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all other Nations. There is then, in my opinion, Part 3 a Kingdom of God to be expected, and this Kingdom is that of the Messiah , the Kingdom of the lews., The Reign of the Mefliah, which is not yet come ; for to speak properly, we cannot say that Christ hath hitherto reigned upon Earth: His party as yet hath been in no place or part of the World the prevailing ruling Party;

the wheat hath been always buried in the Tares ; The

Kingdom of the lews, promised by the Prophets so often, and in so many different manners. And these two Kingdoms, that of the Messiah, and that of the lews, are to take place at the same time. Tistrue, we may compute the beginning of Christ's Kingdom, from the fall of the Kingdom of Antichrift: and’tis manifeft, that from that point God. will reckon the thousand years. Nevertheless the Kingdom of

Christ cannnot be well said to become, tillall Naitions shall be converted; now the Iews are not to be converted till the last ofall People.

Iofeph Mede hath a reflection thereupon, which L. Chrift Iconfess I am pleased with. 'Tisbuta Conjecture, yet reigned but I find it to be very well framed: 'Tis this, that upon carth; the Conversion of St. Paul, a zealous and bigotted sense. Jew in the highest degree, is the type of the future conversion of the whole Nation.

i. He was a great

zealot for the Law, and a furious Persecua tor of Christianity. The lew's are also very zealous for Moses, and irreconcileable enemies to lefus Christ. 2. Paul was converted, not as other men; The conby the bare preaching of the Gospel, and the light of S. Pauls a Miracles, but by the glorious appearing of Christ type of that to him from Heaven. Tis likewisevery proba- ish nation, ble, that the Conversion of the lews will not be in

an ordinary way, as by preaching; for the Hearts 20 of that People are under an invincible obdu


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Part 2. racy. So that 'tis likely that Christ will convert

them by some glorious and surprizing apparition, and will appear clothed with those Characters the Prophets have given him, that they may no longer be able to disown and refuse him. 3. Those who accompanied St. Paul saw indeed the Light, but Christ did not appear to them : the Gentiles and Christians, who shall then be, may have some part in that glorious Apparition, but it may be shall not see it all. 4. Paul was initructed by way of inspiration in all 'Mysteries, afsoon as Iefus Christ had appear'd to him. The Iews shall have their minds inlightned, and the vail which is now on their hearts shall be taken away; and on a sudden shall see clearly into the Oracles of their Law and Prophets. 5. St. Paul was the last of the Apostles who was converted : the Iews will be called the last of all People. 6. Paul after Conversion was the most zealous of any : the lews when converted shall be the most affectionate and zealous of all Christians. 7. St. Paul coixerted, becomes an Apostle, and the instrument of the conversion of the Gentiles: the converted Tews shall compleat the conversion of the mostremote Pagan Nations; in the utmost corners ofthe World.

This doubtless is that admirable return of the lews, and their advancement to the Soveraign dignity of the Church, which Ezekiel represents in the 37. Chapter of his Prophecies, under the Image of a Resurrection. This also is that which St. Paul calls Life from the Dead. Ezekiel faw a large Valley covered with dead Bones. These dead Bones are the House of Ifrael, faith the Holy Spirit. They came together, and finews and flesh Came upon them, and the Spirit of the Lord enCred into them. The Prophet speaks farther, in


the following Chapters of the Victories this re- Part 2 newed Israel Thould obtain over Gog and Magog, the Enemies of the Church. After which in the nine last Chapters, he makes a figurative descripti

on of this Kingdom of the lews, and of the Mer hah, and of the Church perfected upon Earth, under the Emblem of a magnifick Temple , whereof he describes the Parts, the Apartments, and several Buildings, the Altar , Priests, Victims, the Land of their poffeffion, and a new division of it. This in my opinion is the mystery of the nine last Chapters of Ezekiel, which have appeared so un- Chap. 45a intelligible to moft Interpreters. I conclude this Chapter, by saying, that the Papism makes it hereby plain, that it is the true Kingdom of Antichrift, by their cruel persecution of the lews.

That Mystery of iniquity comprehends nothing of the Mystery of Godliness, and sees not that God hath reserved that Nation; to manifeit in them his greatest wonders, and consequently that they ought not to be destroyed by flames, as in Spain, and in those Countries where the inquifition is in force.

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Part 2:



The third Head of Arguments for the future

Kingdom of Christ and the Church. so many
Prophecies which concern the compleat Vieto-
ries of Jesus Christ , the Holiness of the
Church, and its perfect prosperity, which

have never yet been accomplisht.

Y third Head of Arguiments, to show, that Earth, are the Prophecies not yet accomplisht, and which cannot be fulfilled, unless such a King dom do cóme. This would be a large subject, and yield matter for several books, and those good ones too, whereby the World might be informed of several things they know not. But this Book is larger already then I would have had it. I shall therefore content my self briefly to show, and endeavour to perswade, that there must be a Time which we have not yet seen, for the fulfilling of several Prophecies, which were delivered on purpose to describe the Kingdom of our Lord Iefus, and give us the Characters of it.

The most ancient and most remarkable of all

the sacred Oracles is that, which God himselfpronot per, nounc't to Adam, The seed of be Woman shall tul- bruise the Serpents head., and the shall bruise

. his heel. 'Tis agreed that the Head signifies Empire and Power. So that Prophecy imports the vittory of Christ and his Children over the Kingdom of the Devil, and that they shall destroy it. Now this is a promise not yet accomplisht in the History of


The most ancient Oracles are


in every

the Church;we haveno age wherein it couldbe faid, Part2 that the Kingdom of Christ prevailed over that of Satan. It is an observation we cannot mind too, much, that we must carefully distinguish here between Life, and Kingdom or Reigu. Life signifies existence; but Reign imports actual Domination and Rule. Jesus Chrift: 'tis true, age hath had a party fubfifting in the World, and in that respect hath been victorious over all theattempts of Satan, whose end was to destroy him: and 'tis some kind of victory over an Adversary, to, prevent him from attaining his end; but this can never be called a full and compleat Victory. It is necessary to that, to be the predominant prevai-, ling Party, whereas that of lefus. Christhathalway been opprest, either by Paganism, or by Mabometanism, or by Antichristianism Such a time therefore is to be expected, wherein the party of true Christianity shall prevail over and utterly extinguish the Empire and Kingdom of the Devil.

The second Prophecy is that which was given aŭ the nad. to Abraham, In thy feed shall allthe Nations

of the tions of Earth be bleft:which signifies, that the righteousness have not of Christ, thall spread it felfover all Nations; to the heart blerje same sense is that other Prophecy Shiloh shall Chrift

. come, and to him shall the gathering of the People 19 Geno belong. 'Tis true, almost all Nations have been. invited to the knowledge of God : many have been actually brought to it; but many have not yet been called, much less converted. And among . those Nations which have been converted, the. Bad hath so far exceeded the good, that it cannot be truly said, that the multitude of the People belong to Christ. Nevertheless, I am confident that Thall come to pass, and that the number



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