A Brief Historical Relation of State Affairs from September 1678 to April 1714, Volume 4

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At the University Press, 1857 - Great Britain

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Page 9 - I have a kindness for my Lord Portland, which he has deserved of me by long and faithful services ; but I should not have given him these lands if I had imagined the House of Commons could have been concerned. I will therefore recall the grant, and find some other way of showing my favour to him.
Page 149 - December the king went down to the House of Peers and gave the royal assent to the bill for settling Queen Charlotte's dowry.
Page 385 - After which were in a committee upon wayes and means, and Mr. Shephard, the merchant, attended with the new subscriptions for carrying on the East India trade ; and resolved, that, as a fund for payeing 81. per cent, interest to the said subscribers of the 2 millions for his majestie, the additional duty upon salt, as also the additional duty upon stampt paper and parchment, &c. be made perpetual, redeemable only by parliament. And this day the said resolutions were reported and agreed to by the...
Page 204 - Post that exchequer bills would be discounted at $l. 1c*. per cent. The commons ordered also a committee to sitt de die in diem to consider how to regulate printing presses, and another how to suppresse stock jobbers, who are bribed from France to discourage tallies and bank bills. And after in a committee went thro the bill for a tax upon wine, which will be reported on Saturday, to which time they are adjourned. The lord Clifford is sworn of his majesties bed chamber. The coaches of our plenipotentiaries...
Page 153 - ... of the first extraction. In order to raise the supplies of the year, they resolved to tax all persons according to the true value of their real and personal estates, their stock upon land and in trade, their income by offices, pensions, and professions. A duty of one penny per week, for one year, was laid upon all persons not receiving alms. A...
Page 193 - ... cloth ; and 15 private acts. This day the commons in a committee went thro" the bill for rebuilding St. Pauls, by continueing the tax on coals for 16 years; sett apart one sixth part for repaireing Westminster abbey, and another part for rebuilding St. Thomas's hospitall in Southwark; and incerted a clause that sir Christopher Wren, the surveyor general, shall have but half pay until St. Pauls is finished, and after that his whole arrears. The lords debated the commons reasons against agreeing...
Page 370 - James's commission, that have done much mischoif on the coast of Ireland ; and two bomb vessels arc fallen into the Downs, in order to sail for Cadiz, and then to Sally, to bombard those pyrates. Sir George Wheeler, a clergyman, is taken into custody, upon information against him for ill practices against the government. Last week the czar went privately to Oxford, to see the same ; but being soon discovered, he immediately came back for London, without viewing those curiosities he intended.
Page 431 - Yesterday the bank of England held a general court, and 'twas resolved that a dividend of jl. per cent, should be paid to each subscriber before the end of October. Capt. Warren, who was goeing commodore of the squadron designed against the pyrates that had setled at Madagascar, is commanded ashore, they being already supprest. This day the goldsmiths, that went to receive money out of the exchequer, were offered guineas at 22*., who refused to take them but at 2 1s.
Page 261 - Clear z of Ponty's squadron standing for Brest, who told her they had ransackt Cartagena, and brought with them 800,000 peices of eight, several brasse cannon, &c. Saturday, 7 Aug. — Sir William Frankland, of Yorkshire, baronet, is lately dead at his seat there ; and is succeeded in honour and estate by his eldest son, Thomas Frankland, esq., one of the commissioners of the general post office. Yesterday the court of admiralty tried and acquitted 6 of the Danish ships lately sent into Plymouth...
Page 154 - ... out a proclamation by his majestic for the apprehending Mr. — Grascomb for being the author of a scandalous libel relating to the recoining the dipt money, and falling the price of guineas, with the reward of 500^. for the same. Dr. Turner, late bishop of Ely, being taken last week by Mr. Wileox the messenger, is discharged, on condition he will transport himself beyond sea. Dr. Williams, the new bishop of Chichester, was consecrated at Lambeth before the archbishop, and has since paid homage...

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