The naval history of Great Britain, from ... 1793, to ... 1820, with an account of the origin and increase of the British navy, Volume 6

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Page 421 - of her having lost her main topmast, and being twice on fire, did honour to her brave defenders, and most fully evinced the courage of captain Porter, and those under his command. Her colours were not struck, until the loss in killed and wounded was so awfully great, and her shattered condition so seriously bad, as to render further resistance unavailing.
Page 287 - which, for candour, manly spirit, and gentlemanly style, stands unparalleled. The letter begins : "As the Chesapeake appears now ready for sea, I request you will do me the favour to meet the Shannon with her, ship to ship, to try the fortune of our respective flags." The Shannon's force is thus described: " The Shannon mounts 24 guns upon her broadside, and one light boat-gun, 18-pounders
Page 508 - The Almighty has been pleased to grant us a signal victory on Lake Champlain, in the capture of one frigate, one brig, and two sloops of war of the enemy.
Page 580 - although," as lord Exmouth says, " forbidden, was led by his ardent spirit, to follow in support of the barge." His boat, being flat-bottomed, could not keep pace with the barge, and became exposed, in consequence, to a cannonade that wounded himself, and killed his brother-officer and nine of the boat's crew. In about 10 minutes,
Page 429 - To live with fame The gods allow to many; but to die With equal lustre, is a blessing Heaven Selects from all the choicest boons of fate, And with a sparing hand
Page 3 - able to lead ahead ; that they could never be obliged to go into action but on their own terms, except in a calm; and that, in heavy weather, they would be capable of engaging double-decked ships. These are the principal advantages contemplated from the change made in their dimensions. Should they be realized, they will more than compensate for having materially
Page 576 - the boat was met by one from the shore, in which was the captain of the port. The demand was presented, and an answer promised in two hours. Meanwhile, a breeze having sprung up from the sea, the fleet stood into the bay, and lay to about a mile from the city,
Page 358 - I was much disappointed that sir James refused to fight me, as he was so much superior in point of force, both in guns and men, having upwards of '20 guns more than we have, and heaves a greater weight of shot.
Page 78 - Hooper of the Calypso, in attempting to get through the passages, were assailed by a division of gun-boats from behind the rocks, so situated that not a gun could be brought to bear upon them from either vessel. In this attack, both prize-brigs, already complete wrecks, grounded; and, notwithstanding every exertion on the part of the
Page 307 - at training the guns, and, for the same time %• in the afternoon, in the use of the broadsword, pike, musket, &c. Twice a week the crew fired at targets, both with great guns and musketry; and captain Broke, as an additional stimulus beyond the emulation excited, gave a pound of tobacco to every man that put a shot through the bull's eye.

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