A Book of Myths

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Jul 26, 2016 - 180 pages
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This compelling collection of ancient Greek and Scandinavian myths features many of the most famous and celebrated tales of antiquity.

Within this book are timeless stories from Ancient Greece such as Icarus, the young man whose infamous flight became a cautionary tale on folly and the heeding of advice, and Orpheus, the fabled musician whose wife Euridice encounters great peril. Adventure stories, such as The Caledonian Hunt, bring stunning displays of action while the exploits of ancient and Godly heroes such as Perseus and his winged horse relay the elemental power with which the ancient Gods were attributed.

Later in the text we find several representative examples of Nordic myth - the valiant story of Roland the Paladin and Freya, the formidable Queen of the Northern Gods are told. The epic story of Beowulf is rendered here in prose form, and all allude to the furious capacities of the Nordic Gods.

Compiled and authored by Greek historian and scholar Jeanie Lang, the accounts within this text combine superb research with strong readability, with the freshness and originality of each story easy to behold and enjoy whether you be a student of the classics or a general enthusiast for enduring ancient mythology.

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