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devours; when’tis gentle, and the Prince uses it a- Part 2. right, there is no advantage that it does not produce fertility, abundance, peace,strength,& health of the Commonwealth. But when’tis maligne, and the Prince uses it wrong, 'tis a burning Sun, which consumes, which wastes, which scorches and kills, i which brings barrenness and want into the place of: abundance, troubleand confusion into the room of peace, and death into the place oflife; these things.:* also carry an undenyable evidence.

Therefore I conclude, not by way of naked con- The enjecture, but with assurance that the encrease of heat frcase of in the Sun of the Antichristian Empire, and in his fics the enbeams, is the encrease of his Authority and power, che

the papal and also the pernicious and wicked-use ofthis usur- Authority, · ped power. And this clearly.fignifies that prodi

gious augmentation of the papal authority and power ,

which was made in the eleventh, thirteenth, and fourteenth Centuries.". The Pope had been Tyrant over the Church, then he became Tyrant over the World. Gregory VII by an increaj dible attempt, rais'd himseit above all Soveraigns, excommunicated Emperors and Kings', deposed them, and took away their Crowns; made other Emperors and other Kings, to whom he gave the Territories of the former. His Succeffors kept the same path, yea out-went him. They had a mind to make Emperors their Vaffals, and did 'fo. This heat scorched men like fire, and men were fcorched with great heat; for none can describe the dismal desolations, which Popes have made by the use of this usurped and excessive authority. It coft Henry IV. alone, fixty and odd battels and combats in the authowhich he was engaged, to defend himself against had the enemies which the Popes stirred up. The histo- almost conjy of the two Frederiksathat of Lewis of Bavaria,& Emosion


The encrease of


first part,

Part 2. the general history of Germany for the space of 300

years, can witness to what I say, without reckoning England , France, and other States , where the papal Authority hath caused bloody and horrible Tragedies, and such troubles, whose bare reading does move compassion; Matthew Paris alone may suffice to let us know, how exactly this Prophecy

was accomplisht, [that tbe beams.of the Sun scorched Chap.6.7, man. ] He tellsus , how the Authority of the Pope

of the made such exa&tions in England, and brought it to Chap. s. of so great mifery, that it was almost quite ruin'd. the second, This may be found every where, and lately in our

History of Popery, in the first and third recriminas

tion. Why the

This is the fourth plague, and whoever seriously fourth

considers this matter, willhaye'no scruple about it, plague begins before no more then I have, Perhaps fome will make and third, one, that this fourth Plague did begin before the

second, forthe frodigious tyranny of the Popesbegan

under Hildebrand,, nam'd Gregory VII. about the year 2074, lánd the Croisades did not begin till 1096. more then 20 years afterward, Wherefore then does the Spirit make this to be the fourth Plague, and not the second? I answer, because this came down lower then the continuance of the Croisades. The Groisades ended about the year 1270. when as this papal tyranny continued in all its strength, and all its dreadfull effects, the whole thirteenth and the whole fourteenth centuries. Af terwards, though the Popes have ever kept up (and do still) the fame pretentions, notwithstanding they did far less mischief in Europe, by the use of this proud Authority, which they take to them selves.

It is to be observed, that the Prophecies which divide times and events by periods do not divide


them in such a manner, that one period should be: Part2.w's gin exactly where another ends; on the contrary, In prophe- .. they are always joynted or inlayd, one within ano-riods of ther. For example, the Roman Monarchy does not times are begin where the Grecian ends ; on the contrary, Layd in one the Roman Monarchy in its longest duration does another. take in the whole Grecian entirely, yea, it begun before the Grecian. When Alexander founded the Grecian Empire, the Romans had already begun to make a figure in the World. And Live in that part of his History proves, that if Alexander had marcht into the West, as once he designed, he had not so easily mastered Rome, as he did the Eaft. Rome had at that time conquered all her neighbours, fhe had subdued the Æqui, the Volscia the Samnites; yea, she had humbled the Gauls by many defeats given to them. At that time lived : the Fabij, the Papyrij, and many other Heroe's, whose names are so famous in history, The Gity was at that time 420 years old, and the Prophes.i cies do reckon the destinies of Rome from its first beginning, for they mention its feven heads, iesthefeuen Governmentsgunder which they docon- Revel.17. sider it g of which the first was that of their Kings. The force the So that the fourıb Monarchy did precede thethird, preceded more then 400 years: But notwithstanding the iherdido Raman Monarchy is reckon'd the fourth, because four hun.

dred years. it kept its grandeur intire; nay, did much encrease it, a long time after the fall of the Grecian. Thus, the plague of the Sun, 2.e, of the papal Authority, is reckon d as the faurth, though it began before 2013 the second, because it continued during the second and third plague, and its reign was lengthned aboye a bundred years after them both, and the last hundred years ought to be reckon'd, as the period of the fourth plaguer


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Part 2 There is another objection which will seem

stronger, but notwithstanding is more eafily anfwerd. According to our exposition, the augmentation of the papal Authority, is accounted (to be) a calamity upon the Antichristian State; whereas on the contrary, it is the highest step of its exaltation and perfection. I answer, that the one contradicts not the other : for first, we must remember the remark already made, viz. that these plagues do not all fall upon the bead of the Antichris jian Kingdom : they are heavy judgements of God, which often touch not the Pope, who is the Instrument to execute them. The plagues fall on sbém that worship the Beast and his Image, and not on the Beast himself, and on the false Prophet; yea, this falfe Prophet is an Inftrument in the hand of God to inflict the plagues. Thus in the second and third plagues, which are the Croisades, the Hope is not the sufferer; 'tis he who makes others fuffer,'tis he who sends many millions of his subjects to se murther'd and flain 3 yea, this very thing proved a great augmentation of his power. In the famemanner, this fourth plague falls upon the Antichristian people, and therefore in the following plague the Spirit saith, that the viol was pour'd on the feat. of the Beast, to signify that the people or subjects of the Beast, should not be thechief sufferersby it.

I answer in the second place, that the prodigious of the pa- advancement of the papal Authority, whichin truth. riy, did brought Antichrifianism unto its perfection, yet tend to its notwithstanding was one step to its ruin. If the

Popes had kept within the bounds, which they di

the preceding ages ; if they had not medled with secular affairs, to dispose absolutely concerning them; perhaps the See of Rome had not þeen thought to be Antichrift į but then it was


The abuse



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that this truth became so fensible, that every one Part 2
perceivd it. The abuse of the Ecclefiaftical power
in the ninth age, made some perceive that Rome
was the mystical Babylon. Thus Gontier Bishop
of Colen , and Thetgaut Arch-bishop of Triers,
nam'd it in the ninth

Age. But after the elevenph
Age, this truth was so demonstrated, that we of
this Age do not speak it more plainly and confi-
dently. We may judge by that excellent paf-
fage of Eberard Bishop

of Saltsburg, which we see Archcited out of Aventin, in the tenth Chapter of the Boior lib.4 first Part of our Projudg. After that time, there Pag. 33. never wanted those who asserted the same thing. Thus the dismal abuse of the papal Authority was, and is still a sore plague to that Sec : for’tis one of the strong Arguments, by which we prove that it is Antichrift.

Men were scorcht, but they repented not to give glory to God.' The Germans cryed out very much against Babylon and Antichrift, but they did not forsake them, or renounce their Idolatry ; on the contrary, they blafphemed thename of God,

who had power over these plagues, for those Ages. were exs ceeding wicked and corrupt.

v. 10. And the fifth Angel pour'd out his viol upon the seat of the Beast, and his Kingdom was full of darkness, and they gnawed their tongues for pain.

V.11. And blafphemed the God of Heaven, be-
cause of their pains and their fores, and repented nos
of their deeds.

This is the fifth plague. I ask not any favour
for my conceptions about it; let them be exami-
ned with the utmost rigour; if they are not liked,
let them be disregarded ; but for my part,
got abandon them, untill the times and events do


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I can

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