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In preparing this revision of the second volume of Hagenbach's History of Doctrines, the same plan has been pursued as in the first volume. The translation has been corrected throughout. All the additional matter of the fourth German edition, which was very considerable in the later periods, has been translated. The references to English and American literature are made as full as the limits of the text-book allow. In addition to this, new sections have been added, on portions of the History of Doctrines not fully handled, or wholly neglected in the original, viz. The German Reformed Theology, pp. 175-177; The French School of Saumur, and Theology in England and Scotland, pp. 180–194; The English Deism, pp. 223–229; and five sections, pp. 416–451, on the History of Theology and Philosophy in England, Scotland, and our own country.—The literature of English and American theology is given with disproportionate fulness, in the hope that this may be a convenience to ministers and students, as it is not elsewhere collected in a compendious form.

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