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Part2. dam, must be brought to an extremity that may be

called death.

We are in my opinion certainly in tbis perfecto tion, which must extinguish the true Religion for three years and a half: if we will reckon these three years and a half, from the abrogating of the Edict of Nantes, in the moneth of O&ober 1685. the deliverance of the Church, will fallout in the year 1689 , and this is absolutely the conjecture of Monsieur du Moulin, in his Accomplishment of Prophecies ; he hopes, that the persecution of the Church by the Antichristian party shall cease in the year 1689.

If this should happen, it would be a purely caQurc of M. sual event; for the foundation on which he builds, which may is altogether void of folidity: he takes these three prove true, days and a half, for six hundred and thirty years. He apon falle supposeth, that the whole duration of Antichrifts

reign (which is 1260 years) is considered as one week: now a week is seven days, the half of seven days is three days and a half; and if this signifies the half of 1260 years, it is 630 years. He supposeth therefore, that the Holy Ghostintended to say that the perfecution made by Antichrist,thalllast the half of his reign. After this, he finds that the first perfecution for the sake of Religion, was that which was rais'd against Berenger in the elevenib Age, on the account of his sentiment, concerning the real prefence, in the year 1959. Addto 1059 the number 630, this makes 1689, in which year all persecution must cease, so as never to begin again : though in his opinion, Antichrifts Kingdom and the Papacy must continue still after this above 300 years ; for he makes them last untill the year 2015. 'Tis plain, his suppositions destroy themselves, or are not krong. First, 'tis not true, that the first perfecu



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tion on the account of Religion was that, whịch Part 2. the Popes rais'd against Berenger : that which was rais'a by the Image-worshippers , against those whom they call'd Iconoclasts, or Image-breakers; was more cruel, and happened a long while before. Again, what probability that the Popedom can reign or subfift' 326 years without perfecuting the true Christians, as this hypothesis supposeth? Besides, what is meant by that which is said, that the Witnesses after three years and a half, must afcend into heaven? After the year 1689. the faithfull shall reign and be exalted; and notwithstanding the Popedom shall laft ftill 326 years, these things are incompasible. Lastly, to take three years and a half, for 630 years, is a thing that hath no example in aļl the Prophecies.

Nevertheless, after all this, 'tis not wholly im- The perleprobable, that the persecution may cease in the year cution may 1689. but this depends upon reasons' much diffe- year 1689. ring from those now mentioned. For God, if he pleaseth, may reckon the three years and a half, of the death of the Witnesses, from the time of therevocation of the Edi&t of Nantes , made in the year 1685. in the moneth of Etober: but we have no We know certainty that God will do so. Who knows whe-what time ther God will not extinguish the Reformation in God will all the Countries, where the Dominion of France three years does, or shall reach. Without doubt, the Prote- and a half. Aant Religion will be extinguishe in Strasburg; which depends upon France, and in other places. But this not being as yet done, the death of the Witnesses in the reckoning of God, perhapsmuft not begin till the time in which this work ihall be finished. The Court of France defires alfo to extinguish the Protestant Religion in the Vallies of Piedmont., which are under the Duke of Savoy, and

Part 2, this is now a doing : France making herself the

executioner of thote thundring Arrests, which she had procured at the Court of the Duke: which perhaps is the most fingular example of the spirit of persecution, which was ever feen. All other perfe. cutors have been content to persecute their own Subjects, or Countrey-men. But behold persons, who after they have reduced the Subjects of their own King, to the utmost extremities, go and make them. selves the Hangmen & Murtherers of the Subje&ts of Forreign Princes

. If the three years and a half of the death of the Witnesses,must be reckon'd from the deItruction of these Waldenses; here is one years delay of the deliverance of the French Churches. Who knows whether there be not other Countries, which we do not know, or are not willing to name , in which the Profession of the Truth must be extin. guisht, before we enter upon the three years of the death of the Witnesses?? Who knows, if God will not reckon these three years and a half, from the time in which there shall not be so much as one in France who stands firm , and is not fallen? We know not, whether such a misery mustcome, thọ I hope it shall not. There are as yet in France more then a bundred thousand persons, who either have not figned, or have repented after their signing. If all thele must fall off, there is yet

a long time to tar. ry. Lastly, who knows, whether God will notbegin to reckon the three years and a half, untill other Princes have wholly extinguisht the Reformation in their Dominions? 'Tis therefore rashness to af. firm, that deliverance must exactly come in fucb. year. But that.which I am perswaded of, and believe that others

may be perswaded of without rashness, is, that we are now in the last perfecution; that this persecution hall be most effectual, as itis


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the most terrible that was ever seen ; that the Wit- Part 2. nesses of the truth, that is to say, all preaching of the purity of the Gospel under the Cross, and under

Popisb Princes, will shortly be suppressed :that, from that time the three years and a half must be rec

kon'd, at the end of which we shall see come to pass
the most wonderful events ofour days. Many now,
alive, shall without doubt see them for I believe
the thing is very near at hand.

the considerations laid down by me in the Preface, which induče me to believe, that this persecution is the last

. I mention'd the singularities of it, I named several such ; Behold one, which in my judgement deserves to be added to the rest. 'Tis the horrible Edict, which commands, that the new Converts being sick , shall communicate after the popish way: This is the worst effect that ever was produced by the spirit of rage and reprobation. And 'tis not conceivable, how a Clergy that will be called Christian, can do such horrible actions. The Edit ordains, that they who will not communicare, shall be sent to the Galleys, if they recover. There is none who is so mortally sick, that is sure that he Thall dye, and fearing to recover, he willalso fear to go to the Gallies; and this affrighting object, is able to induce a fick man to communicate without faith, and to worship that which he judgeth to bea piece of bread: that is to say, to commit a horrible sacriledge, and an act of Idolarry, and confequently to damn himself certainly. So that properly this Edikt is a trick of the Clergy, to procure the dam. nation of all the new Converis. This is perfectly to imitate that Italian, who, that he might take a compleat vengeance, having his enemy in his power, promis'd him his life, on condition, that he would deny God; which having done , he mur.


The Reformarion is:

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Part 2. ther'd both his body and soul. Will men ne

ver open their eyes , to behold such objects as these?

And the spirit of life from God entred into them. foretold by

These words teach us, how the Reformation shall

be re-establisht in France : for in these Prophecies gures, lig. I find three difying

I find three ways , by which the Truth is esta. three Me- blisht, or re-establisht ;. The first is by lightnings

, voyces and thunders; thus after the seventh viol was pour'd on the air, the Reformation in the last Age was made by lightnings, voyces and thunders, the preaching of the Divine Oracles. And the feventh Angel pour'd out his

, viol into the air

and there were voces, and lightnings, and thunders

, In this Prophecy thunders always fignify the Diine Oracles

. The seven thunder's that uttered their toyces in the tenth Chapter , are the Oracles of God, which ought to be uttered in the sequel. Thus the Reformation was made in the last Age, in a most sensiblemanner, by the preaching of the word.

But behold a second way of reforming: A Spirit shall

come of life from God enters again into the dead Witby a fan of nefjes; i.e. those who are at this day under oppref internal" fion, shall fuddenly rise up again by a secret opera

tion of grace, and an extraordinary motion; noć
by the means of preaching the word, not by the
ministry of some new Preachers, but by a heavenly
operation, that shall open the eyes of them who are
as yet in darkness, and ffrengthen again the hearts
of those who at this day have fallen through weak-
ness. At that time in all appearance, the yoke
of the Persecutor shall be broken, a time of easeshall
come, and all those whoat this day groan under the
Captivity of Babylon , shall lift up their heads, and
shall improve that season of calm to repair that
which they are now forced to do by violence. Tis,

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