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V. 51, 53,

Part 2. which is the month Kasen, in the 148 year,

they 1 Macc.c.4. arose betimes in the morning, and offer'd the sacri.

fice, according to the Law, on the new Altar, which was dedicated the same time , and the same day, wherein the Nations had prophaned it. This is the day of the dedication. This is the beginning again of the first daily facrifice. We have seen, that from the beginning again of the first daily sacrifice, reckoning backwards, we find 2200 sacrifices interrupted, i. e. rigo'days

. , or three years, two months, and ten days; and consequently the ceffàtion of the first daily facrifice must fall on the 15th day of the seventhmonth of the 145th year of the Æra of the Seleucida. For from the tenth day of the seventh month of the year 145, to the 25th day of the nineth month of the year 148, there is exactly three year:, two months and ten days.

We have also seen, that from the dedication of the Temple, which is the same day with that of the daily facrifice's beginning again , counting backward to the first prophanation of the Temple, there are 1335 days. i. e. three years, eight months and fifteen days. And since the day of the Dedication falls on the 25th of the ninth month, of the 148h year of the Seleucida, the first prophanation of the Temple mụft fall on the fifth of the first month, of the year 145.; and consequently, that the Temple was prophảned fix months and some days before the çeasing of the daily sacrifice. But for the greater clearness, we must relate the History as ʼtis in the Macchabees, and fix it to its true times.

In the 143 year, Antiochus having overcome Ptoof the Mac-lomy King of Egypt, passed by ferusalem , took it, chabees fix- pillagd it, and carried away the vessels of the que vimes. Temple. Now after Antiochus had smitten Egypt, 1 Macc.c.. he returned again in the 143 year, and went up again

The Hiftory of the first book

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great multitude.

, Israel and Ierusalem with a great multitude, and Part 2.

entred proudly into the San&tuary, and took away

the golden Altar, and the Candlestick, and all the i vesels thereof. This is not that which is called the s prophanation of the Sanctuary. For 'tis idolatrous

and impure worship, that prophane the house of God; 'tis not violence and pillaging it.' And after v.30,31,32, iwo years fully expired, the King sent his chief Col- 33134135. lector of Tribute, who came to Ierusalem with a

multitude. And spake peaceable words to them, but all was deceit; for when they had given him credence, he fell suddenly on the City, and

smote it fore, and destroyed much people of Ifrael, and took the spoils of the City, and set it on fire, &c. Then built they the City of David with a great and

strong wall, and made it a strong bold for them. Then it was the prophanation began; after two years fully expired, reckoning from the 143d year inclusively, this falls on the beginning of the year 145 in the first month. 'Twas then, I lay, the Temple was prophaned by the Apoftates of the lewish Nation. This also is what that Author saith exprefly. For it was a place to lye in wait against the Sanctuary, &c. They shed innocent blood on every side of the Sanctuary, and defiled it. That is to say, Menelaus the Apostate Sacrificer, facrificed together with his fellows in the Temple to the Heathen Gods.

But observe, the daily sacrifice did not yet cease. The Apostate Menelaus did what Abaz the father of Hezekiah had done, and what Manasseb had done ; he prophaned the Temple by false worship; however, without causing the worship of the true God to ceale. There’tis Apoftates begin. At first they would fain reconcile God and the Devil, afterwards by degrees they advance to a total Apostacy,

V. 36. 37

9. 54



. Antiochus's men were six weeks abuilding the

City of David to make a Citadel of it: when tha: was done', they thought themselves strong enougi to undertake every thing. They finifht what they had begun, entirely abolishe the Mosaical wor

. ship, & caused the daily sacrifice to cease fix months and five days after the prophanation of the Temple, the tenth day of the seventh month. Two months and five days after they arrived at that height of boldness, as even to put the Idol of Jupiter Olym. pius in the Temple of Jerusalem. In the fifteenth

day of the month cäflen, in ebé 145th year, they for up abomination of desolation, on the Altar of the Lord, and built Altars in all the Cities of fudah on every fide. This desolation lasted till the tenth day of the seventh month, of the year 148, the day wherein Maccbabans entred again into Jerusalem, visited the

Holy places, and undertook thecleansing of them. Mac. 4. Iben Jaid ludas and bis brethren, our enemies are 36, &c.

disconfited, let us go up to cleanse and dedicate the San&uary. And all the Army met together, and went up to the Mountain of God, and saw that the boly place was forsaken, and the Altar prophaned, &c. And Iudas chose Priests of blameless cono versation, &c. who cleansed the San&tuary, and barc out the defiled Rones into an unclean place.

I suppose, I say, that this work was begun the tenth day of the seventh month of the year 148. And so from the tenth of the first month of the year 145, there are exactly three years and a balf, the very time marked by the Prophet for the duration of the prophaning of the Sanctuary. Then therefore this prophanation of it ceased.

Afterwards, I suppose , they were one entire month in cleansing the Temple, and carrying away the filth, which the Heaihen's had laid init, and

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taking away the stones of the Altars that had been Part 2. built, and of the

great Altar that had becn prophaned by the Idol of Jupiter Olympius.Add one month, 1.e. thirty days to 1260 days, you make 1290 days, which is the account we find in the Ith verfe of the 12th Chapter of Daniel. From the time that the abomination of defolation shall be set up, shall be 1290 days , which are three years and seven months, that is to say, since the prophanation of the Temple tothe finishing its purification,

But after the finishing this purification, the Temple was not yet in a condition to sacrifice in. For they were fain to build a new Altar , and make utensils all new, in the place of those that had been either taken away, or prophaned.

Todo this, no less than 45 days were necessary; and these are the 45 days added to 1290, that make the number 1335 days, of which the Prophet faith, Blessed is be that waiteth, and cometh to the 1335 days

. And’tis at the end of these 1335 days, reckoning from the prophanation in the beginning of the year 198, that the dedication was made in the year 148. on the 25th day of the ninth month. Therefore 'tis the Prophet cries out, Blessed is he, &c. because it was a great feast, and great rejoycing in Israel. See, I say, both the History and the Chronology, and the duration of the cessation, of the prophanation of the Temple, and the interruption of the daily sacrifice, made to agree with the Prophecy.

At present, from the type we must in a few words make our conjectures touching that , which must come to pass in the duration of the Antichria ftian Empire. The prophanation of the Mofaical Sanctuary by Antiochus , lasted three years and a balf, to the time that Judas Macchabensdrove the


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Part2. Heathen out of lerufalem , and Paganism out of

CE the Temple, the cleansing of which he began. To the end the truth may answer to the figure, the Antichristian Empire must endure zhree years axi a half, consisting of 1260 days, which are 126 years, during which the Sanctuary. shall be propha ned by the Heathens, i.e. the service of God thall be polluted by revived Paganism, and the Temple of God pofféffed by a Tyrant. - At the end of 1260 days fudas Macchabeus began the purification of the Temple, and spent 30 days about it. The cleansing of the Church must be begun, the Idol must be cast out, the Tyrant expelled after the 1260 years. But às fudas Macchabaus spent 30 days about purifying the Temple, after he had taken away the Idol thence, and had rescued it out of the hands of the Tyrant ; 'tis propable", that after the fall of the Papism, of its tyranny, and idolatry, 30 years more will be spent in purifying the Church from all fehisms, heresies , divisions and

Laßly, as Judas, Macchabaus spent 45 other days'; to prepare all things for the confecration of the Temple ; in like manner after the Church shall have been cleansed from idolatry, hærefy, superstition, schifm and errours, God will employ yet 45 years more, to prepare all things for the consummation of the church. At the end of which time will be the dedication, the solemn feast. And 'tis in my opinion in this last space of 45 years, that God is to call the Gentiles, and all the Nations of the Earth to the knowledge of himself ; this is that which the Apostle Saint Paul calls, The fullness of the Gentiles. For see, as I believe , the degrees by which the Church must arrive at its perfection.

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