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events, and this we have observed, and cleared. Part 21 But I say it again, the gross is alwayes according to the order of history: this order is observed in the Revelation, that the birth and progresses of Antithrifts Kingdoin are laid down before its fall. Now the Authors we have spoken, do make St Yohn guilty of a Parachronisme of two thousand years. After he had finishr the narrative of the ruin of Antichrit, and gone through a Period of 1260 jears, which if weadd to them the space from the Incarnation of Christ, unto the revelation of the son of perdition, make almost two thousand years, After this, I say, they make him on a sudden to. go back as far as the beginning of the Christian Church. Is there any other instance of such confusion in this book? Let them fhew it. What mean those words, After inis (so the French version) which begin the 20 Chapter , and denote always not only the succession of visions, but of times? This work is already larger than I intended to make it; but notwithstanding I cannot forbear to lay down a few of our arguments, there are so many, that one might crush the contrary opinioni with number: but I Ihall only urge the principal ones. I shall open as it were four Springs of arguments, which I Thall leave every man liberty to lound and Springs of dive into, contenting my self with producing that dethem, and drawing from them the principal evi- thenrath dences, which clearly discover this future reign of of Christs our Lord Iesus Christ.

reign npon My first spring , or source of arguments, will the first be in the Prophecies that speak of a fifth Monarchy Springe is réserved for the Saints. 'Tis impossible to find a Monarchy. rational sense in thein., without fuppofing this promised thousand years reign. There are two remarkable Sainis. ones in the book of Daniel; In the 2. Chapter




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Part 2. Nebuchadnesar sees a statue, whose head was of

gold, the shoulders of Glver, the belly of brass, the leggs of iron, the feet and toes partly of iron, and partly of earth. The Prophet interprets to him these four metals of the statues that they are four great Monarchies. The iron leggs, by consent of all, signifie the fourth Monarchy, which is the Roc man. The feet and the ten toes; partly of iron, and partly of earth ý signifie the ten kings or Kingdoms, which were to divide the Roman Em

pire, and weaken it at the same time. And wher2. 41, 42. 'as thou fawest the feet and the toes, part of potters

clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided, but there shall be in it of the strength of iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixt with miery clay. And as the toes of the feet were part of iron , and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly ftrong, and partly broken. These ten toes are the ten Kings, which were to make up the Kingdom of Antichrist , and reign together with him, in the last Period of the Roman Empire; during the 1 260 years marked in the Revelation. Now what happens at the end of the reign of these ten Kings, and of the fourth Monarchy? And in the dayes of these kings shalt the God of heaven set up a Kingdom, which shall never be destroyed; and the King, dom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all thesë Kingdoms, and it shall ft and for ever.

Behold a fifth Monarchý, different from the ten The Mo- Kings, which must break them in pieces, and promised mult continue after them for ever, i.e. untill the ro Chrift, end of the world. "Tisgranted, that this Kingdom, placed in that shall never be destroyed, is that of Iesus Christ. the Ages But is it not as clear as the day, that this King, bypaft. dom must not appear untill after that the ten

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Kings and the ten Kingdoms shall have been bro-Partă. ken in pieces by this fifth Monarchy. I confess, I have nothing to say to them who are incapable of beholding this evidence, and I do not conceive how it can be faid, that we must go back beyond the ten Kings, that we may place the Monarchy of Telus Chrijl before them, when the Prophet so plainly placeth it after the ten Kings. Is it not expresly said, that this fifth Monarclay must break in pieces and destroy these ten Kingdoms ? How therefore can it go before them, or have its duration parallel to theirs?

In the feventh Chapter of the fame Prophecy; we have the fame for Monarchies, under the Images of four Beasts. "Tis confessed, that the fourth Beast, that had ten horns, is the Roman Emo pire. All our writers grantz that these ten horns ; that signifie ten Kings, are the ten Kingdoms, into which the Roman Empire was divided after the time of Valentinian the third, and that those ten horns reign together with the little horn, which is Antichrist. When the Prophet had seen both the

fourthBeast and the three firit wholly destroyed, and their bodies burnt with fire, he adds, And I faw in the night.visions, and behold one like the v.13. Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven, and came unto the Antient of dayes, and they brought him near before him, and there was given him dominion, and a glory, and a Kingdom , that all

peos ple, nations, and languages should serve him: his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his Kingdom that which shall not be destroyed. And to the fame purpose in the explication of the vision. And the ten horns out of this V. 24-25. Kingdom, are ten Kings that shall arise, and another shall arise after them, and he shall be diverse from

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Part 2. the firf, Bc. And he shall speak great . Words

against the most high, and shall wear out the faints of the moft high, and think to change times and lawes; and.they shall begiven into his hand , untill A time, and times, and the deviding of times, &c. All are agreed that Antichrist is here intended, and all Protestants grant that this is the Papac , and that its reign is to last 1260 years. Now

what is to happen after thistime, and times., and 4. 26. a dividing or bålf a time? But the judgment shall

fit, and ihey shall take away his dominioning to confume, and to destroy it anto the end. Behold, the destruction of Antichrifts Kingdom. Immediately after the Prophet adds, And the Kingdom, and dominion, and the greatness of the Kingdom under. the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whole Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey bim. "Behold the reign and Kingdom of the Saints, and a reign whion succeeds to that of Antichrift. In truth, we must give the lyeto the Holy Spirit, if we suppose, that we must go back two thousánd years before the end of Antichrists reign, to place the beginning of this reign of the Sunts and of Jesus Christ. Here we have the Son of Man coming in the cloudsof

heaven, after that the four Beasts, 6.6. the four. Empires, have been broken to pieces, to receive the Kingdom from the hand of God his Father, and reign

for ever untill the end of the world. We must Monarchy speak without any judgment, if we say, that cannot be this everlasting Kingdom of Jesus Christ, is to be

understood of the heavenly reign, after the end Kingdom of the world, and the last judgment. For the after the Apostle St Paul faith in plain terms, that. Jesus judgment. Christ Thall then reign no longer, and that he


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sball deliver up the Kingdom to God, even tbe Fa- Part 2.
ther. Besides, Daniel speaks of a Kingdom that is
to be under the Heavens, and not of one that is
above them. Further,'tisa meer triffling, to mingle,
eternal things with temporal, and bring down the
Heavenly Kingdom of Paradise into the rank of
earthly and temporal Monarchies ,, by making it
to be a fifth Monarchy. Thus 'tis plain, that the
Prophet treats here of a Kingdom, that indeed is
heavenly on the account of its purity, but is carth-
ly on the account of its Seat, and because it must be
upon earth.

I am willing to joyn unto these Prophecies, only
that in this 20th Chapter of the Revelation, which
is so clear, that it needs not any commentary. The
Prophet faith expresly; After this (so the first verse
is rendred in the French ) 1.e. after the last victory
over the Beast, and his false Prophet , the Devil
shall be bound, and the Saints sballlive and reign
with Christ a thousand years. But 'twill be ob-
jected, that this passage is too plain, and this very
thing makes our sense

of it suspicious. The Prophets are not wont to express future things fo clearly. But if this reason holds , the Iews are not to be blamed, for rejecting our Oracles concerning Iesus Christ; for example, this, A Virgin shall conceive à Son; and this other ,. And this Bethlebem --- out of thee shall come a Ruler, &c. and the whole 53. Chapter of Isaiah, and that Prophecy of Daniel, that Meffiah must be cut off, but not for himself; And that, very clear Qracle, he shall make his foul an offering for sin. For 'țis evident; that these Oracles, are not less plain in speaking of Christ, and the circumstances of his birth, his life, and his death; than those in Daniel and the Revelusion, which speak of the thonsand years reigns,



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