An impartial representation of the conduct of the several powers of Europe engaged in the late general war: including a particular account of operations, from 1739 to 1748

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Page 65 - by his oath at his coronation : fo as " every juft king, in a fettled kingdom, is " bound to obferve that paction made to his " people by his laws, in framing his govern" ment agreeable thereunto.
Page 538 - and for raifing a certain fum of money ** by annuities and a lottery, to be charged on " the faid fubfidy ; and for repealing fo much •' of an act made in the twentieth year of his
Page 65 - laws of his kingdom ; tacitly, as by *' being a king, and fo bound to protect, as well " the people, as the laws of his kingdom ; and
Page 141 - of all thofe, who have engaged in, or " fomented, this rebellion. " I HAVE, throughout the whole courfe of " my reign, made the laws of the land the rule " of my government, and the prefervation of " the conftitution in church and ftate, and the " rights of my people, the main end and aim of " all my actions. It is therefore the more
Page 86 - the nation, and contrary to the inclinations " of the generality of the people, ever fince " the reformation ; they having reformed
Page 223 - which may be depended upon as fure and infallible, this is one, " That it is impoffible " for a nation to be happy, where a people of " the reformed religion, are governed by a
Page 606 - and be faithfully executed on one fide " and the other, fuch points, however, as have " been derogated from in the prefent treaty * only excepted. " IV. THAT all the prifoners, on one fide ' and the other, as well thofe at fea as thofe by
Page 619 - agreed that no prejudice (hall ever " refult therefrom to any of the faid contracting ' parties ; and that no confequences are to be ** cited, or drawn, from the titles taken, or " omitted, on any fide, on account of the faid •** negotiation, and the prefent treaty. " II. IT is agreed, that the French language " made ufe of in all the copies of the
Page 610 - of the King of Sardinia the orders to ** the generals of the French and Spanifh troops •' for reftoring Savoy and the county of Nice, to " perfons commiffioned to receive them
Page 589 - deftroy the roads, and cut off the retreat of the army to Fort St David, befides the rifk of the fhips being driven off the coafts : for thefe reafons it was unanimoufly refolved to embark the ftores and cannon, and raife the fiege. From the ift of October to the 4th, the befiegers were employed in getting off

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