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been compared to a Polyphemus without an eye, and more frequently to a chaos, which it certainly too much resembles. This reproach the Trustees hope to avoid for the Public Library, which they desire, above everything else, to render useful.

The index now published has been prepared by the Superintendent of the Library, Charles C. Jewett, Esq., and by competent and faithful persons under his direction. It is the result of much patient labor and much practical knowledge and skill. The Trustees believe it to be well fitted to its purpose, which is that of rendering the portion of the Library represented by it, intelligible and accessible to all; – to those who are little in the habit of using books, as well as to those who make reading and study the main business of their lives. Its arrangement and details they conceive can hardly be made plainer. It is alphabetical throughout. It is, therefore, as simple in its construction as an English dictionary, and as easily used. At the same time, they have no doubt that it is sufficiently ample and minute. For not only does it give the title of each book once with considerable fulness under the name of its author, if known, or, if not known, under its first leading word, but the same book will be found more briefly indicated again under its subject : and, if need be, yet again under one or more of the principal words in its title. Those who may wish to examine any subject will therefore turn to the subject itself in its alphabetical order and place, and will see, at once, what the Library offers for their especial purpose ;those who know only the title of the book they need, will seek it under one of its prominent words ; and those who wish to find a given author, will simply look for his name. It is, in fact, an unpretending piece of practical bibliography adapted to the wants, not of scholars, but of the mass of the people, and intended as much as possible to render the use of the Library pleasant and profitable. At the same time, it will serve to direct students whose pursuits may demand researches either more minute, or more comprehensive, to the ampler catalogue on the cards, where they will, with equal ease, find a notice of every thing the Library can give them.

The Trustees feel under no small obligations to Mr. Jewett for the excellent manner in which this index and the catalogue on which it is founded have been prepared, and for the great amount of labor, both in season and out of season, which he has most faithfully bestowed on both of them. The system adopted is substantially the system explained by him in a pamphlet which he published several years ago; but when the catalogue of the Public Library was originally undertaken, there was no thought that the institution would ever be indebted to his services, and no reason whatever existed for selecting Mr. Jewett's system in preference to any other, except that it was believed to be the best and the most practical for the purposes to which it was here to be applied.

But while the Trustees offer this statement of the condition of the Library, and of the catalogues by which its use is to be made easy and agreeable to the public, they do not wish to be understood as claiming the institution itself to be all they would gladly have it. Private munificence has, indeed, in a comparatively short time, made the collection of its books large and respectable, and its catalogues, by the zeal and fidelity of those employed to make them, have been prepared — so far as they are yet prepared — with extraordinary rapidity and success. Taken together it is hoped they may prove to be the foundation of a good Library, with a good apparatus to promote or ensure its usefulness. But the Trustees do not suppose that the institution as yet is anything more or anything better than this statement implies. Many important books will be sought for in vain on its shelves and in its catalogues by those who examine them with intelligence and with care. These books will, no doubt, be purchased as fast as the funds at the disposal of the Trustees will permit, so that, in time, the whole Library may become in every department of human knowledge such a Library as the City of Boston ought to have, and such as its citizens not only ask for, but will faithfully use for their own benefit and for the advancement of the city's character and prosperity. To reach this most desirable end, and to reach it at no distant day, the Trustees rely confidently on the beneficence of the patrons and friends of the Library, who have already done so much for it; on the interest felt in it by our citizens generally, who, with their families, daily enjoy its great privileges; and on the City Government, which never ceases to feel the paramount duty of protecting and fostering whatever promotes the education and the moral advancement of the whole community.


PUBLIC LIBRARY, 19 Oct., 1858.




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ABADDOX: a poem. Fairfield, S. L....

349.2 ABBEOKUTA: the Yoruba mission. Tucker, Miss. 699.14 ABBOT, A. Letters in Cuba. Boston, 1829. 8° 035.1 ABBOT, The: a novel. Scott, Sir W.

460.05-59 ABBOTSFORD. See Irving, W. ABBOTT, J. The corner stone. Boston, 1835. 12° 1087.16 (Franconia stories.] New York, n.d. 10v. 16° 738.4

Contents. - Vol. I. Mulleville. II. Wallace. III.
Mary Erskine. IV. Mary Bell. v. Beechnut. VI.
Rodolphus. VII. Ellen Linn. VIII. Stuyvesant.

ix. Caroline. X. Agnes.
General course of history to [1789.] New
York, 1856. 8°

948.1 Harper's story books. N. Y., n.d. 27v. in 9. 16° 739.1

Contents. – Vol. I. Bruno; Willie and the Mortgage; The strait gate. II. Virginia ; Timboo and Jotiba; Timboo and Fanny. III. The little Louvre; Prank; Enuna. IV. Harper establishment; Franklin; The studio, V. Ancient history ; English history ; American history. VI. John True; Elfred; The museum. VII. The engineer; Rambles among the Alps; Three gold dollars. VIII. The Gibraltar gallery ; 'The alcove ; Dialogues. IX. The great clm ; Aunt Marga.

ret ; Vernon.
Harper establishment. N. Y., n.d. 10°. . 739.2
History of Alexander the G. N. Y., n.d. 16° 519.1-4

Alfred of England. N. Y., 1849. 10° 559.1-5
Charles I. of England. N. Y., n.c. 16° . 559.18-21
Charles II. of England. N. Y., 1852. 16° .559. 22-24
Cleopatra. New York, n.d. 16°

Cyrus the Great. New York, 1852. 16° . 519.11-13
Darius the Great. New York, n.d. 16° . 519.15–16
Q. Elizabeth. New York, 1854.

509.1-6 Hannibal. New York, n.d.

519.14 Julius Cæsar. New York, 1852. 16° . . 519.17-18 Mary Q. of Scots. New York, 1854. 16o. 539.7-12 Nero. New York, 1853. 16°

549.19 Pyrrhus. New York, 1854. 16o. . 519.20-24 Richard I. of England. N. Y., 1857. 16o. 559.8-12 Richard II. of England. N. Y., 1858. 16°, 579.8-12 Richard III. of England. N. Y., 188. 16° .579.13–17 Romulus. New York, 1852. 16°

519.27-28 William the Cong. N. Y., n.d. 16° 559.6-7

Xerxes the Great. N. Y., 1852. 16° . 519.25-26 Rollo on the Atlantic. Boston, n.d. 16° 059.1-4 in London. Boston, 1858. 10°

059.5-7 in Paris. Boston, 1851.

659.8 in Switzerland. Boston, 1854. 16'. 659.9-11 in Geneva. Boston, 1857. 16°

659.12-16 in Holland. Boston, 1857. 16o.

059.17-21 on the Rhine. Boston, 1857. 10°

659.22-24 Springfield Armory. n.p., n.d. 10°

738.5-7 Summer in Scotland. New York, 1818. 12° 647.18-21 Way to do good. New York, (1852.) 12 . . 1087.6

Young Christian. New York, (1851.) 12° 1087.7 ABBOTT, J. S. C. Child at home. N. Y., n.d. 16° 1109.14 History of Henry IV. of lr. N. Y., 1856. 16° 539.13-17

Hernando Cortez. N. Y., 1855. 16° 5.9.1-5
Josephine. New York, 1851. 16o. .559.17-22
King Philip. New York, 1857. 16°

579.7 Maria Antoinette. New York, 1851. 16° . 569. 13-10

Mme. Roland. New York, 1853. 16°. . 569.23-27 Mother at home. New York, n.d. 16°

119.12 Napoleon at St. Helena. New York, 1855. 80 602.24

Napoleon Bonaparte. N. Y., 1855-6. 2v. 8. 601.1-8 ABDUL MEDJID. See Gilson, A. Czar and sultan. 918.16 ABDY, E. S. Journal in the United States, 1833-4. London, 1835. 3v. 8°


ABEL, F. A. and Bloxham, C. L. Handbook of

chemistry. Pref. by Dr. Hofmann. Philad.,
1854. 8°

156.3 ABELL, L. G. The skillful housewife's book. N. York, 1855. 12°

188.29 ABERCROMBIE, J. Intellectual powers, rev. ed.

with add. by J. Abbott. N. Y., 1853. 12. 124.20-21 Intellectual powers. New York, n.d. 18o. 810.46

The moral feelings. New York, 1848. 18o.. 810.57 ABERNETHY, J. Memoirs of. Macilwain, G.. 588.8 ABIPONEs of Paraguay, Acc't of. Dobrizhoffer, M. 206.2 ABOLITION. See Slavery. ABORIGINES of Am., Manners of. Nuttall, T.. 624.8 of the U.S., Acc't of. Sanford, E.

305.1 of N. Eng., Hist. of. Thacher, J..

227.11 ABORTIOX, Causes and treatm't of. Whitehead,J. 153 3 ABOUT, E. Germaine. Paris, 1857.

12. ....

1078.15 Grèce contemporaine. 2d ed. Paris, 1855. 12° 1078.54 Greece and the Greeks, transl. N. Y., 1857. 124 918.15

Tolla : a tale of mod. Rome. Boston, 1856. 10° 478.13 ABRADATES and Panthea: a poem. Atherstone,

. 319.9-10 ABRANTES, Duchesse d'. See Junot, Mme. L. P. ABUSE, School of. Gosson, S. .

342.2 ABYSSINIA. Gobat, S. Three years in

097.7 Johnston, C. Travels in Southern

697.1 Parkyns, M. Life in

697.5-6 Russell, M. History, etc., of

810.61 ACADIAN geology. Dawson, J. W.

163.23 ACCUM, F. Chemical tests. 3d ed. Lond., 1820. 12° 156.24 Account of pilgrim celebration, Plymouth, Aug. 1, 1853. Boston, 1853. 80

224.17 ACHILLES Tatius, Romances of. Tr. by Smith, R. 844.10 ACKERMANN, Charlotte. Roman. Müller, 0... 1013.12 ACLAND, C. Manners and customs of India. London, 1847. p.8°

889.2 ACTOX, E. English bread-book. Lond., 1857. 12° 188.33 ACTON, W. Diseases of urinary and generative organg. Fr. 2d Lond. ed.

N. Y., 1852. 80 151.21 ACTON, Mass., A history of. Shattuck, L. 224.20 ACTORS in the plays of Shakespeare, Memoirs of. Collier, J. P. .

342.31 ACTORS, An apology for. Heyward, T.

342.2 Acts of the Apostles. Barnes, A. Notes. 1097.9 Hackett, H. B. Commentary..

1093.2 See also: Bible. ADAIR, R. Mission to the court of Vienna, 1800. London, 184. 8...

667.3 ADALBERT, Pr. of Prussia. Travels in South of

Europe and in Brazil. Transl. by Sir R. H.
Schomburgk and J. E. Taylor. Introd. by

Bar. von Humboldt. Lond., 1819. 2v. 8°. 633 11 ADAJ, A. Roman antiquities. Notes by J. Boyd

7th N. Y. ed. by L. L. Da Ponte. New York,
1836. 8.

951.7 Adam Blair, Passages in life of. Lockhart, J. G. 769.9 ADAM Brown, the merchant. Smith, H.

802.21 ADAM Græme of Mossgray. Oliphant, Mrs. 753.13 ADANS, Mrs. A. Journal and corresp. 1786. Ed.

by (C. A. DeWindt.] N. Y., 1841. 2v. 12° 217.18 Letters, with memoir by C. F. Adams. 4th ed. Boston, 1848.

537.2 ADAMS, H. History of the Jews. Boston, 1812. 2v. 12°

949.6 Memoir, by herself. Boston, 1832. 12° . 599.3 View of religions, in 2 parts, 2d ed. Boston, n.d. 89


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ADAMS, H.G. Cyclopædia of poetical quotations.
London, n.d. 16°

344.21 ADAMS, J. Letters to his wife. Ed. by C. F. Adams. Boston, 1811. 2v.

537.3 Works, with life and notes, by C. F. Adams. Boston, 1850-55. 10v. So

Contents. -Vol. I. Lifs. II. Diary; Notes of debates
in cor gress, 1775–0; Autobiography: App. III. Auto-
biography, continued: Diury: Notes of debate in the
senate of the U. S.; Essays; Disputation on the canon
and the feudal law ; Instructions of Braintree to its
representat.ves, 1763 ; Instructions of Boston to their
representatives, 1768-9: On the independence of
the judiciary : controversy between W. Brattle and J.
Adams; App. IV. Novanglus, or a history of the dis-
pute with America from 1731 ; Thoughts on govern-
ment, 1776 ; Report of a constitution for Massachu-
setis, 1779 ; Defence of the Constitutions of the U.S.
1778, vol. 1. V. Defence, vols. 2 and 3. VI. Defence,
vol. 3, continued; Discourses on Davila ; Four Ict-
ters on government; Three letters on the Constitu-
tion: Letters to Jno. Taylor of Caroline, in reply to
strictures on the Defence; Review of Mr. Hillhouse'y
propositions for amending the Constitution. VII.-1X.
Oficial letters, messages, and public papers. IX., X.

General correspondence; Indexes.
Administration of. Gibbs, G..

Diplomatic hist. of the administration of.
Trescot, W. II....

297.5 Suppressed history of the administration of. Wood, J...

309.7 ADAMS, J. Q. Dermot Mac Morrogh, in 4 cantos. Boston, 1832. 89..

314.10 Letters on the Bible. Auburn, 1850. 32° 129.36 Letters on the masonic institution. Boston, 1817. 80

131.6 Letters on the study of the Bible, with letters of Mrs. A. Adams.

537.2 Life of. Quincy, J..

512.1 Life and Public Services. Seward, W. H... 517.25 ADAMS, Nath'l. Annals of Portsmouth, (N. H.) Portsmouth, 1825. 8°.

224.26 ADAMS, Rev. Neh. Christ a friend, 13 discourses. Boston, 1855. 8°.

1106.3 South side view of slavery.

The communion Sabbath. Boston, 1851. 12° 1106.3
The friends of Christ in the N. T. 3d ed.
Boston, 1853. 8°.

1083.19 ADAMS, R. Narrative of an Am. sailor wrecked on

W. coast of Africa, 1810. Boston, 1817. Sa 692.7 ADAMS, Rev. W., M.A. Sacred allegories. L'hiladelphia, 1858. sm. 4°

1004.9 ADAMS, W., D. D. The three gardens, Eden, Geth

semane, and Paradise. N. York, 1850. 12° 1080.27 ADAMS, W. T. All aboard, or life on the lake. Boston, 1856.

729.3 The boat club; a tale for boys. Boston, 1855. 12° 7:29.7-8 Now or never. A story for young folks. Bos. ton, 1857. 12.

720.4-6 ADAPTATION of external nature to man. Chalmers, T.

826.6 ADCOCK, H. Rules and data for the steam engine. London, 1839. 12° .

198.20 ADDISON, J. Poetical works, with life. London, (1796?] 24°.

309.19 The spectator; complete. London, 1827. 80 873.12

With the lives of the authors. Phila.,
1851. 12v. in 4. 12.

Selections from the. N. Y., 1810. 2v. 189 830.2
Sir Roger de Coverley, notes by W. H. Wills.
London, 1852. p. 8o.

409.1 Life of. Aikin, L. .

584.2 and writings of. Macaulay, T. B.

400.17 ADELE. A tale. Kavanagh, J. .

454.13 ADÈLE et Théodore: ou lettres sur l'éducation. Genlis, Mme. de...

1068.6 ADIRONDACK, The: or, life in the woods. Headley, J. T....

636.29 ADOLPHE; (roman.] Constant, B..

1006.8 ADOLPHUS, J. Hist. of England, [reign of Geo. III.) London, 1840-45. 7v. 8°

964.1 ADOLPHUS, J. L. Letters to R. Heber on the

(Waverley) novels. Boston, 1822.8... 808.16

ADONIS; poëme. La Fontaine, J. de ..

1069.7 ADOPTED child, Hist. of an. Jewsbury, G. E... 469.2 ADRIATIC, Highl’ds and islands. Paton, A. A. 667.4 ADSHEAD, J. Prisons and prisoners. London, 1815. 8°

135.12 ADULTERATIONS, in food and med. Hassall, A. H. 156.12

in drugs, chemicals, etc. Peirce, C. H..... 156.13 ADVENTURE. See American A. by land and sea. 820.68 ADVENTURER, The. Hawkesworth, J.

850.26 See British essayists, v. 23-25

850.24 See Johnson, S. Works, I.

901.6 ADVENTURES of British seamen in the So. Ocean. Edinburgh, 1827. 18o..

830.26 ADVICE to his grandchildren. Hale, M.

139.6 ÆGEAN, Letters from the. Emerson, J.

683.4 ÆSCHYLUS. Popular Eng. specimens of the

Greek dramat. poets, with essays and notes.
London, 1831. 24°

Tragedies; transl. by T. A. Buckley. London,
1819. p. 8o.

814.6-7 Æsopus. (Fables, translated.) 16°

728.10 ÆSTHETIC papers. Peabody, E. P.

873.6 ÆSTHETIC works. Schlegel, F. von

838.8 AFFLICTED), An offering to the. Parkman, F. . 1089.25 AFFLICTED man's companion. Willison, J... 1109.5 AFGHANISTAN. Ferrier, J.P. Caravan journeys. 694.3 Fraser, J. B. Description of..

810.08 Gleig, G. R. Sale's brigade in .

899.11 Sale, Lady. Disasters in. 1841,2

987.6 AFLOAT and ashore. Cooper, J. F.

700.1-5 AFRICA. Adams, R. Western coast of, in 1810. 692.7

Andersson, C.J. Four years in So. Western. 697.4
Backhouse, J. Narrative of a visit to South. 692.13
Barrow, Sir J. Travels into Southern ... 092.1
Barth, H. Travels North and Central 191.12
Burton, RF. First footsteps in East .. 692.5-6
Caillie, R. Travels through Central

093.10 Campbell, J. Travels in South

092.12 Carnes, J. A. Voyage to the W. coast of .. 608. 16–17 Clarke, E. D. Travels in..

082.1 Denham, D. and Clapperton, H. Travels in N. and Central ..

693.6 Foote, A. H. Afr. and the American flag. 698.13 Frost, J. Travels in ..

608.20 Hamilton, J. Wanderings in North..

697.2 Huntley, Sir H. Service on the slave coast of. 698.15 Hutchinson, T. J. Impressions of Western. 697.3 Laing, A. G. Travels in Western ..

692.4 Leonard, P. Journal on the Western coast. 699.10 Livingstone, D. Missionary travels in South.601.1-11 Murray, H. Discoveries and travels in ... 692.10-11 Discovery and adventure in

810.18 Napier, E. E. Excursions in Southern

692.15 Owen, W. F. W. Voyages to explore . 702.8 Park, M. Voyages :

820.11 Philip, J. Native tribes of South

692.8 Taylor, J. B. A journey to Central

699.79 Wilson, J. L. History and prospects of W. 9:38.1 NOTE. - See also the names of the several parts of

AFRICAN hist., Lights and shadows of. Goodrich,
S. G..

939.1 AFRICAX question, The. Livingstone, D.

894. + AFRICAN Wanderings. Werne, F.

400.29 AFTER the ball. A tale. Opie, A..

400.45 AGASSIZ, L., R.N. Journey to Switzerland. London, 1833. 8°..

603.8 AGASSIZ, Prof. L. Contributions to the natural

history of the U. S. Boston, 1857. 2v. 4° 170.2

Contents. – Vol. I. Part 1. Essay on classification.
Part 2. N. A. testudinata. II. Part 3. Emb:yology

of the turtle.
Lake Superior: its phys. char., etc. : with a

nar. of tour, by J. E. Cabot. Boston, 1850. 8° 624.1 and Gould, A. A. Principles of zoology.

Part I. Comp. physiology. Rev. ed. Bos-
ton, 1853. 12o..

177.6-7 Comparative physiology. Edited by T.

Wright. From rev. ed. London, 1851. p. 80 816.12 AGATUA's husband. A novel. Muloch, D. M. v.II. 762.1-2


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AGE, The: a colloquial satire. Bailey, P.J.... 339.5 AGE of gold, The: and other poems. Lunt, G.. 319.14 AGNES de Mansfeldt: a tale. Grattan, T. C.. 798.4 AGNES: a Franconia story. v.10. Abbott, J.. 738.4 AGNES: a novel. Pike, M. H...

427.2-4 AGRICOLA, Cn. J. Life of, transl. Tacitus, C. C. 872.11 AGRICULTURAL chemistry. Liebig, J. von.. 155.24 Nash, J. A...

168.4 See also: Agriculture. AGRICULTURAL engineering. Andrews, G. H. . 829.2 AGRICULTURAL essays. Taylor, Col. J...

109.12 AGRICULTURAL instructor. Murphy, E.. .v. II of 169.15 AGRICULTURE. Allen, J. F. Culture of the grape.165.19-21

Banfield, T. C. Agriculture of the Rhine.. 810.1
Chorlton, W. Grape grower's guide.

165.25 Colman, H. European.

105.9 Dana, S. L. Muck manual.

169.31 Dumas, J.B. Manures, nutrit. of plants v.II of 165.4 Eastwood, B. Cultivation of the cranberry. 165.24 Fownes, G. Application of chemistry to... 819.1 Harris, T.W. Insects injurious to vegetation 105.1 Johnston, J. F. W. Chemistry and geology applied to

164.14 Relations between science and

164.15 Kenrick, W. New American orchardist. 169.7 Liebig, J. v. Chemistry in its application to 164.6 Massachusetts. Manual of the mulberry tree 109.10 Olcott, H. S. Sorgho and imphee, the sugar canes.....

160.12 Pardee, R. G. Cultivation of the strawberry 105.26 Russell, R. A. of North America ..

623.4 Stöckhardt, J. A. Chemistry of.

836.1 Ysabeau, A. Plantes fourragères ,

1075.6 Arbres fruitiers . .

1075.5 Engrais et amendements

1075.4 Operations agricoles.

1075.1 See also: Farming, Gardening, Husbandry,

Rural and domestic economy.
AGUILAR, G. Days of Bruce. N. Y., 1853. 2v. 12°.705.1-10
Home Influence: a tale. New ed. N.Y., 1857. 12° 764.2-4

Same. New ed. Boston, 1854. 12° . . . 764.1&5
Mother's recompense. New York, 1853. 12°. 764.0-9
Vale of Cedars, (with biogr. sketch.] New
York, 1854. 12°

Woman's friendship. A story. New York,

..761.9-15 Women of Israel. N. Y., 1853. 2v. 12° . ..706.11-15 AGUIRRE, The crimes of. Southey, R...

266.9 AHMED Ibn Hemdem. Turkish evening enter

tainments. Transl. by J. P. Brown. New
York, 1850. 12° .

. 737.10-11 AIKIN, A. Illustr. of arts and manufactures. London, 1841. 16°

199.17 AIKIN, J. Select works of the Br. poets, fr. Ben

Jonson to Croly; with biog. & crit. notices.
Philadelphia, 1850. 3v. 8°

312.1 The juvenile budget opened: with life, by

Mrs. S. J. Hale. Boston, 1840. 18o... 499.10-11
The juvenile budget re-opened: with notes.
Boston, 1840. 18o.

499.12-13 Critical essay on the “Chase," and life of Falconer.

359.5 Memoir: with selection of pieces. Aikin, L.. 575.6 and Barbauld, A. L. Evenings at home. Revised by C. Hartley. London, 1853. 16° . 719.11-12

Miscel. pieces in prose. 3d ed. London, 1792. 8°

349.6 AIKIN, L. Life of Joseph Addison. Philadelphia, 1846. p. 89.

584.2 Mem. of J. Aikin: with selections from his pieces. Philadelphia, 1824. 8°.

575.6 Court of Charles I. Philadelphia, 1833. 2v. 8° 976.6

Q. Elizabeth. 6th ed. Lond., 1826. 2v. 8° 554.3

James I. 3d ed. London, 1823. 2v. 8. 552.8 AINSLIE, W. Hist. of Br. India. See Murray, H. 810.51 AINSWORTH, W. F. Travels in the track of the

ten thousand Greeks. London, 1844. 12° . 687.12 AINSWORTH, W. H. James II. An historical romance. New York, 1848. 89..

802.7 AIR, Change of: or, the pursuit of health. JohnJ..


AIR, Uses and abuses of. Griscom, J. H...

207.14 Airs of Palestine: a poem. Pierpont, J..

369.17 AIRY, G. B. Gravitation. London, 1834. 12° 146.24

Lect. on astronomy. 2d ed. Lond., [1849.) 8° 147.8 AKENSIDE, M. Poetical works: with life. London, 1806. 21°

369.27 Same. London, 1815. p.8°

319.1 Pleasures of the imagination. New ed., with essay by Mrs. Barbauld. London, 1825. 16° 358.25

Same. See “ Poems of established reputation ".

358.24 Life, writings and genius of. Bucke, C. 580.16 ALADDIN: a poem. Oehlenschläger, A. G.. 331.23 ALBERT et Isabelle, Histoire d'..

10,5.14 ALBIGENSES, Hist. of the crusades against. Sismondi, J. C. L. $. de ..

See also: Waldenses.
ALBINUS. Introduction to Plato. Works IV... 814.3
ALBUM Österreichischer Dic er. Wien, 1850. 8° !013.3

Containing biograph. notices and selections from
Nikolaus Lenau (pseud. for Niembsch von Strehlenau,
Nicol) i Anastasius Gran (pseud. for Auersperg, Ant.
Al. M. Graf von); Franz Grillparzer; Friedrich Halm,
(ps. for Monch-Bellinghausen, Elig. Franz Josef,
Freiherr von) : Edward von Bauernfeld : J. F. Cas-
telli; Ludwig Aug. Frankl ; Ad. von Tschabuschnigg;
Joh. Gabr. Seidl; C. F. Draxler-Manfred ; Johann N.

Vogl; Heinrich von Levitschnigg.
ALCAN, M. Manuel du tisserand. Bruxelles,
1851. 12o.

1075.33 ALCHEMY and the alchemists. Hitchcock, E. A.. 197.4 ALCIXOUS. Introduction to Plato. Works IV.. 814.3 ALCOHOLIC drinks, Effects of. Forbes, J..... 127.19 ALCOHOLIC liquors, Use and abuse of. Carpenter, W.B...

157.17 ALCOTT, L. M. Flower fables.

Boston, 1855. 12° 729.2 ALCOTT, W. A. Moral philosophy of courtship and marriage. Boston, 1857.

127.5 Young woman's guide. Boston, 1840. 10°. 139.16 Alcove, The. Abbott, J. Harper's st. bks., VIII. 739.1 ALDA Grey: a tale of N. Jersey..

801.1 ALEPPO to Jerusalem. Journey. Maundrell, H. 684.9 ALEXANDER the Great, Essay on. Schlegel, K. W. F. v..

818.1 History of. Abbott, J.

519.1-4 Life and actions of. Williams, J.

810.8 ALEXANDER VI. Pope. Life of. Gordon, A. . 54.2 ALEXANDER I. of Russia, Last days of. Lee, R. 517.10 ALEXANDER, A. Authenticity, ctc. of the Scriptures. 5th ed. Philadelphia, n.d.

118.4 Founder and alumni of the Log College. Princeton, 1845. 12o.

1089.8 ALEXANDER, J. E. L'Acadie: or seven years in Brit. America. London, 1819. 2v.

620.8 ALEXANDER, W., Earl of Stirling. Life of. Duer, W.A.

513.8 ALFIERI, V. Commedie. Londra, 1804. 2v. in 1. 16° 105.4

Contents. – Vol. I. L'Uno; I Pochi; I Troppi. II.
L'Antidoto; La Finestrina; Il Divorzio.
Tragedie. Firenze, 1855. 2v. 12o.

Contents.- Vol. I. Filippo; Polinice; Antigone; Vir
ginia; Agamennone; Oreste; Rosmunda ; Ottavia ;
Timoleone; Merope ; Maria Stuarda : La congiura
de' Pazzi; Don Garzia. II. Saul; Agide; Sofonisba;
Bruto primo; Mirra ; Bruto secundo ; Antonio e
Cleopatra; Abele; Alceste secunda; Sull'arte comica
in Italia ; Lettera di Ranieri de Calsabigi ; Riposta;
Lettere dell' abate Cesarotti; - di G. M. Lampredi;-

di M. Cesarotti; Risposte, ec.
Tragedies, transl. by C. Lloyd. London, 1815.
3y. 16° ...

Contents. – Vol. I. Philip: Polinices ; Antigone ;
Virginia; Agamemnon; Orestes. II. Rosmunda; Oc-
taria; Timoleon; Merope; Mary Stuart: Conspiracy
of the Pazzi. III. Don Garcia; Saul; Agis; Sophon-

isba; The first Brutus; Myrrha; The second Brutus. Vita, scritta da esso. Ed. arrich. di giunte. Firenze, 1853. 12o.

1043.2 Autobiography. Transl. with an essay, by C. E. Lester. 2d ed. New York, 1815. 12°

514.0-7 Life and adventures of. Copping, E.

51.5 ALFORD, H. Poetical works. Boston, 1853. 16° 324.10 ALFRED the Great, History of. Abbott, J.





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ALFRED the Great, Asser's life of

816.4 Life and times of. Giles, J. A...

552.1 Life of; and version of Orosius. Pauli, R. 856.4 ou l'Angleterre sous les Anglo-Saxons. Guizot, F. P. G.

1078.14 Poems of. Tupper, M. F. Works, IV.

887.3 ALGEBRA. A. and arithmetic

365.17 De Morgan. Double algebra.

147.14 Elements of ...

147.15 Haddon, J. Elements of.

829.21 Kirkman, T. P. Mnemonic lessons in

829.35 Lund, T. A short course of .

149.27 Peirce, B. Elementary treatise on.

148. ALGEBRAIC geometry. Waud, S. W.

305.17 ALGEBRAICAL equations, Theory of. Murphy, R. 365.15 ALGER, W. R. Hist. of the cross of Christ. Boston, 1858. 169..

1089.9 Poetry of the East. Boston, 1859. 10° . 315.12-13 ALGERIA in 1845. St. Maric, Count.

098.23 ALGIC researches. Schoolcraft, H. R.

489.9 ALGIERS. Bowen, A. War with..

215.11 Campbell, T. Letters froin..

698.25 Davies, E. W. L. Its climate and resources. 918.3 Lamping, C. & France A. de. The French in. 889.18 Shaler, W. Sketches of..

915.4 ALHAMBRA, The. See Irving, W. Ali Pasha, Lise of. Davenport, R. A.

379.15 ALICE: or, the mysteries. Lytton, E. Bulwer. 405.16 ALISON, Rev. A. Essays on taste. With corrections by A. Mills. New York, 1850.

129.12 ALISON, Sir A. History of Europe from 1789 to 1815. New York, 1848–50. 4v. 8.

943.1 Epitome of the hist. of Europe, from 1789 to 1815. London, 1852. 8°

917.7 History of Europe, 1815–52. New York, 1855– 58. 3v. 8°

943.2 Miscellaneous essays. Philadelphia, 1850. Sa 863.5 ALKALIMETRY, New methods of. Fresenius, C. R. and Will, H.

156.21 ALL aboard: or, life on the lake. Adams, W. T. 729.3 All is not gold that glitters. Opie, A..

469.28-29 ALLAN, G. Life of Sir W. Scott. Edin., 1834. 8. 585.1 ALLEGIANY mountains, Letters from the. Lanman, C...

628.11 ALLEGORIES, Sacred. Adams, W.

1094.9 ALLEINE, R. Heaven opened. New York, n.d. 12° 1107.5 ALLEY, C. B. Cottage building. 2d ed. London, 1851. 16.

819.29 ALLEX, D. 0. India, anc. &mod. Boston, 1856. SP 931.1-2 ALLEN, E. Narrative of his captivity. Walpole, N. H., 1807. 12°

528.18 Same. 4th ed. Burlington, 1846. 12'. . 528.17 and the Green mount. heroes. De Puy, H. W. 528.16 Life of. Sparks, J. Lives of em. indiv. II. 518.5 Same.

528.22 Same. Amer. biog., v. I

529.1 Life of. Moore, H..

528.19 ALLEN, J. Battles of the British navy. New ed. London, 1852. 2v. p. 8

825.1 ALLEN, J. F. Culture of the grape vine. 3d ed. New York, 1853. 12°

. 165.19-21 ALLEX, P. Expedition of Lewis and Clarke. New York, 1845-47. 2v. go

820.52 ALLEN, W., D.D. Memoir of John Codman. Boston, 1853. 89.

534.8 Wunnissoo: a poem. Boston, 1856. 12o. 338.8 ALLEN, W. and Thompson, T. R. H. Expedition

to the Niger, 1841. London, 1818. 2v. 80. 693.9 ALLEX, W., F.R.S. Memoir of. Sherman, J.. 508.6 ALLEYN, E. Memoirs of. Collier, J. P..... 342.1 ALLEYN papers. Collier, J. P....

312.17 ALLSTON, W. Lectures on art, and poems, ed. by R. H. Dana, jr. N. Y., 1850. 12°.

208.10 Monaldi: a tale. Boston, 1856.

755.1 On the works and genius of. Ware, W... 208.11 ALMACKS revisited. A novel. London, 1828. 3v. 12° 709.4 Same. New York, 1828. 2y. 12°

769.5 ALNWICK castle and other poems. Halleck, F. G. 345.10 ALONE: a novel. Hawes, V...

805.23-25 ALPHoXso and Dalinda: a tale. Genlis, Mme. de. 419.21

ALPS. Abbott, J. Rambles among the. Harper's story books.

739.1 Brockedon, W. Excursions in the..

603.13 Forbes, J. D. Travels through A. of Savoy. 663.2 Headley, J. T. A. and the Rhine.

676.18 Hinchliff. T. W. Summer months among the 607.14 Murray,J. Handbook of Savoy and Piedmont 649.18 Muston, A. The Israel of the

879.13 ALTAMONT: or the charity sister. Norton, Mrs. S02.2 ALTAR, Companion for the. Hobart, J. H..... 118.10

at home. Prayers, etc. Miles, H. A. ... 118.16 ALTON Locke, tailor and poet. Kingsley, C.... 484.13-14 AMABEL, a family history. Wormeley, M. E... 416.2 AMADIS of Gaul. Lobeira, V. de.

779.2 AMALIE von Sachsen. Original Beiträge zur deut

schen Schaubühne. Dresden. 1836-44. 7y. 12° 1025.2

Contents. – Vol. I. Lage und Wahrheit; Die Braut
aus der Residenz; Der Oheim. II. Die Farstenbraut;
Der Landwirth; Der Verlobungsring. III. Der Zog.
ling; Vetter Heinrich; Der Unentschlossene. IV.
Der Majorat:erbe: Der Plegerater; Das Fraulein vom
Lande. V. Die Unbelesene; Die Stieftochter; PAicht
und Liebe. VI. Capitain Firnewald: Die Heimkehr
des Sohnes; Folgen einer Gartenbeleuchtung. VII.

Der Siegelring; Der alte Ilerr; Regine.
Dramas. Tr. etc., by Mrs. Jameson. London,
1840. 2v. 12° ...

Contents. – Vol. I. Introductory sketch; Falsehood
and truth; The uncle. II. The young ward; The

princely bride; The country cousin. AMARANTH, The. Philadelphia, n.d. 18°.... 850.28 AMARI, M. La guerra del vespro Siciliano. 5ta ed. Torino, 1852. sm. 8°

1016.7 War of the Sicilian vespers. Tr. and ed. by

the earl of Ellesmere. London, 1850. 3v. 12° 915.6 AMAZON river. Prince Adalbert. Voyage up the 633.11 Edwards, W. H. Voyage up the

635.15 Maw, H. L. Passage by the, to the Atlantic. 633. 13

Warren, J. E. Scones and adventures on the.636.30-31 AMAZON steamship. Loss of the.

989.9 AMBER witch, The. Meinhold, J. W.

889.34 AMBLY, P. B. d'. Les cartes à jouer. Paris, 1854. 12° 1078.28 AMENITIES of literature. D'Israeli, I..

897.7-8 AMERICA. Alexander, J. E. Seven years in British. 626.8 Baily, J. Description of Central.

266.4 Baird, R. Religion in ..

113.2 Baxter, W.E. A. and the Americans.

629.30 Beltrami, J. C. Pilgrimage in .

625.18 Biggs, J. Miranda's attempt in South.. 200.7 Birkbeck, M. Journey in

625.17 Bogen, F. W. The German in.

629.33 Brackenridge, H. M. Voyage to South 633.19 Bremer, F. Impressions of ..

627.2 Buckingham, J.S. A. historical, statist., etc. 624.4 Carver, J. Travels through North

639.8 Chambers, W. Things in ..

627.22 Columbus, C. First voyage to .

214.1 Crowe, F. The gospel in Central

1087.4 Darusmont, F. W. Society and manners in 624.9 Esquemeling, J. Buccaneers of.

251.3 Everett, A. H. Political situation of

297.3 Fearon, H. B. Sketches of..

621.15 Frost, J. Remarkable events in hist. of. 304.7 Gass, P. Travels through North.

625.6 Godley, J. R. Letters from .

629.6 Goodrich, S. G. Contes de Pierre Parley. 1069.8 Gordon, T. F. Span. discov. previous to 1520 259.9 Grant, A. Manners and scenery in

878.7 Graves, A. J. Woman in .

820.61 Griswold, R. W. Poets and poetry of. 314.4&6 Gurowski, A. G. de. A. and Europe

134.19 Hamilton, T. Men and manness in

626.1 Holmes, A. Annals of, 1492-1826

304.9 Humboldt, A. von. Anc. inhabitants of. 256.2 Jobson, F. J. A. and Am. Methodism 625.22 Jones, G. History of ancient

251.1 Johnston, J. F. W. Notes on North 624.16-17 Lanman, C. Adventures in North..

409.16 Lieber, F. The stranger in...

628.19 Long. G. Geography of ...

365.3 Lossing, B. J. Anglo Americans, 1763–1788. 213.8-9 Lucas, S. Charters of the Eng. colonies in 305.3

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