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dirty language that I ever met with in my life. I found brother Dougherty, the presiding elder had given me out a chain of appointments through his district, of several hundred miles, which I fulfilled, and arrived back to Petersburgh, in Georgia according to appointment when going away. Here my wants were relieved, mostly by Major John Oliver, who came and called me bis spiritual father, and so did several others, and I saw a great alteration in the inhabitants,


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seven months, I arrived back in Georgia; having travelled upwards of 4,000 miles. When I left this state I was handsomely equipped for travelling by some friends whom God had raised me up, in time of need; after my trials on my journey from New-England. My equipment was as follows, my horse cost 451. a decent saddle and cloth, Portmantua and bag, umbrella and lady's shove whip; a double suit of clothes, a blue broad cloth cloak, (given me by a gentleman,) shoes, stockings, cased hat, a valuable watch, with fifty-three dollars in my pocket for spending money, &c. &c. But Bow on my return, I had not the same valuable horse; and my watch I parted with for pecuniary aid to bear my expenses. My pantaloons were :worn out: my riding chevals were worn through in several places.

I had no stockings, shoes, nor moccasons* for the last several hundred miles; no outer garment; having sold my cloak in West-Florida : My coat and vest were worn through, to my shirt : my hat case and umbrella were spoiled by prongs of trees, whilst riding in the woods : Thus with decency I was scarce able to get back to my friends as I would: It is true I had many pounds and handsome presents offered me in my journey, but I could not feel freedom to receive them; only just what would serve my present necessity, to get along to my appointments, as I was such a stranger in the country; and so many to watch me (as an impos tor) for evil; and but few to lift up my hands for good.

An Indian shoe.

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As I considered that the success and opening of many years depended on these days, I was not willing to give any occasion for the gospel to be blamed; or any occasion to hedge up my way;

For it was with seriousness and consideration that I undertook these journeys, from conviction of duty, that God required it at my hands. And (knowing that impostors are fond of money) I was convinced that Satan would not be found wanting, to whisper in the minds of the people, that my motives were sinister or impure.

Major John Oliver came and took me by the hand, calling me father ; saying, “when you prcached in "Petersburg last, your text was constantly ringing in

my ears, for days together, whether I would deal kindly and truly with the master, &c.

So I had no peace "until I set out to seek the Lord; and since, my wife and I have been brought to rejoice in the Almighty." He

gave me a vest, pantaloons, umbrella, stockings, handkerchief, and a watch, &c. Another gave me a pair of shoes and a coat; and a third a cloak; and a few shillings for spending money from some others : Thus I find that Providence whose tender care is over all his works, by his kind hand is still preserving me; Oh! may I never betray His great cause committed to my charge !

I visited the upper counties and had refreshing seasons amongst my friends, from the presence of the Lord. General Stewart informed me of a remarkable circumstance, of a man who heard the doctrine of uncondi. tional election and reprobation preached up; the devil told him that he was one of the reprobates; which drove him to despair: so he put an end to his life by blowing out his brains. An A-double-L part minister, who held the doctrine of unconditional election and reprobation, preached up good works, saying it would do no good to preach bis sentiments, which caused my spiritual father in the gospel,) to observe to him, “that a doctrine which is not fit to be preached is not fit to be believeed."

I held a meeting in a republican meeting house, i.e. one free for all denominations: I spoke on A-doubleL-partişm; and an A-double-L-part preacher present ta;

being asked how he liked the preaching, he replied that he held, and preached no contrary sentiments himself; but afterwards he did his utmost to cut my doctrine to pieces; and blacken my character. I preached in George-town, and set out at eight at night for Augus

and travelling nearly all night, I came to a camp where some negroes were toting* tobacco to market; and I stopped with them until day; and one gave me some corn for my horse.

The next day, missing my road I gave away my pocket handkerchief for a pilot.

November 20th, I arrived at camp-meeting at Rehoboth: I took Master “I AM" for my text; with observing that he offered a great reward for runaways; whose marks I would describe. T'he auditory amounting to about 5,000 sunk into a solemn silence; whilst I described the diabolical marks of sinners; and the reward for their return, &c.

About fifty souls were born to God. There were 44 tents ; 8 wooden huts; 48 covered waggons; beside carriages, &c. of various sorts. Many I parted with here (whom perhaps I shall never see more;) and set off for St. Mary's, in company with several of the preachers; and as we hove insight of a town; I enquired its name; and felt an impulse to stop and hold meeting; which I did; intending to overtake my company next day : but leaving Warrington late at night, I rode several miles and stopped to enquire the road: the man within knew my voice; and persuaded me to alight and tarry until morning; when he accompanied me to meeting, in Bethel meeting-house ; where I was drawn particularly, to speak on the subject of murder and murderers; after which brother Mead observed, that two murderers were supposed to be present.

November 23. I spoke in Louisville, to as many as could conveniently get into the State-house: Brigadier General John Stewart was then present: I attacked

* The mode of toting tobacco to market, is by rolling it in casks, with a wooden axle through the midst, on the ends of which are fastened the shafts for the horse to draw it by. 15 or 16 hundred weight may thus be pressed and carried to market.

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