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the present Iews nor their pofterity do enjoy the Part 2, glorious advantages that are promised to them,

how shall they see the effects and accomplishment of * so many Oracles?

Here are infinite millions of fouls of lews, which perish for seventeen hundred years together, only a * small number of this people shall be saved in the last

years of the World. Is this enough to answer those

great Idea's , raised by the magnificent promises E made to this Nation?

Besides, we must obferve, that the Meffiah be- The Merlongs to the lews, he was promised to the lews; promised

this Nation from its very original hath been fed to the Jews. : with the hopes of the Meffiah's coming, as of such to he hath

a good, which was too great to be described. At only # lait he comes, and this people (instead of seeing evil upon

chose great promises accomplisht) sees their Temple e burnt, their capital City razed, their Service abolisht, their pofterity

, disperst throughout the world, and made the execration and contempt ofmankind. Thus the Messiah, the glory of their Nation, brings them nothing but shame, desolation, and infinite miferies, which have no parallel in any other people. All the advantage they have is, that at the end of the world, some thousands of Iews shall be cone yerted, and escape the being damnd. If this be so, I confess that I nnderstand nothing in the Providences and Oracles of God.

There must therefore come a time, that shall be the reign of the Messiah and the lows, in which this Nation shall be exalted (as hath been promised them) above all the Nations; they must reign in their Saints, Prophets and Apostles. Otherwise Iam bold to say, that all the Oracles given to this people are cheats, and were given only to be a snare to them.


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¿Part. But fomewillsay, all these glorious promises have Theft ofa. been accomplisht in the Church, which hath been not been gather'd among the Gentiles. "Tisshe, who hath plisht in

enlarged the cords of her tents; whose children the Church have been called from all the parts of the World, saken from To her must be applyed every thing which

is said, Gearbeso to make the Church great and glorious. But do

they not perceive, that in the Oraclesbefore us, the Gentilos are evidently distinguisht from the people

, of Ifrael: Israel rules over she Gentiles; the Alas tions must rejoyce in her light : All Nations mult come day and night into mount Sion, and to the City of ferusalem. The Kings of the Gentiles muftbe ber Protectors, her nursing Fatbers: Sion must fucktheir milk; Sion must be served, the Genriles muft serve boer. In a word, let all these Oracles be viewed, and it will be seen that the people of Israel muft be the ruling, the chosen, the Holy people, and that the Gentiles must be made happy, because they shall be incorporated into this Ifrael.

Belides this, how can thisthought be entertain’d, that all the terrible threatning's, that have been des nounc't against the earthly Ierusalem, (and against the people of Israel,according to the flesh) have been accomplisht in the literal and strict sense, upon her and her children : and that the promises of grace and glory have not , must not be accomplisht, but only typically in thofe forreign Nations, with whom she hath really no communion." I should as soon choose to say, that some advantagious promises made to the French were fulfilled, because they were made good to the Spaniards: Iews, and Gentiles have always been in a direct opposition : the grace promised to the one, is not the grace belanging to the other. 'Twas fore-told to Ifrael, that God would scatter them in his anger, and difperfe


them throughout the Earth, that they should see Partę. fad days, in which they should be without a King, Hol.3.4: and without a Prince, and without a Sacrifice, and without an Image, and without an. Ephod, and without Teraphim. This hath been fulfilled in the letters and itricteft fenfe. At the foot of these threarnings (which are in almost every page of the Prophets) welikewiferead of great and emphatical promises af resettling, return, ofa glory, areign, and of an Empire. The threapzings have had their accomplishment upon the Iews, and shall the

promises have theirs only upon the Gentiles ? This is not probable at all. And that certain calling of fome lews, which (they say) must be at the end of the World, is not sufficient to salve the veracity of God:

We need only consult the 63 Chapter of Isaiah, where the present State of the lews is painted in iucn lively colours, that’tis not possible to mistake. But they'rebelled and vexed bis Holy Spirit ; there- Cha, fore he was turned to be their enemy, and fought against them. Behold their Gn, 'tis the finagainst the Holy Ghoft; this is to be well observed. To vex the Holy Spirit, to quench the spirit, ta sin againft the Holy Ghost, to do despite to the spirit of grace, are the same thing in the style of the new Testament. And here Isaiah fore-tells, that this people in their Apoftacy from God, will vex his holy pirit, i.e. will sin against the Holy Ghost. This is exactly the sin with which our Saviour reproaches them, in the 13th of Matthew. 'Tis an unpardonablesin, that is not forgiven either in this World, or in that which is to come. That Generation which was contemporary with lefus. Chrift, hath been punish'd with eternal torments; their crime was never pardon'd to them, yea, their children bear their ini

Part 2. quity in the wilderness, for forty years, Sce, in what

language the Prophet paints out the punishment, V. 17. which the lews lie under at thisday. Why haft thou

made us to err from they ways, and hardned our kears from thy fear? The people of thy holiness

, have pofSeffed it but a little while, our adversaries have tradden down thy Sanctuary. We are thine, thou never

bareft rule over them they were not called by thy name. The pre. Here we have 1. The dismal hardninginto which tear itate, God suffer'd them to fall. Wby.balt thou made us to foretold in err from thy ways. 2. Their long expulfion and admira. exilé out of their own Land, the people of thy boli

ness bave possessed it but a little while; our adverfa ries have trodden down thy Sanctuary. 34 The total abandoning of this nation by God We are as those among whom thou bearest no rule (so the French version) 4.4 And lastly, the continuing impiety of this Nation; I by name is not called upon by us (fo the French version.) Nothing of all thisagrees to the Babylonish captivity, it was not long, it lasted but 59 years, it was not attended with Induration; on the contrary, this people was so touched with this terrible correction, that after that time they never returned to that Idolatry, which had brought such great punishments upon them. And those records which we have concerning their conversation in their captivity, as the books of Ezra , Nehemial and Epher) inform us that they repented very seriously, and in their captivity did not partake of the impurities of the Gentiles; It can't therefore be faid, that God did not bear rule overthem, and that his name was not call'd upon by them during this captivity: 'Tis therefore the present captivity of the lows, which the Prophet describes biere. :. But what faith he afterward, and as a conse


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uence of this captivity, I will mention the loving Part 2.
indneffes of the Lord, and the praises of the Lord, for it
ccording to all that the Lord hath bestowed on us : prelent
ind the great goodness toward the house of Israel, lews, God
vhich be bath bestowed on them according to his promiseth:
nércies, and according to the multitude of bis loving glorions
kindnesses. * For he said, furely they are my people, eftate.
Children that will not lyc, so he was their Saviour.
If the Jews have nothing else to look for, but the
conversion of some thousands of them who shall
not be damned; could it be faid, that the goods
ness is great that is bestowed upon the house of Israel,
and that God will deal with them, according to the
multitude of his loving-kindnesses? If we compare
the whole Nation, which for almost two thousand
years was to be lost, would such a conversion de-
ferve to becounted any thing?

Above all, we must take notice in this 63 Chapter, that the fix first Verses, represent in a magnificent manner, the bloody victory of a Conqueror. Who is this that cometh

from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah? this that is glorious in his apparel,travelling in the greatness of bis strength. I that speak in righteousness , mighty to save. Wherefore "art thon red in thine apparel, and thy garments like him that treadeth in the wine-fat? I have trodden the wine-press alone, and of the people, there was

with me : for I will tread them in mine anger, and trample them in my fury, and their blood shallbe Sprinkled upon my garments, and I will stain all my raiment. "For the day of vengeance is in my heart, and the year of my redeemed is come. And I looked, and there was none to help, and I wondred that there was none to uphold: therefore my own arm brough, salvation unto me, and my fury it upheld me. And I will tread down the people in my anger, and make




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