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Part.2. these very fame Kings must change their side and V.16their opinion, Strip the wbore, make her defolate,

eat her flesh, burn her with fire: can so many chan. ges in mens spirits, and in the world , can fo many revolution's happen in three jears and A half?

In the fame Chapt. we find a head that lasts a little. The seven heads are seven Kings, five are fallen, the other is not yet come, and when he cometh, he must continné' a short space. I once believed, that he that was to come, and was to.continxe a little time, was Antichrist. But looking more carefully into the Text , with reference to the events, 'tis plain that that can't be, Wemust therefore , by him that was to continue a little time, understand the eighth King, And the beast that was, and is not even he is the eighth King: And this King is the second part of the head of the Emperors, which being divided into two, Christian Emperors , and Pagan ones , makes eight heads; or eight Kings,

together with the other fix. This eighth head, which is that of the Christian Emperors, in truth lasted but a very little while, viz. from Constantine to Valentinian, who was assassinated by Maximus , about 130 or 140 years. Sce what the Holy Spirit calls a little time. Judge if the Empire of Antichrist, that must last longer than the eighth head , must last but three years and a half.

Seventhly , The 18 th Chap. contains a larger the dura... description of the last ruin of this Antichristian Empire of Empire, 'Tis there represented , as a great City old Babelis called Babylon , rich, merchandizing, pufft up with the course the concourse of people, and of their riches cartion of the ried thither for many ages. an Empire Its inhabitants are described , as Merchants

The the



į grown rich by its commerce. She is described as Part. 2,

a City abounding in pleufure, as well as in riches. For all that contributes to pleasure and luxury,

enters into this description." 'Gold, silver, precious chap. 18. Listones, pearls, purple, filk, sweet smietting vessels, and 1.12.33.

molt precious wood; brass, iròn, marble, cinnamon, r. za perfumes, ointments, incense, wine, oil, mufcians, players on the harp, pipers , trumpetters; In confcience, is this the description of an Empire and of a City, that must last bur three years and a half; that in that little space of time muit be built,raised, enriched, and ruined?

Firit of all, the Antichristian Empire is called Babylon, because ancient Babylon was its type and figure. That Empire of old. Babel lafted man ages; and should these many ages be the type and figure of these three years and a half ? Can this be faid or thought It happens well, that the Prophets reprelent future things that are great, by types that are much lefs. This is the very natia ture of types. They are little draughts of that, which the event mult produce at large. So days in the types , muft naturally represent years. But 'tis absurd 'to say, that years in the types reprefent but days in the things lignified by the types.

Eighıbly, Moreover, doth a City become rich in The 8th ihree years and a balf? What kind of commerce Argument, then must that of this Antichristian Empire be, Babelis rethat shall make the fortunes of her merchants in presented so little a time? The H. Spirit borrows these fi- en siched gures from what is done and seen in humane life. by a long Tis feen therein, that Cities become rich and powerful by long commerce. But never were any of them seen to attain to a surprizing greatness, by swo or three jcars commerce.


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Part. 22 Lastly. A City and an Empire, that are raised and The 9th destroyed in three years and a half, have not time to Argument, gather together voluptuous things, and to enjoy Babylonis them. It must always fight to conquer, to grow cas ha greater, or to defend it self. If the Antichristian ving co

co- Empire lasts but three years and a half, this is not joyed a

too much to establish its greatnessby sword and by long peace.

fire, and to repell that force that must destroy it. Of necessity. Antichrist and his adherents must

always be in violent motion, in trouble and in war. Whereas the description of spiritual Babylon imports the poffefsion of a long peace , during which she must heap together both all the riches, and all the pleasures of the World. :

The 19th Chapt. is the last, wherein the ruin of Argument, this Empire is described to us. We there fee him the ruin of who is called, the faithful and the irue, and the Word tonish Ém. of God, i.e. J. Christ, that

prepares himselfforthe pire accor. combat , that causes the armies of Heaven to follow description him, that calls all the birds of Heaven and all the in the 19th beasts of the Earth to the slaughter, that gives batbe wrought tels, that obtains the victory, that cafts the beastand in three, the false Prophet into the lake of fire and brimstone.

For this alone, more is necessary.than three years and,
a half. For an Empire fo vast , so large, and so
Atrong as that of Antichrist must be, is not destroyed
in a few days,

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Part 2.


Draw my

The last Argument againf the Chimæra of three

years and half , taken from the time, during which the Temple was prophan’d by Antiochus. Four quite different times set down for that in Daniels Prophecies. An explication, and A reconciling of those four times. An application of these four times to the Kingdom of An

tichrist, and the ruin of that Kingdom. I

last Argument against this chimeri. cal duration of three


and most famous of all the types of Antichrift, viz, Antiochus Epiphanes, 'Tis he that perfecuted the Church, that oppressed it, that defiled the Temple, that caused the daily sacrifice to cease for the space of three natural years and a half. Wherein it is evident, that God hath set him as a type of Antichrist, who during the space of three prophe tical years and a half, was in like manner to leizę on the Church, to fill the Temple of God with Idols, and make the pure service of God, the continual facrifices of praises and God hath reserved for himself alone, to cease. Now we must remember this maxime, which we have already advanced in the fore-going Chapter, vit. that types are enigmatical, and short pictures of great events, great in their extent as well as in their qualities. This maxime is evident , it hath no short pia need of proofs. And according to this principle, Atures in a seeing the times must be short, as well as the other




prayers, which


Part 2. strokes, it is clear, that contrasted years cannot be

better represented than by days, not by months, for a month is the revolution of the Moon, and confequently it can't be proper to represent the revolution of the Sun, which is a quite different Star. But che duy and the gear are the revolutions of the Sun; the year is the great revolution, the day the little one. If one would represent in short the great revolution of the Sun, one can't do it better than by the small revolution of the same Star. And thence I conclude, that the oppression of the Church by Antiochus, who was the type, having lafted 1260 little revolutions of the Sun, they must represent so many of the great revolutions of the fame Star. I spend a Chapter on this last proof, because in the duration of the

oppression of the fewish Church by Antiochus Epiphanes, there are considerable difficulties, which spring from the differences of the Prophecies of Daniel and the events, such as the

firft book of the Macchabees represents them to us. I hope that the clearing thefe difficulties about the duration of the perfecution of Antiochus, will give us such light into the duration of the Kingdom of Antichrist, as will please the curious.

We must therefore observe that the Prophet Daniel For Daniel, describes the time of the duration of the the durati- persecution that was to befall his nation , in fout

different manners. petsecu. Firft of all, he faith in the eighth Chap. after

having spoken of Antiochius Epiphanes , under the C.8. v.13. embleme of the little horn; Then I heard one Saint

Speaking, and another Saint said unto that certain Saint that spake, How long shall be the vision cona cerning the daily sacrifice and the transgression of defolation, to give both the fanétuary and the boft to be


Four times


on of Ano tiochus's


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