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takes the arm of society, of which he is a part, in prefer* ence and in addition to his own.

A whole being composed of parts, the parts collectiveJy form one whole.

The “ CONSTITUTION” of the United States was framed by a delegated CONFEDERATION, who were chosen by the people for that purpose. The Constitution, when framed, was recomended by the Confederation to the different state each of which voluntarily received it by their own proper legislative and sovereign authority, whose officers were chosen by the people for that purpose-all of which procedure is agreeable to natural justice, arising from the CREATOR'S * law of nature !"

And as the Constitution admits of AMENDMENT, how different this from the old theorya" Can do no wrong, nor think any evil.” How great is the contrast, which admits of "freedom of speech and of the press"--and the

“ DEATH" for IMAGINATION, -death of the K ***!

If the Creator made the ocean for the benefit of his creatures, as a common highway" for all nations—by what right can one claim it for his own; and compel others to pay him for the privilege to use it ?

Is it not assumption ?-a power without a just right, of course, an infringement upon natural justice and must be considered as an unjust Tyranny"!

Universal rights of conscience should be established in every land, agreeable to the Creator's law of nature that light may be disseminated, and the joyful sound extend to every clime-that the earth may revert to its original and proper owner-and his Kingdom come and rule over all!

It hath been a matter of thankfulness with me to the wise and good Creator, that my lot was cast in America. For had I existed in any other age or nation, it would have been naturally impossible for me to have enjoyed those privileges that I do now, because they did not then and there exist.

The times are eventful; and the fall of many no doubt is at the door. The “ten toes” of Nebuchadnezzar's image are now only remaining--the second “ BEAST*

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from the earth (Asia) is come--and the five heads of the first BEAST ‘are fallen-which shews the succession of POWER, and the Time of the Church in the “wilderness.”

The severheads of the Dragon in pagan Rome, 1 Kings, 2 Consuls, 3 Dictators, 4 Triumviri, 5 Decemviri, 6 Military Tribunes, 7 Imperial. Constantine the Great, being the tail or last emperor: in Rome pagan, opened the door for corruption in the Christian church, by his “ Law Religion” and the introduction of images, so the " stars of heaven fell”-i, e. the ministry became corrupt-bence arose pride and ambition, and the papacy or first BEAST sprang up, out of the sea (Europe) who exèrcised whatever authority had ever existed at Rome

five of his heads are fallen," i Lateran, 2 St. Peter's, 3 St. Mark's, 4 St. Maria Maggiore, 5. St. Mary Major!

So the first beast is not and Babylon reigns Queen) his power being taken from him in 1810--(see Wesley's potes, fifty-six years hefore hand) but he will rise and struggle once more before his final overthrow.




(The second will consist of his Polemical works, &c.]


The Appendir by Peggy Dow, mentioned in the Proposals, is in a separate volume--this being so much larger than was contemplated--though both for the same price to subscribers, according to the statement.

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