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How ad. tichrift causech fire to comc down


ted ones ,

He is not

poralities. He hath overthrown the King of
Naples ; him of Sicily, and him of Germany
to make them his vafials. He hath overcome
the third part of those Ringdomes that have sub-
mitted to him, because he hath usurped more
than a third part of their Riches, their Lands
and their Iurifdi&tion.

XII. He is to cause fire to come down from Heaven. It is enough to make fire come down from heaven, to huri Anathema's, and lightnings on the heads of

men ,

to damn them if it were from Hea• poffible for him to do it ; and effectually to kill them. For these are the lightnings , tho pain

that have set the Christian World on fire.

XIII. He must conquer all the World by arms. to conques How can this be true , seeing the H. Spirit faith

exprefly, that the ten Kings, which you your selves confess are co-temporary with Antichrift, his friends and subjects , shall freely give their power to him? There will be no need therfore to conquer them by arms. Moreover,

Moreover, the Pope hath not been wanting to make use of carnal weapons to strengthen and encrease his soveraignty.

XIV. Enoch and Elias must come again in the Elias mult time of Antichrist , he must kill them, and they turn, nor must rise again. These are ridiculous vilions, be killed. Jewish fables, or tales made in imitation of them,

who always expect their Elias as well as their

Meffiah. As for us, we keep close to what the Lord J. Cbrift hath told us that Elias bath already come, and that that Elias was lohn Baptist, who had the power and Spirit of Elias. As for Enoch and his return, it is a vision that hath not the least foundation in History or in Prophecy.

Enoch and

?Tis true

Enoch was translated into Heaven; but there is not one word whence we can hope for his return. These are fables upon fables. That Enoch and that Elias , those two witnesses that must appear again in the time of Antichrist, are hidden (as they say) in a retired place, in the Earthly Paradise, that fubfifts to this very day, and which is invisible to allmen. XV. Antichrist is to ffyļe himself God, and the

Antichrift only God. How abfurd is this? How doth this is not to agree with what you say, that Antichrist mult fyle bimbe received by the fews as their Meffiah ; that only God. he is to re-establish the law of Moles, that he must seț on foot again the Levitical worship? How would the lews receive him for their Meffiab, if he were so wicked a person, as not to believe there were a God To what purpose thould hc rebuild the Temple of Ierusalem, and why should he offer facrifices to God in it

if he 'made himself to be worthipped as the only. God? Besides, it is clear enough, that the Pope causes himself to be adored like a God, thỏ he doth not call himself either the only God, or the great God.

XVI. He is not to come till the Roman Em- Germany pire be entirely destroyed. We shall afterwards take is not the an occasion to examin this. In the mean time, Empire consider what absurdities thesë men run themselves into. According to them the Roman amongten Empire doth yet subliit, viz. in the branch of

Kings unGermany. According to them, at the end of chrift . the World the Roman Empire shall be divided among ten Kings, that shall be the Friends, the co-temporaries, and the supporters of Antichrist. That is to say, the Empire of Germany shall be divided into ten Kingdoms. Those will be nota



that must be divided

der Anti

I 3

ble Kingdoms , those ten Kingdoms on the other side the Rheine, and do well deserve a place even ten times over in the Prophecies of Daniel and St. John. If Antichrist must not come till the Roman Empire be destroyed, why did they confess, that the little Horn in the 7th. Chapt. of Daniel , is Antichrist? This Horn, doth it not play the part of the fourth Beast, i.e. of the Roman Empire? Why do these Gentlemen agree to this, that Antichrist is the seventh Head of the first Beast in the 13th of the Revelation, which they together with us acknowledg to be the Roman Empire? Why did Bellarmine grant, that

Antichrist is to be the last Roman Emperour? The Roman Empire, therfore shall not be destroyed when Antichrist shall come ,

because that Empire shall continue under him.

XVII. He is not to come but just at the end of

the World. He is not to come till the last times. end of the But we shall hereafter examin, whether the last

times fignify the three last years before the day of judgment. And when we shall have proved that the 1260 Days of Antichrists reign are so many Years, this point will be cleared up.

XVIII. Before he comes, the Gospel must have pel hath

been preached throughout all the World. Indeed beroperes before the Antichristian Empire did appear and through

wiis perceivable, the Gospel had been preached

in that which they called the whole world from YVorld.

the time of the Apostles, in all the extent of the Roman Empire, and beyond it, in all the then known World, in the countries which they knew were inhabited, and where they could enter without being hindred by the barbarity of those that dwelt there. But this universal preaching throughout all the Earth , without Ex


Antichris mult come before the


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ception , must be consequent upon the fall of An-
tichrist, and not a sign of his coming. Further,
this term of Universal preaching even then muft
not be taken in the strictest sense. For it may
be there will be some Exceptions,

XIX. Lastly; Antichrist must be a Magician. It is not
And that, because he must work great signs and that Auto-

, miracles by the help of Magick "Tis fufficient chriil for the fulfilling of these Oracles, that he doth a Magi his ligns by illusion and the enchantment of mens senfes, by cheating and deceit ; and also by the help of the Devil ; without his making any compact with the Devil either direct or indirect. The falfe miracles of Popery also are wrought by the cheats of the Priests, or purely by lies, or by the Devil, that makes himself sport with their miserable devotion. Seeing all these Characters of the Antichristian Empire are all false, wemust for the future examin and feck out what are the true characters of it.



What are the true Characters of the Antichristian

Empire. They are three , Tyranny , Idolatry,
and great corruption of manners. That we
must not look on Tyranny alone , as the fole

Character of Antichrift.
We are hecking after the Characters of the

Antichristian Empire. I believe we may chriftian
hope to find them in the names which the Holy Hansenrec
Spirit gives it. For afluredly names are given by names,thar
God to signify the nature of things. I find that ihree Cha-

I 4

the racers,

The Ania

in ,

The name

the Holy Spirit gives three names to that Empire. He calls it Egypt and Sodom, and laftly Babylon. Egypt and Sodom in the eleventh of

the Revelation, where speaking of the death of 6. 11. 8. the two witnesses, he saith, their dead bodies shall

lie in the street of the great City, which is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt. Babylon , in as many places of the fame book as 'tis said

she is fallen, she is fallen, Babylon the great. Come out of Babylon, my people. These three names signify the three Chara&ters of that Babylonish Empire.

Egypt is the embleme of Tyranny , Pride and of Eye Cruelty. Of Tyranny, because theretlie Israelites the pride did groan under hard bondage in the chains of Crvel

. Pharaoh, who tyrannised over them ; Of Cruelty of Anti-ry, because that cruel Prince did vex them forely chritt.

with liard labour, and the death of their children, whom he caused to be drowned in the river. Nile; Of Pride, because this proud Tyrant rebelled against God with an intolerable pride, say ing , Who is the Lord , that I should obey his

voyce? Sodom fig- Sodom signifies the nighty corruption of man. greai cor- ners, and the reason of it may be easily appreruption of hended. It was neither Tyranny nor Cruelty that the Antidestroyed Sodom. We do not read, that she did Empire. aspire after the dominion. It was not Idolatry;

at least, we have no reason to believe, that she was more notorious for it, than the other çanaanites round about. It was therefore only diffoluteness, luxury and đebauchery , ease and abundance of bread; as the Prophets speak, Therefore when they would set forth a mighty corruption of manners , they borrow an ex.

pression from hence, and use the names of SoNr. 1, 16. dom nd Gonorrha. Hear the word of the Lord


nifies the

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