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willing and urgent to do the same mighty works in His church at this day, and in every individual member of His church, which he once did in the land of Judea, with this only difference, that in the land of Judea His miraculous operation was applied to the bodies of men, whereas at this day it is exercised on their souls and thence on the external man, and body. But he will not rest merely in this belief of what the Sar VIOUR is disposed to operate, because he will discover further the necessity of co-operation or his part, in order to give full effect to the divine operation. Thus he will be led to see what JE sus Christ meant when He said, He that beljevetk on Me, the works that I do shall he de also, and greater works than these skall ke do, because I go to the Father, (John xiv. 12.) For co-operating with His SAVIOUR Gop in the great works of instruction, of reformation, of purifcation from sin, of regeneration through the divine love and wisdom, thus of deliverance from all spiritual disease and infirmity, and of regur rection to the newness and blessedness of heavenly love and life, he will perceive clearly, that he doeth the works which Jesus Christ doeth, and even greater works, because they are done from, or under the influence of, the Divine Hur MANITY of Jesus CHRIST, made one with the FATHER; thus they are done, not only on the body, but on the soul, and not only by Jesus CHRIST alone, but by Jesus Christ in conjunction with the co-operating will of man; consequently they are greater works than those done by


JESNS CHRIST previous to His finał glorification, because these latter were done only on the body, and without co-operation on the part of man, and were done also at a period, when the humanity of the INCARNATĘ God was not so fully glorified as it was after His ascension.

The reader then, if he be wise, will learn from the following explanation of the Lord's miracles, that he is called perpetually to do the same miracles, pot indeed on the body either of himself ox of others, still less by any power which he possesses merely of himself, but on his own soul and the souls of others, by instruction in the ways of righteousness, and by consequent rem formation, regeneration, and resurrection to new ness of life, and all thiş by virtue of a power sommunicated continually from the Divine HuMANITY of the INCARNATE GOD. Thus he will ke further taught what Jesus Christ meant when He said. These signs shall follow them that believe ; iņ My Name they shall çast out devils ; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them;

they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover, (Mark xvj. 17, 18.) For in proportion as under divine influence, yet in perfect freedom as of himself, he renounces and rejects all known evils, he will discover that he at the same time casts out devils,

* See a fuller discussion of this subject at the close of this work, under the article entitled the Conclusion, page 346.

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who are in close connexion with those evils: In proportion too, as he professes, and practices the the evangelical doctrine of faith in the INCARNATE God, and of a life according to His divine precepts, he will make the further discovery, that he speaks with a new tongue: In proportion, again, as he elevates his sensual principle, with all its appetites, to conjunction with a spiritual or eternal end, he will rejoice in perceiving, that he takes up serpents : Again, in proportion as he escapes infection from the false persuasions injected into his understanding, he will experience an additional joy from the divine promise, that Ýf he drinks any deadly thing, it shall not hurt him: And lastly, in proportion as he applies the divine aid of God's Holy WORD or Spirit to the removal of all his spiritual maladies and infirmities, he will offer up continual praises to his God for the assurance given him, that when he shall lay hands on the sick, they shall recover.

That the following pages may be rendered instrumental in begetting, cherishing, and strengthening the principles of such a faith, as manifests himself by the above unequivocal signs, is the devout prayer of the


Manchester, March 31st, 1817.



1 Introductory. Remarks on Miracles .... 1
2 The Leper cleansed ..............

3 Thé Centurion's Servant healed

4. Peter's Wife's Mother healed

5 The Devils cast out

6 The Wind and Waves rebuked

7 The possessed with Devils coming out
of the Tombs ....

8 The Sick of the Palsy healed
9 The Ruler's Daughter raised

10 The Bloody Issue cured

11 The two blind Men restored to Sight 79
12 The Devil cast out of the dumb Man. 86
13 The withered Hand restored ............ 94
14 The Devil cast out from the Blind and

15 Miracle of the five Loaves and two Fishes 109
16 Jesus walking on the Sea......... 124
17 The Sick healed in the Land of Genne-

18 The Devil cast out from the Daughter
of the Woman of Canaan

19 The Lame, Blind, Dumb, Maimed, &c.


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healed .....


viooni 161

20 The Miracle of the Seven Loaves and

21 The Transfiguration .........

... 167
22 The Lunatic healed

vostro civ. 182
88 The piece of Money found in the Fish's
Mouth ..............

...o**** 191
24 Sight restored a second Time to two
blind Men

25 The Barren Fig-tree cursed............... 206
26 The Miraculous Draught of Fishes...... 214
27. The Widow's Son raised

....... 296
28 The Woman who had a Spirit of Infir-

29 The Dropsy cured...,

30 The Ten Lepers cleansed

31 Water turned into Wine

.... 261
32 The Impotent Man at the Pool of Be-

.... 273
33 Sight restored to the Man blind from his

34 Lazarus raised from the Dead............ 294
35 The Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus

.... 307
36 The Miracle of Pentecost,

37 The Conclusion ..........
88 A Prayer

........... 346

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