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'Tis confest that the Antichristian Kingdom is to be a temporal Kingdom at the bottom whatever it may be as to outward appearance. 'Tis agreed that he shall establish this Empire two ways, the first is by sword & violence the second by cheating & seducing. 'Tis acknowledg’d that he shall be a great Persecutor of the Church.

Lastly, 'tis confest, all this must come to pass in that Period which the H. Scripture calls the later times. 'Tis acknowledged that the 11th. Ch. of the Revelation contains an Epitome of the History of Antichrift, that it is he that is to tread under foot & prophane the Holy City for 42 Months, & afflict the two Witnesses that shall prophesy clothed in fack-cloth for 1260 Days ; & that he is to kill the two Witnesses which are to remain dead on the places of the Great City three Days & a half, after which they shall rise again. It appears by this account of the points wherin the Papists are agreed to that we are all of the fame mind first, as toallthose places whence the main strokes of Antichrists picture are to be taken , and fecondly, as to almost all the main strokes of which this Picture is to be composed. It will appear afterwards, that these truths wherin our enemies are agreed with us, do quite overthrow those things wherin they differ from us.



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The Characters of Antichrist , which we are

not agreed about. The false Antichrist of the Papiits.


"He things in which we are not agreed, are the fallë Characters of Antichrist,

which the Papists endeavour to establish, with a design to hinder our sight of the true Characters of him and to obscure them. The false Characters are these:

1. That Antichrist must be only one single Man, and not a succession of Kings and Tyranis.

11. That the duration of bis Kingdom is to be only three Natural years and a balf , and not three Prophetical years and a half, which make up 1260 jears.

II. Tbat he must style himself the Messiah , and that the Jews muf look upon him as fucb.

IV. Thai bis Seat Skall be Jerusalem, that be shall rebuild the Temple there ; and that be sball re-establish the Mofaical Service.

Vi According to Bellarmine, & Cotton the Jesuite, he is not to be an Idolater. For be is 5.00 10 worship any Idol, but sball worship the Devil in secret.

VI. He is to be of the Tribe of Dan, of an obscure place, and to raise himself by Arms.

VII. He is to deny the coming of Christ in the flesh.

VIll. He sball do nothing in the name of Christ. 14. He shall abolish the sacrifice of the Mass


X. He shall compel the Christians to renounce their Baptism.

XI. He is to overcome three Kings, the King of Lybia, of Egypt and Ethiopia.

XII. He shall cause fire to come down from Heaven, and feign himself to be dead, to counterfeit a resurrection

X111. He is to bate Idols.

XIV. He is to conquer the whole World by Arms.

XV. Enoch and Elias shall be the two witnesles of the eleventh of the Revelation, that shall be sent against him.

XVI. He is to kill the two witnesses, Enoch and Elias.

XVII. These two witnesses mult rise again, after they have lain dead three days and a half.

XVIll. He is to porefs all forts of Treasures.

XIX. He shall not only call himself God, but the only God.

XX. He is not to come., till the Roman German Empire be defroyed.

XXI. His coming is not to be till just at the end of the World; he shall be defeated five and fourty days before the end of it.

XXII. Before he comes, the Gospel must bave been generally preached in all parts of the World.

xx111. He is to be a Magician.

It would be very tedious to confute all these 27. Artiere false characters, and it would be a work more are not a unprofitable than long, There is a very small be use of parcell of them that are the principal ones,

which any impor. when they are destroyed, all the rest fall to the

ground of course naturally and necessarily. For instance. I. That he is to be only one single perjon.' II. That he is to reign only three natural

Of there



ears and a half. III. That he is to come pre-
isely at the end of the World. IV, That he is
o be an open enemy of God and Christ , styling
himself Messiah and 'the King of the Jews.
V. That he is not to come before all that bears
he name of the Roman Empire is destroyed.
These five points being proved to be false, all
:he rest consequently will be fo too.

These are the only things that are worth our taking notice of. For as for the rest, that Antichrist must be of the Tribe of Dan, born in an obscure place ; that he shall cause fire to come down' From Heaven ; that he shall feign himself dead, that he may counterfeit a Resurrection that Enoch and Elias must come out of that earthly Paradise, where they are kept in reserve, to fight with him that he is to kill them ; thať they must rise on the fourth day : All this I say is so fabulous, that it would be an injury to so understanding an Age as ours , formally to confute such idle visions, and so wholly destitute of any foundation:

This controversy may be reduced to one only All may bia point; and it is that of the duration of the Anti- reduced to christian Empire. If it can be made very plain question. and certain ; that the three years and a half of her year the duration of this Empire must not be taken for and a half natural years į but for three prophetical years cbrists duraj a half, it will also be very certain, that all which tiong

the Papists say concerning Antichrist, is false. -For if the Antichristian Empire must last 1260 years,

Antichrist can never be only one single man ; seeing there is no man that hath lived; doth, or can live 1260. years. Nor will it be more true , that Antichrist must not come

but just at the end of the World : For the duration of

and of Ancia

1260. years, and the end of the World are not one and the same thing : Neither will it be more true, that the Gospel must have been preached in all the Nations of the World, be. fore the coming of Antichrist. For there is no prophesy that faith, or doth so much as insinuate, that the Gospel must be preached every where 1260. years, before the last coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. It will be as false ; that Antichris is not to come , till after the total ruin of the German Empire. For although we do not exactly know the time of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, however this is held for certain, that the World is not to endure yet two or 3000. jears longer , as it must do if Antichrift be not yet come, and must reign 1260. years. For belides these 1260. years, we must find out a 1000. jears of peace for the Church, before the end of the World. Neither will it be true, that Antichrift must be a false Meiab, received by the Jews, an enemy of God and of all Religion. For God would not fuffer that , His wisdom would not permit it. There is nothing in the Scripture that gives us any ground to presume, that an Infidel, an open enemy of Jesus Christ, and of his Religion must remain master of all the World for 1260. years.

'Tis plain therefore, this is the principal controversy, on which all the rest do depend. Let this be remembred : We will handle this controversy in its proper place. In the mean time, we shall fay something in this Chapter , to lay open the falseness of the other pretended cha

racters of Antichrift. Ánricbrift

I. He must be onely one single person, and not a, bue fingle series of men. If this be so, why did Saint Paul



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