For there's nothing that tells while she's weaving her spells,

But your heart is enchained by her smiling.

Ah! trust not the glance of her eye when its ray
Sends light in your bosom's recesses,

For as night follows day, so will grave follow gay,
For her smile is your bane, while it blesses!

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