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AMERICA. M’Intosh, M.J. Woman in ... 888.23

Macgillivray, W. Humboldt's journeys in . 810.54
Mackenzie, A. Voyages through North . 625.19
Marryat, Capt. F. Diary in

Martineau, H. Society in .

Murat, A. A. and the Americans

Murray, C. A. Travels in North..

Murray, H. Discoveries and travels in North 025.14
Account of British ..

Neff, J. K. Army and navy of ..

Parkinson, R. Tour in, 1798-1800

Powell, T. Living authors of, 1850

Pritts, J. Early history of.

Rafinesque, C. S. Trav. and researches in N. 620.11
Raumer, F. von. A. and the Amer. people 297.1
Roberts, O. W. Excursions in Central

Robertson, W. History of.....

Robinson, C. Voyages along the coast of
North, 1520-1573

Russell, R. Agriculture and climate of N. 623.4
Saxe-Weimar, Duke of. Travels through No. 623.11
Schaff, P. Lectures on ..

Scherzer, C. Travels in Central.

Shircff, P. Tour through North

Simpson, T. Discov's on coast of N., 1836-39 025.2
Smith, J. T. Discovery of, by the Northmen 301.6
Squier, E. G. Notes on Central.

Stansbury, P. Pedestr. tour in North. 624.10
Stephens, J. L. Incidents of trav. in Central 621.5-9
Stuart, J. Three years in North .

Sutcliff, R. Travels in North

Trumbull, H. Discovery of .

H. Tour in North.

Tytler, P. F. The northern coasts of

Wakefield, E. G. Social and political state of
England and .

Warner, H. W. The liberties of.

Waterton, C. Wanderings in South

Weld, I. Travels through North

Wells, W. V. War in Central .

Travels in Central

Whately, R. Historic certainties respecting. 868.15
See also the various divisions under their several names,

as United States, Brazil, etc.
AMERICAN adventure by land and sea. New
York, (187.) 2v. 18° .

AMERICAN anecdotes, original and select. Bos-
ton, 1830. 2v. 12°

Am. anec. added to the Percy anecdotes , 892.3
AMERICAN Anti-slavery Soc. Slavery and the in-

ternal S. trade in the U. S. London, 1841. 8° 127.1
AJERICAN antiquities in the west. Priest, J... 256.1
AMERICAN biographical dictionary. Rogers, T. J. 518.14
AJERICAN biography. Belknap, J.

Sparks, J...

Medical. Thacher, J.

Medical. Williams, S. W.

See also: Biography.
AMERICAN citizen: his rights and duties. Hop-
kins, J. H..

AMERICAN colonies, Introd. hist. to the revolt of.
Chalmers, G..

Memoirs of a missionary in the North. Mus-
grave, P...

AMERICAN criminal trials. Chandler, P. W... 297.17
AMERICAN eloquence, speeches, etc. Moore, F.. 861.1
AJERICAX frugal housewife. Child, L. M.. 188.27
AJERICAN gentleman's guide to politeness and
fashion. New York, 1857. 12°.

AMERICAN government, History of. Benton, T. H. 282.1-4
AMERICAN history, to 1787. Abbott, J. Harper's
story books. V..

Banvard, J. Romance of .

Schoolcraft, H. R. Contributions to .

Willard, E. Last leaves of .

See also: America.
AMERICAX housewife. Philadelphia, 1851. 24° . 189.13
AMERICAN institute of homeopathy. Topograph-

ical anatomy. Report, 1850. [Boston, n.d.) 16° 158.13
AMERICAN inst. of instruc. Lect., at Manchester,

N.H. 1857, incl. Jour., [etc.] Bost., 1858. 12° 138.3

AMERICAN liberty and government questioned.
Ryle, T.

AMERICAN literature. Chambers, W. and R.
Hand-book of..

Cleveland, C. D. Compendium of ..

Duyckinck, E. A. and G. L.

Cyclopædiia of 392.2
Griswold, R. W. A survey of literature. . . 872.12
Curiosities of ...,

Knapp, S. L. Lectures on

AMERICAN merchant in Europe, Asia and Aus-
tralia. Train, G. F.

AMERICAN naval officers, Lives of. Cooper, J. F.

AMERICAX notes. Dickens, C...

Change for. By an American lady. . 471.16&18
AMERICAN oratory, Golden age of. Parker, E. G. 860.3
AMERICAN painters, Sketches of. Tuckerman,
H. T...

AMERICAN poetry, Specimens of. Kettul, s. . 339.4
AMERICAN poets, Selections from. Bryant, W.C. 820.24
AMERICAN poultry yard. Browne, D. J. .

AMERICAN privateers, 1812. Coggeshall, G.

AMERICAN pulpit. Fowler, H...

AMERICAN rejected addresses. Bigelow, J.. 325.4-5
AMERICAN revolution, The Bancroft, G.

Botta, C. G. G. War of independence. .213.11-12
Campbell, W. W. Border warfare of New

Ellet, E. F. Domestic hist. of

. 217.8-10
Women of

Fox, E. Adventures in

Frothingham, R., jr. Siege of Boston, etc. . 214.2-8
Garden, A. Anecdotes of.

Gordon, w.
Account of .

Graydon, A. Reminiscences of

Hinman, R. R. Connecticut in

History of

Lamb, R. Journal during

Magoon, E. L. Orators of .

Marshall, C. Diary kept during

Moore, F. Songs and ballads of.

Morse, J. Annals of

Nell, W.C. Colored patriots of

Onderdonk, H., jr. Incidents in Queen's co.. 217.17
Ramsay, D. History of .

Saffell, W. T. R. Records of

Sears, R. Pictorial history of .

Simcoe, J. G. Journal of the “ Queen's

Sparks, J. Correspondence of.

Diplomatic correspondence of

Stone, W. L. Border wars of .

Sullivan, W. Public men of

Thacher, J. Military journal during.

Trescot, W. H. Diplomacy of ..

Warren, M. Hist. of, with biog. observ... 214.10
Wilkinson, E. Occupation of Charleston,
S. C..

Wilson, S. F. History of

See also: America and United States.
AMERICAN slavery and colour. Chambers, w... 297.8
AMERICAN theatre, History of the. Dunlap, W.. 353.5-6
AMERICAN Tract Soc. Anecdotes for the family.
New York, n.d. 16° ...

AMERICAN travel, Appleton's hand book of. Rich-
ards, T. A..

AMERICAN women, Noble deeds of. Clement, J. . 5.38.23
AMERICAN Union, Guide to understanding the.
Johnson, A. B..

AMERICAN'S guide: compr. the decl. of independ-
ence, etc. Philadelphia, n.d. 12°

AMERICANS. Cooper, J. F. Notions of the. 020.12
Lossing, B. J. Hist. of the Anglo-.

Memoirs of eminent...

AMERIKA-Müde (Der). Roman. Kürnberger, F. 1013.9
AMES, F. Works, ed. (with life) by his son. Bos-
ton, 1854. 2v. 8..

AMI des enfants et des adolescents. Berquin, A. de 1067.2
AMINTA. Favola boschereccia. Tasso, T..

AMMER, Die Familie. Sittenroman. Willkomm, E. 1013.5
AMPÈRE, J.J. La Grèce, Rome et Dante. Paris,
1854. 12°


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AMPHIBIANS, Natural history of. Swainson, W.. 408.1 AMUSEMENTS, Plea for. Sawyer, F. W..

129.14 Festivals, games and. Smith, H..

810.31 AVY Herbert. A novel. Sewell, E. M..

4:25.1-2 AMYAS Leigh, Sir: a novel. Kingsley, C. . . . 484.9-10 AMYOT, T. Old taming of a shrew. Repr. fr. ed.

of 1594. Also: A merry jest of a shrewd
and curst wife. London, 1844. 80.

342.24 ANA, Selections from the ....

830.30 ANABASIS: or, expedition of Cyrus. Xenophon. SH.A ANACREON. Transl. by Th. Bourne. New York, 1852. 18.

830.23 Odes, transl. with notes, by T. Moore. Philadelphia, 1804. 12o.

315.9 ANALOGY of religion to nature. Butler, J.

$59.6 ANAM, Some account of.

825.8 ANATOMIST's vade mecum. Wilson, E.

157.34 ANATOMY. Carpenter, W. B. Physiological. 149.23 Cutter, C. Anat. and physiology

158.6 Fau, J. Anat. for artists..

14.9 Flagg, J. F. Topographical .

158.13 Schwann, T. A. du corps humain

1015.49 Wilson, E. Human .

151.4 Practical and surgical

153.7 ANATOMY, Comparative. Beneden, P.J. von 1005.5 Owen, R. Invertebrate animals . .

172.15 Vertebrate animals..

172.16 Forms of skeleton and teeth.

177.5 Siebold, C. Th. von. Comparative..

175.1 ANATOMY of melancholy. Burton, R.

872.7-9 ANCÉLOT, J. F. A. Fiesque. Trag. 3d ed. Paris, 1826. 8..

1078.8 ANCIENT cities, Ruins of. Bucke, C.

379.6 ANCIENT and Honorable Artill. Company. Hist. of. Whitman, Z. G..

294.6 ANCIENT régime, The: a tale. James, G. P. R. 461.7 ANCIENT times. A drama. Strutt, J..

499.6 ANCIENT world, The Austed, D. T..

167.14 ANCRE, Assassinat d'. Marillac, M. de

1078.33 ANDERSEN, H. C. Märchen. 6te. Aufl. Leipzig, n.d. 16°

1035.11 Only a fiddler! and 0. T. Lond., 1845. 3v. 12° 766.8 Story book: with memoir. N. Y., 1852.

719.9 True story of my life. London, 1817. 12° . 546.23 The two baronesses. London, 1818. 2v. 12° 766.9 Wonderful tales. New York, 1852.

719.8 ANDERSON, J. Course of creation. Cincin., 1851. 8° 167.23 ANDERSON, R. Life of T. Smollett. Edin., 1806. 8° 581.9 ANDERSON, W. Mercantile correspondence. New York, 1851. 12° ..

136.21 ANDERSSON, C. J. Lake Ngami. 2d ed. London, 1856. 8.

092.2 Same. New York, 1856. 12o.

697.4 ANDES, Journeys among the. Head, Sir F. B.. 889.22 Twenty months in the. Holton, I. F..

033.2 ANDRÉ. A tragedy. Lord, W. W.

338.3 ANDRÉ, Maj. J. Causes of the death of. Smith, J. H..

565.3 ANDREINI, G. B. Adam. A drama. Cowper, W. Works X...

337.1 ANDREWS, A. The eighteenth century. London, 1856. 12°

ORS. 2 ANDREWS, C. Dartmoor prison. N. Y., 1815. 12° 219.2 ANDREWS, C.C. Minnesota and Dacotah. 2d ed. Washington, 1857. 12° .

237.10 ANDREWS, G. II. Agricultural engineering. London, 1852-53. 3v. 16o.

829.2 ANDREWS, W. W. Eulogy on J. C. Smith

898.6 ANDROMEDA. A poem. Kingsley, C..

324.18 ANDRYANE, A. Memoirs of a prisoner of state. London, 1842. 2v. 12°.

544.10 ANECDOTES, Original and select. See American anecdotes ..

216.13 anciennes et modernes. See Choix

1079.14 Dictionnaire d'. See Dictionnaire.

1068.5 for the family. See American Tract Soc. 119.21 historiques et littéraires. Paris, 1853. 12° 1078.48 moral and religious. Arvine, K...

892.2 of foreign courts. See Private anecdotes. 1005.5 of his own time. King, Dr. W.


ANGELA. A novel. Marsh, Mrs. A..

795.9 AXGLER, The complete. Walton, I.

177.2 ANGLER's guide. Brown, J.J... ANGLING literature of all nations.

177.20 ANGLO Amer. literature and manners. Chasles, P. 401.11 AXGLO Saxon chronicle. Bede.

846.1 ANGLO Saxon grammar and literature. Klipstein,

404.4 AXGLO Saxons. Miller, T. History of the ... Palgrave, F. History of the.

389.17 Turner, S. History of the .

9465.1 ANIMAL kingdom. Goodrich, S. G. Anecdotes of 169.14 Jones, T. R. Organization of .

172.10 ANIMAL life, Sketches of. Wood, J. G...

178.24 ANIMAL magnetism. Deleuze, J. P. F. Instruct. in 157.16 Gregory, W. Letters on ..

124.11 ANIMAL mechanics. Bell, Sir C..

305.12 ANIMAL mechanism. Edwards, M. and Comte, A. 177.23 Griscom, J. H..

810.78 ANIMAL products. Owen, R. Lectures on .. 199.16 ANIMALI parlanti. Poema. Casti, G.

1019.4 ANIMALS. Jones, T. R. Natural history of. 177.10 Marcet, Mrs. Lessons on .

178.10 Swainson, W. Geog. and classification of 398.17 Habits and instincts of.

408.4 A. in menageries .

398.19 Trimmer, Mrs. Treatment of

129.4 Webster, N., jr. History of .

177.31 ANIMATED nature. Goldsmith, (..

172.14 ANNALS of England. Oxford, 1855–57. 3v. 16° 979.7 ANNE Boleyn. A tragedy. Boker, Geo. H.

335.2 AXXE of Geierstein. Scott, Sir W., XXII. . . ..480.27-30 ANXE, Court of Queen A. Thomson, Mrs. A. T.. 594.1 AXXCAL of scientific discov., 1850-58. Wells, D. A. 159.1 ANSPACH-Bayreuth, Margravine of. Memoirs by herself. London, 1826. 2v. 8.

542.5 ANSTED, D. T. The anc't world. Phila., 1847. 12° 167.14

Element. geology, mineralogy, and physical

geography, 2d ed. London, 1856. 12°... 163.24

Scenery, science and art. London, 1854. 8°. 205.2 ANSTER fair. A poem. Tennant, W...

369.!1 ANTAR; a Bedoueen romance. Asmai...

418. t ANTARCTIC regions, Voyage in the. Ross, Sir J.C. 702.14 ANTHOX, C. Manual of Greek literature. New York, 1853. 12°..

403.5 ANTHON, C. E. Pilgrimage to Treves. New York, 1845. 12° .

667.12 ANTHON,J. The law student. New York, 1950. 8. 133.4 ANTHROPOLOGY, Neurological system of.

Buchanan, J. R.

124.5 ANTIGNOSTIKUS, or the spirit of Tertullian. Neander, J. A. W....

848.9 ANTILLES, Wanderings in the. Waterton, C. 633.16 ANTIQUARY, The. Scott, Sir W., III. ... 460.13, 15-16 ANTIQUITIES in the British Museum.

London, 1848. 18°...

209.15 Böckh, A. Public economy of Athens.. 953.1 Brand, J. Popular, of Great Britain..

816.8 Napier, J. Ancient workers in metal .

199.4 ANTISELL, T. Handbook of the useful arts. New York, 1852. 8°....

197.2 ANTISLAVERY recollections. Stephen, Sir G... 1089.17 ANTOLOGIA Italiana. Genova, 1846. 12o.

1016.1 ANTOMMARCHI, F. Last days of Napoleon. 2d ed. London, 1826.

602.7 AXVERS, Marquisat d'. Huydens, G...

1075.18 ANXIOUS enquirer after salvation. James, J. A.. 1109.25 APENNINES, Travels in. Spallanzani, L.

676.4 APES, W. Indian nullification. Boston, 1835. 16° 219.3 APHORISMS. Bartlett, J..

878.12 APHRA Behn. Roman. Mundt, K..

1016.7 APOCALYPSE revealed. Swedenborg, E.

1084.3 APOSTLES. See Constitutions and canons of the 1083.1 APPARITIONS. Brierre de Boismont, A. Rational history of.

122.1 Ferriar, J. Theory of..

118.13 See also: Supernaturalism. APPEARANCE is against her. Opie, Mrs. A. . . 469.38-39 APPERLEY, C. J. The chace, turf and road. London, 1852. 89.



12° ..

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APPLETON's cyclopædia of drawing. Worthen,
W. E...

201.5 APPLETON's guide book. Williams, W.

(39.11 APPLETOX's hand bk. of Am. trav. Richards, T.A. 639.17 APULEICS. Works, with Mrs. Tighe's Psyche. London, 1853. p. 8°.

834.15 Doctrines of Plato by

814.3 AQUARIAN naturalist. Jones, T. R. .

175.10 AQLARIUM. Hand book. Gosse, P. H.

178.14 Marine and fresh. Somerby, G. B..

178.18 ARABELLA Stuart. A romanee. James, G. P. R. 463.2 & 18-21 ARABIA. Crichton, A. History of .

810.07 Wellsted, J. R. Voyage to

093.3 ARABIA Petræa. Laborde, L. de. Journey

685.8 Robinson, E. Biblical researches

684.4 Stephens, J. L. Incidents of travel .

690.1-2 ARABIAN nights' entertainments

733.2 Same, translated by E. W. Lane. New ed. Boston, 1853. 1.8..

733.1 ARABIAN tales and anecdotes. Lane, E. W.. $40.30 ARBs in Spain, History of the. Condé, J. A... 827.3 ARAGO, D. F. J. Biographies of scientific men. Transl. London, 1857. 8°

541.3 Éloge of Jas. Watt. Transl. by J. P. Muirhead London, 1839. 8°

573.6 History of my youth. Transl. by B. Powell. London, 1855. 10°.

518.20 Meteorological essays. Introduced by Hum

boldt. Tr. by Col. Sabine. Lond, 1855. 8° 145.17 Popular astronomy. Transl. by W. K. Kelly.

6th ed. by L. Tomlinson. London, 1856. 16° 149.34 ARATOR. Agricultural essays. Taylor, J..

169.12 ARAUCANIANS. Indians of So. Chili. Smith, E. R. 035.9 ARC, Joau of. See Joan of Arc. ARCH.EOLOGY, biblical. Jahn, J..

1103.5 AIRCHITECT, , The American. Ritch, J. W.

201.1-2 ARCHITECTURAL criticism. Gwilt, J..

202.2 ARCHITECTURE. Allen, C.B. Cottage building 819.29

Andrews, G. H. Agricultural buildings 820.2
Bardwell, W. Healthy homes

203.7 Barnard, H. School ..

203.3 Bartholomew, A. Specifications for.

202.7 Bottari, G. Lettere .

1019.1 Brown, R. A. of temples and churches 201.3 Bullock, J. American cottage builder

207.7 History and rudiments of .

207.6 Burnell, G. R. Treatise on limes, mortars, etc. 199.19 Bury, T. T. Rudimentary

819.12 Dobson, E. Art of building

819.15 Brick making. .

819.16 Foundations

819.31 Downing, A. J. A. of country houses . . 203.11-14 Rural .

203.8-10 Fergusson, J. Illustrated hand book of .. 203.21 Field, M. Rural . .

203.16 Fowler, 0. S. Gravel wall, and octagon. 207.10 Garbett, E. L. Design in

819.13 Gwilt, J. Encyclopædia of

202.6 Rudiments of...

202.4 Hibbard, S. Rustic adornments

207.11 Hosking, W. Regulation of build's in towns 207.13

Treatise on, from Encyclopædia Brit. 201.4 Jarves, J. J. Art hints

208.16 Law, H. Manuel de construction

1075.32 Leeds, W. H. Orders of ...

819.12 Memes, J. S. History of..

830.48 Moseley, H. Mechanical principles of. 203.20 Nicholson, P. Principles of.

202.5 Student's instructor in.

203.22 Ruskin, J. Lectures on .

200.2 Seven lamps

208.24 Scott, G. G. Secular and domestic.

203.17 Schayes, A. G. B. A. en Belgique

1065.47 Turnbull, W. Strength of timber

196.10 Vaux, c. Cottage.

203.15 Weale, J. Dictionary of

819.26 Wheeler, G. Homes for the people.

207.8 Rural homes...

207.9 Wilds, W. Earthen walls

207.4 See also: Carpentry, Chimneys, Masonry,

Naval architecture, Timber, Ventilation,

ARCHITECTURE of birds. Rennie, J..

839.2 ARCHITECTS, Lives of British. Cunningham, A. 379.9 ARCHITECTS, Lives of the most eminent. Vasari, G. 848.6 ARCO, S. d'. Corrispondenze.....:

1039.12 ARCTIC adventure. Sargent, E.

.701.30-16 ARCTIC expedition. 1833–35. Back, G.

703.12 ARCTIC explorations. Smucker, S. M.

704.17 ARCTIC journal. Stray leaves. Osborn, S.. 700.7-3 ARCTIC regions, The. Barrow, J. Hist. of voyages 702.16 Discovery, from 1818 ..

709.13 • Scoresby, W.jr. An account of

702.10 ARCTIC ocean, Journey to the.

King, R.

701.18 ARCTIC searching expedition. Richardson, Sir J. 701.8-9 ARCULF, Narrative of. Wright, T..

846.7 AREWEDSON, C. D. U. S. and Canada, in 1832-34. 021.12 ARGENTINE provinces, Jour. in, 1819. Strain, I. G. 635.13 ARGENTINE republic, Twenty-four years in. King, J. A..

203.8 ARIOSTO, L. Commedie e Satire. Firenze, 1856. 8° 1016.5

Contents. - La Cassaria; I suppositi: La Lena; n
Negromante; La Scolastica; Commedie in versi;

La Cassaria; I suppositi; Commedie in prosa; Satire.
Orlando Furioso. Preceduto da pensieri di

Gioberti. 3a ed. Firenze, 1854. 2v. 12° 1016.6 - Orlando Furioso. Tr. by W. S. Rose. London, 1823-31. 8v. 8°

345.2 ARISTOCRACY, Trials connect. with the. Burke, P. 133.8 ARISTOPHANES. The birds, with notes, etc. ; by C. C. Felton, Cambridge, 1819. 12o.

357.3 Comedies. Tr. by W.J. Hickie. Lond., 1863. p.8° 894.13 ARISTOTELES. Metaphysics. Tr. by J. II. McMahon. Lond., 1857. p.8°.

854.4 Ethics. Transl. by R. W. Browne. London, 1853. p.8°.

824.1 Organon: with the introd. of Porphyry. Tr.

by O. F. Owen. Lond., 1853. 2v. p.8o. 834.12 Politics and Economics. Tr. by E. Walford.

Introd. essay and life by J. Gillies. Lond.,
1853. p.8°

Rhetoric, also poetic. Tr. by T. A. Buckley.
New ed. Lond., 1851. p.8°

814.8 ARITHMETIC. Cours élémentaire

1075.39 Hipsley, W. A. applied to interest, annuities, etc.

829.20 Lardner, D. Treatise on.

398.6 Mailly, E. Science du calcul.

1005.37 Meulder, L. de. Calcul mental et chiffré 1017.30 Wsud, S. W. Treatise on..

303.17 Young, J. R. Treatise on.

$29.18 Key to treatise ...

S29.19 ARKANSAS territory in 1819, Travels. Nuttall, T. 624.8 ARMADA, The: a fragment. Macaulay, T. B. . 324.13 ARMENIA. Curzon, R. A year at Erzeroom, etc. 687.5 Hamilton, W.J. Researches in ..

694.14 Morier, J. Journey through, 1808-9.

604.15 Southgate, H. Tour through. .

087.3 ARMIN, R. Fools and jesters. Nest of ninnies.

1608. With notes, (and introd. by J. P.
Collier.] London, 1812. 8o.

342.9 ARMITAGE, J. History of Brazil, 1808-31. London, 1836. 2v. 8..

263.6 ARMSTRONG, J., M.D. Miscellanies (chiefly in verse.] London, 1770. 2v. 16°..

Contents. – Vol. I. Art of preserving health: Benev-
olence: Taste; Imitations of Shakespear and Spenser;
Universal almanac. II. Forced marriage, a tragedy:

Sketches or essays by Launcelot Temple.
The art of preserving health.

358.24 ARMSTRONG, Gen. J. War of 1812. New York, 1840. 2v. 12°

217.4 Lives of Anthony Wayne, and Richard Montgomery. Lives of eminent men

518.5 Same. See Sparks' Am. biogr. ARMSTRONG, L. Temperance ref. New York, 1853. 12°

127.22 ARMSTRONG, R. Treatise on steam-boilers. London, 1850. 16°

8:9.41 ARMSTRONG, R. G. Memoir of Hannah Hobbie. N. York, n.d. 16°.

119.11 ARMY and navy of America. Neff, J. K..... 215.10 ARNY on the Rio Grande. Thorpe, T. B..

259.6 ARNALDO da Brescia. Tragedia. Niccolini, G. B. 1050.8


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ARNOULT, E. Pronouncing reading book of the

French language. Boston, 1857. 8... 392.3 ARNDT, E. M. Gedichte. Neuc Ausg. Leipzig, 1843. 12°

1034.16 ARNIM, E. von. Bettina. Goethe's Briefwechsel

mit einem Kinde. Berlin, 1835. 3v. 16° .. 1034.20 ARNIM, L. A. V. Ausgewählte Novellen. Berlin, 183. 3v.

1029.1 Contents. – Vol. L. Die drei liebreichen Schwestern und der glückliche Farber; Die Ehenschmiede; Die Verkleidungen des franzosischen Hofmeisters und seines deutschen Zoglings; Angelika die Genueserin. II. Holländische Liebhabereien; Philander; Wunder aber Wunder; Farst Ganzgott und der Sanger Halbgott ; Eurial und Lukrezia ; Liebesgeschichte des Kanzlers Schlik und der schonen Sienerin; Seltsames Begegnen und Wiedersehen; Frau von Savern. III. Raphael und seine Nachbarinnen: Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Carl Stuart: Die Majoratsherren; Martin

Marter; Die zerbrochene Postkutsche. ARNOLD, B. Life of. Sparks, J. Am. biogr. III. 529.1 ARNOLD, M. Poems. New ed. Boston, 1856. 16° 325.11 ARNOLI), T. Introd. lectures on mod. history. Ed.

by H. Reid. Fr. 2d Lond. ed. N.Y., 1852. 12° 947.11 History of Rome. Fr. last London ed. New York, 1816. 2v. 8°..

953.2 Same. New York, 1853. 8°

953.3 Later Rom. commonwealth. N. Y., 1816. 8° 955.3 Miscel. works. 1st Am. ed., with additional essays. New York, 1815. 8..

1083.14 Contents. - The church; Oxford malignants and Dr. Hampden; Christian duty of conceding the Roman Catholic claims; Church of England; Tracts for the times; Division, and mutual relation of knowl. edge; Social progress of states; Rugby school; Uso of the classics; Discipline of the public schools; Early Roman history ; Social condition of the operative classes ; Christian politics ; National church estab

lishments. Sermons in Rugby school. N. Y., 1846. 12° . 137.32

Lise and correspondence. Stanley, A. P. 574.2-3 ARNOLD, W. D. Oakfield. A novel. 2d ed. London, 1854. 2v. p.8°

418.6 Same. Boston, 1855. 12°.

418.7 ARXOT, W. Race for riches. Pref. and notes by S. Colwell. Philadelphia, 18533. 12°.

127.7 Arnott, N. Elements of physics. 20 Am. ed. by I. Hays. Philadelphia, 1831. go

145.10 Same. New ed. Philadelphia, 1818. 8°. 146.1 ARRAH Neil. A romance. James, G. P. R. . 403.3-4 ARRINGTON, A. W. Rangers and regulators of the Tanaha. New York, n.d. 12°

488.4 ART. Allston, W. Lectures on

208.10 Brande, W. T. Dictionary

135.1 Deleutre, C. Précis de l'histoire de l'

Dwight, M. A. Introduction to the study of 208.18
Greeley, H. A. at the Crystal Palace. New
York, 1853–54 ..

198.9 Harris, J. Treatise on.

200.4 Hazlitt, W. Criticisms on.

207.19 Howitt, A. M. A. student in Munich 207.10-17 Jameson, Mrs. A. Essays on

876.14 Hand book to galleries, London

208.9 Jarves, J.J. Art hints

208.16 Ruskin, J. Political economy of.

208.25 Wallace, H. B. Art in Europe.

208.3 Winckelmann, J. History of ancient

205.7 See also: Arts, Fine arts, and Artist. ART, Application of, to manufact's. Mason, G. C. 197.1 Art: a dramatic tale. Reade, C..

415.6 ART of dining. 2d ed. London, 1853. 10°

189.12 Art dramatique, Histoire de l'. Baron, A..

1065.1 Art militaire, Précis de l'. Brialmont, A.. 1005.9 ARTHUR Arundel. A novel. Smith, Il...

€02.20 ARTHUR Mervyn. A novel. Brown, C. B.

757.3 ARTHUR, Prince. History of P. Arthur and his

knights of the round table, red. into Eng.

by T. Malory. London, 1816. 3v. 24°... 850.29 ARTHUR, T. S. The hand but not the heart. New York, 1858. 12o.

410.17 Insubordination. Baltimore, 1841. 120.

449.11 Steps towards heaven. New York, 1958. 13° 1100.17

ARTHUR, T. S. See Carpenter, W. H. Hist. of Vt. 228.13

Successful merchant. Life of S. Budgett.
New York, 1853. 12° .

526.21 ARTIST, Leisure moments of an. Brackett, E. A. 348.19 ARTIST life. Sketches of Amer. painters. Tuckerman, H. T..

520.8 Artist wife: and other tales. Howitt, M... 459.3-7 ARTIST's (Dürer's) married life. Schefer, L.... 416.16 Artists of America. Biog. sketches. Lester, C.E. 524.14 ARTISTS of Spain. Stirling, W...

513.4 ARTS. Aikin, A. Illustrations of the.

199.17 Antisell, T. Handbook of useful.

197.2 Ewbank, T. Ancient South American

033.1 Fosbroke, T. D. of the Greeks and Romans 378.3 Guillery, E. Arts céramiques.

1065.18 Joyce, J. Introduction to the

859.4 Manual of the..

197.19 Novelties, inventions, etc., in

199.26 Potter, A. Science applied to the

197.5 Ure, A. Dictionary of.

146.2 Arts of design in the U. S. Dunlap, W..

202.1 See also: Art, Fine arts, Useful arts, Rec

reative arts. ARVINE, K. Anecdotes of literature and the fine arts. Boston, 1853. 8.

892.1 Moral and religious anecdotes. N.Y., 1852. 1.8° 892.2 ASHBURNHAM, J. Charles I. Lond., 1830. 28. 8o975.10 ASHMUN, J. Memoir of Rev. S. Bacon. Washington, 1822. 8°

534.13 Life of. Gurley, R. R..

524.16 ASHWELL, S. Diseases peculiar to women: with

notes by P. B. Goddard. 2d American ed.
Philadelphia, 1818. 8°

151.16 ASIA. Chandler, R. Travels in A. Minor

083.5 Clarke, E. D. Travels in..

682.1 Fellows, Sir C. Travels in A. Minor.

687.6 Hamilton, W.J. Researches in A. Minor. 694.14 Malcom, H. Travels in South Eastern 709.3-4 Morier, J. Journey through..

094.15 Note.-For the various divisions, see their several names. ASMAI. Antar, a Bedoueen romance. Translated by T. Hamilton..

418.4 ASSASSINS, Hist. of the. Hammer-Purgstall, J.v. 937.4 ASSASSIxs of the east

849.5 See Secret societies. ASSAYING. Mitchell, J. Manual of

14.10 Overman, F. A. and mining

197.16 Asser's life of Alfred. Giles, J. A..

16.4 ASSURANCE, Life. Babbage, C...

147.10 See also: Insurance. ASSYRIA and Mesopotamia. Fraser, J. B.... 820.54 ASSYRIANS, Manners and arts of ancient. Layard, A. H.

685.14-16 ASTIE, J. F. Louis XIV. and the writers of his age.

Transl. by E. N. Kirk. Boston, 1855. 12°.. 1008.10 ASTORIA. Irving, W. VIII...

307.2-3 ASTRONOMER, The practical. , Dick, T.

149.14 ASTRONOMY. Airy, G. B. Lectures on

147.8 Arago, D. F. Popular.

149.34 Bouvier, H. M. Familiar

146.3 Brewster, Sir D. More worlds than one. 146.28 Carey, G. G. A. at the present day.

147.11 Carpenter, W. B.....

830.7 Ferguson, J. A. explained.

146.9 Lectures on..

146.8 Grant, R. Hist. of physical

146.10 Hall, T. G. Outlines of.

149.40 Herschel, Sir J. F. W. Outlines of .

140.5 Treatise on ....

308.10 Hind, J. R. The illustrated London.

117.12 The solar system.

140.26 Jeans, II. W. Nautical.

820.30 Lardner, D. Hand book

147.18-19 Loomis, E. Progress of.

146.22 Main, R. Rudimentary

829.27 Malkin, B. H....

365.14 Mitchell, O. M. Discov, and theories in.. 879.11 Planetary and stellar worlds.

146.27 Moseley, H. Lectures on.

147.13 Nichol, J. P. Architecture of the heavens.. 144.5

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ASTRONOMY. Nichol, J.P. Solar system.

147.22 System of the world.

146.12 Olmsted, D. Compendium of.

149.6-9 An introduction to.

146.4 Letters on

.149.11-12 Quetelet, A. Astronomie

1065.46 Rothman, R. W. Hist. of. Lib. Us. Kn. III. 365.14 Somerville. Mechanism of the heavens... 149.38 Universe no desert..

149.6 Whewell, W. A. with ref. to nat. theology 826.4 Plurality of worlds..

See also: Navigation.
ATHANASIA: or fore-gleams of immortality. Sears,
E. HI...

118.18 ATHEISM. Buchanan, J. Modern

1096.8 Godwin, B. Philosophy of

1088.34 Parker, T. Sermons of..

See also: Theology.
ATHELINGS, The: a novel. Oliphant, M..... 753.5
ATHENÆUS. Deipnosophists. Tr. by C. D. Yonge.
London, 1853. 4v. 8°

ATHENIA of Damascus. A poem. Dawes, R.. 358.8
ATHENIANS, Public economy of the. Böckh, A.. 953.1
ATHENS. Lytton, E. Bulwer. Rise and fall of 957.7
Stuart, J. Antiquities of.

835.17 Wright, F. A few days in

868.5 ATHENS and Attica. Müller, K. (...

955.7 Wordsworth, C. Residence in ..

683.6 don. ATHERN, A. Here and hereafter: or, the two Hus. altars. Boston, 1858. 12°

478.5 Tite ATHERSTONE, E. Last days of Herculaneum ;

Abradates, and Panthea. London, 1821. 16° 349.9-10
ATHERTOx, and other tales. Mitford, M. R.. 794.13
Ar home and abroad. Ossoli, M. F. d'...... 654.5-6
ATKINSON, E. W. Memoirs of the queens of Prus-
sia. London, 1858. 8o.

ATKINSON, H. G. Man's nature and development.
Boston, 1851. 8.

137.18 ATKINSON, T. W. Oriental and western Siberia. London, 1858. 8..

701.1 ATLANTIC, Rollo on the. Abbott, J...

659.14 ATLANTIC and trans-A. sketches. Mackinnon, Capt. 628.9 ATLANTIS, The new. Bacon, Lord.

888.14 ATOMIC theory, Introduction to the. Daubeny, C. 149.30

See also: Chemistry.
ATTACHÉ, The. Haliburton, T. C....

801.1 ATTIC philosopher in Paris. Souvestre, E.. 707.10 ATTICA and Athens. Müller, K. (..

955.7 ATTICA, Residence in. Wordsworth, C..

683.6 ATTILA. A romance. James, G. P. R...

464.6 ATTLEBOROUGH, Mass. Hist. of. Daggett, J.. . 224.11 ATTORNIES, Duties of. Warren, S...

ATTUCKS, C. Trial of British soldiers for murder
of, Boston, March 5, 1770..

AUBIGNÉ, J. H. Merle d’. See Merle d'Aubigné.
AUDUBON, J.J. Adventures and discoveries. St.
John, Mrs. H.

AUERBACH, B. Dichter u. Kaufmann. Mannheim,
1855. 10°.

1037.4 Schwarzwälder Dorfgeschichten. Mannheim, 1875. Av. 8°.

.... 1037.1&3 Spinoza, cin Denkerleben. Mannheim, 1855.

1037.2 The professor's lady. Translated by M. Howitt. New York, n.d. 8..

802.18 AUGER, E. Voyage en Californie. Paris, 1857. 12° 1078.53 AUGUSTINUS, St. Schaff, P.

514.17 AUGUSTUS, Reign of. Arnold, T.

956.3 AULDJO, J. Visit to Constantinople and the Greek Islands. London, 1835. 8°.

685.4 AULICUS Coquinariæ. Secret history of court of James I, vol. II .

552.6 AULNOY, Ctesse d'. Cabinet des Fées. JI. Contes

des fées. III._V. Fées à la mode. VI.
Les chevaliers errans et la génie fa-

1077.1 AUNT Margaret. Abbott, J..

AURELIAN, or Rome in the third century. Ware, W. 808.10
AURICULAR confession, History of. Lasteyrie,
C. P. de......

1098.10 AUSCULTATION, Student's aid to. Bowditch, H.I. 153.10

AUSTEX, J. Novels. London, 1853. 5v. 16°. . 758.3

Contents. -- Vol. I. Sense and sensibility. II. Pride
and prejudice. III. Emma. IV. Mansfield park.

V. Northanger abbey, and Persuasion.
Mansfield park. A novel. London, 1847. 16° 758.5-6
Pride and prejudice. A novel. London, 1853. 10° 758.7
Sense and sensibility. A novel. London,
1816. 16°.

758.4 Same. New York, 1856. 12o.

758.2 Austin, B. jr. Constitutional republicanism. Boston, 1803. 8°

297.11 AUSTIN, J. T. Life of E. Gerry. Boston, 1828–29. 2v. 8°.

513.11 AUSTIN, S. Germany, 1700 to 1814. Lond., 1854. 12° 667.15

Girls' schools and the training of working
women. London, 1857. 12°

Goethe and his contemporaries. 2d ed. Lon-
don, 1836. 12° . ...

897.9 AUSTIN, Wm. Letters from London, 1802 & 1803. Boston, 1804. 8o...

047.2 AUSTRALASLAN colonies, Residence in the. Mundy, G. C...

705.1 AUSTRALIA. Grey, G. Expeditions in..

705.4 Hargraves, E. H. A. and its gold fields

938.7 Haygarth, H. W. Bush life in.

&99.21 Meredith, Mrs. C. Nine years in.

707.10 Rise and progress of....

705.15 Sidney, S. Three colonies of

705.2 AUSTRALIAN backwoods, Sixteen years in.. 850.10 AUSTRALIAN colonies. Hughes, W. Origin and condition of the...

409.11 AUSTRALIAN Crusoes. Rowcroft, C..

737.7 AUSTRALIAN gold discoveries. Stirling, P.J.. 136.12 AUSTRALIAN gold fields. Wathen, G. H. Geology 707.15 AUSTRIA. Coxe, W. History of the house of. &28.2

Kohl, J. G. Vienna, Prague, Hungary, etc.. 607.2
Murray, J.

Handbook for So. Germany 049.5
Stiles, W. H. A. in 1848-49

924.2 Sutton, R. Lexington papers. Courts of London and Vienna. 17th century.

975.11 Turnbull, P. E. Austria.

667.1 Vehse, E. Court of.

927.10 Wilde, W. R. Scientific institutions of

007.17 AUSTRIAN dungeons in Italy. Orsini, F...

919.7 AUSTRIAN empire. Russell, J. Tour in

663.5 AUSTRIAN poets. Album österreichischer Dichter 1013.3 AUTHENTIC details of the Valdenses, London, 1827. 8....

1096.1 AUTHORS, Calamities of. D’Israeli, I.

897.5-6 AUTOBIOGRAPHY. See Biograplıy. AUTOGRAPHS for freedom. Stowe, H. B.

899.23 AUTUMXAL leaves. Tales and sketches. Child, L.M..

488.12 AUVERGNE, Pilgrimage to. Costello, L. S.

051.1 AVA and the Burmese, Account of

$25.8 AVA, Embassy to. Symes, M.

696.6 AVILLION and other tales. Muloch, D. M.

702.1-2 Avon, The. Rambles by rivers. Thorne, J. II. 850.18 AVVENTUROSO Ciciliano. Romanzo storico. Busone da Gubbio....

1059.8 AWFUL disclosures of the Hotel Dieu nunnery, Montreal. Monk, M...

1098.24 AXEL and Anna: a tale. Bremer, F...

817.5-6 AYDER Ali Khan. See Hyder Ali Khan. AYESHA, the maid of Kars : a novel. Morier, J.. 418.3 AYRSHIRE legatees: a novel. Galt, J...

788.8 AYTOUX, W. E. Ballads of Scotland. Edinburgh, 1858. 2v. p.8°.

375.1 Bothwell: a poem. Boston, 1856. 12o. 331.3-5

Life and times of Richard I. Lond., 1840. 16° 379.1 AZEGLIO, M d'. Ettore fieramosca ossia la disfida di Barletta. Firenze, 1850. 12..

1050.19 Florence betrayed. Boston, 1856. 12°

478.9 Niccolò de Lapi. Firenze, 1850. 12° . . . 1056.21

sm. 8°

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BABBAGE, C. Economy of machinery and manufactures. 4th ed. London, 1816. 12°

198.30 Institutions for the assurance of lives. London, 1820. 8°

147.10 BABYLON. Layard, A. H. Discoveries in . 685.12-13 Rich, C. J. Journey to, in 1811


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