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But let us turn our Thoughts the other Serm.

XI. Way, even to that Exercise of Charity; which, I doubt not, the Discourse of this Violation of it hath already suggested to you ; to direct the ignorant, and animate the weak; to remove every Stumbling-block, and break every Snare confirm the Faithful, and invite back the Wanderers into the Paths of Righteousnefs and Peace. I need not set forth at this Time the Dignity and Serviceableness of such a Beneficence: All that has been said of the Unworthiness, Cruelty, and Mifchief of the opposite Conduct, will assist you to comprehend it. If it has appear'd, that thereby the Methods of Divine Goodness, for Man's Salvation, are impiously thwarted, it will be as plain, that this contrary Virtue employs Men so blessedly, that they are qualified, as Fellow-workers, with the Grace of God. And if the Commination against the Offenders carries a Sound of Terror, and intolerable Apprehension of a Penalty indefinite ; we may be assured the Divine Bounty, which ever shines above the Severity, has provided for these Rewards, yet more furpassing


SERM. all Imagination. These shall indeed be XI.

the greatest, if not in the Kingdom of Christ on Earth, yet in that of the Glory of his father in Heaven. Doubtless, when the Day appointed for Retribution shall arrive, They that be thus wife, Mall fine as the Brightness of the Firmament ; and they that turn many to Righteousness, as the Stars, for Ever and Ever.


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MARK ix. 43,-48. And if thy Hand offend thee, cut

it off : it is better for thee to enter into Life maimed, than having two Hands to go into Hell, into the Fire that never fall be

guenched. Where their Worm dieth not, and

the Fire is not quenched. And if thy Foot offend thee, cut it

off ; it is better for thee to enter balt into Life, than having two Feet to be cast into Hell, into


the Fire that never fall be

quenched :
Where'their Worm dieth not, and

the Fire is not quenched.
And if thine Eye offend thee, pluck

it out; it is better for thee to
enter into the Kingdom of God
with one Eye, than having two

Eyes to be cast into Hell Fire :
Where their Worm dieth not, and

the Fire is not quenched.

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N reading these Words, XII.

I believe, every Man is stop'd at the Form of them. They proceed with that deliberate Ful

ness and Majesty, which cannot fail to strike the Heart with Awe, and awaken in it a most attent Consideration of the Subject. When Joseph interpreted that famous Dream of the King of Egypt, he laid great Weight upon the various repeating of his. Vifion : For that the. Dream was doubled unto Pharaoh

twice, it is because the Thing is established SERM. by God, Genes. xli. 32.

And without XII. Question this Oracle of the Text was not delivered by our Lord with a threefold Ingemination, but to oblige us with the utmost Reverence to receive and regard it as highly important and altogether indispensable. To which Purpose, all that Solemnity may appear the-more needful, when it shall be shew'd, in explaining the Words, that the Choice of the greatest and most induring Happiness or Misery is (as they warn- us) imply'd in the Performance or Neglect of a Condition, which many Persons find very hard to be comply'd with, and besides are apt to believe of no absolute Necessity.

Now what that Condition is, the dis; membring express’d in these Sentences, (which are manifestly figurative) may be judg'd ; first, by considering how they are introduced here ; and, secondly, by examining the Difference found in the Place parallel to this, in the xviiith Chapter of St. Mattbew.

For the first ; the Verse immediately before the Text says, whosoever Mall of · VOL. I.



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