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Part 2 of the Good shall one day as much exceed that of

the wicked', as now the number of the wicked doth that of the Good.

But that these Oracles are not accomplisht, we shall be fully convinc't, if we proceed to those Prophets who were sent on purpose to Characterize thekingdom of J.Christ.Ainong whom the Prophet Ifaiah shines as a Sun among the Stars. It would be necessary to make a juft Commentary on all his Book; to make it plain, that what he fore-told is not come to pass: For most of his Prophecies have for their object this glorious and blessed state of the Church, in its last Period. But to be as short as may be , I shall reduce all that he hath faid of the church under the Meffiah to these two Articles. 1. Its Rightcowsness and Holiness. 2. Its Peace and Profperity ; and shall make it evident, that neither the one or the other have been fulfil. led to that degree which they ought to be fulfilled,

according to those Prophecies, Chap: .

For the Righteoufness and Holiness of the

Church, the Prophet Isaiah faith, That the waolf of the fu shall feed with the Lamb, & the Leopard lie down ture Holi- with the Kid; the Calf, and the young Lion, and Church, the Fatling together, and a little child shall lead

them. The Cow and the Bear shall feed , their young ones shall lie down together; and the Lion shall eat straw like the Ox; And the sucking Child. shall play on the hole of the Asp; and the weaned Child shall put his hand on the Cockarrice den., They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy Mountain: for the Earth shall be full of the Knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the Sea. Behold the most ravishing and fuir description of it that can be feen. It amounts to a return of the State of Innocence." Tis plain the Prophet borrowed

6, &c.

his Characters of it from that Happy state of the Part 2. first Man, wherin he was filled with the knowledge of God and his Righteousness. And during which the brute Animals were innocent, kind, and gentle, as himself. 'Tis also undeniable, that this Prophecy respects the days of the Meffiah.

But I would fain be told sincerely, whether
this oracle hath ever yet been accomplisht? in what
time, in what place, in what age or generation of
the world? It will doubtless be answered, that it
was in the Apostolical Church, and in the time
of the Apostles; for only in that new-born Church,
could it be laid, that there was none to hurt or
destroy, that Wolves, and Lions, and Bears be-
came Lambs." Yet even in that new-born Church The Pro-
Wolves and Lions inight be found. But it cannot Phich for:
be of that Church which the Propher there speaks told the
because he speaks of a time, when the knowledge kers of the
of the Lord should fill the Earth, which then it Church are
did not. For this great Holiness, this admirable pisaccom:
union is reprefented to us only in the Church of
Jerusalem. Moreover, we see not that this latted

any considerable time. There is a great deal
of difference between the Church, in the first
Chapters of the Alts, when Believers had but
one heart and one soul, and the Church we read.
of towards the end of the same Book, where were
false zealots who opposed St. Paul for having
preached to the Gentiles. Besides, Ijaiah speaks
not of the Holiness of fome particular persons,
but of a general Sanctification. That a time shall
come, when Righteousness shall universally cover
the societies of men, as the waters cover the bot-
tom of the Sea. I know well enough that the
Prophets do oftentimes make use of the figure
called Hyperbole
, But in truth, the Hyperbole here


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Chap: 32 :

Part2. would be forc't, and carried too far, and would

not be intelligible, if the Holy Spirit should fo describe the Church of the first Ages, where were some Incestuous, some Adulterers, some Heretiqnes,

Schifmaticks, Apoftates, and all sorts of crimes. De Lapas. We need but read the writings of St. Cyprian, to

be assured, that in the good days of the Church, there were already things very horrid and abominable. Every one may think as he shall please, but for my own part, I expect from this prophecy, such an age wherein Holiness shall as much exceed vice, as vice now doth exceed and overtop vertue.

We read also in the same Prophet, that the Spia v.15; 16. rit sball be poured from on high upon us, and the wil

derness be a fruitfull field, and the fruitfull field a forrest. fudgement shall dwell in the wilderness, and, Righteousness remain in the fruitfull field. The work of Righteousness shall be Peace, and the effect of Righteousness

, quietnefs and assurance for ever. An high way shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called the way of Holiness, the unclean shall not

pass over it, but it shall be for those: tbe, wayfaring, Chap.;s. men, though fools, shall not err therein. No Lion

shall be there's nor any ravenous bealt sball go up Chap. 54. thereon ; it shall not be found there. All thy Chil

dren shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall

be the peace of thy Children, 'thon sbalt be establisht Chap 59

in Righteousness. This is the Covenant'I will make
with you, saith the Lord, my Spirit that is
thee, and my words which I have put in thy mouth,
shall not depart out of thy mouth, or out of the
mouth of thy seed, nor of thy feeds feed, saith the
Lord, from henceforth and for ever. And they shall

call them, the Holy People, the redeemed of the Ch P.62.

Lord; and thou shalt be called , sought out, a City SP: 31. 1.01 forsaken. Add to this the Prophecy of leremy.






This shall be the Covenant that I will make with Part 2 the house of Israel ; I will put my Law in their in. ward parts, and write it in their hearts, and will be their God, and they shall be my People, and they shall teach no more every man his Neighbour , and every man his Brother, Saying, know the Lord, for they shall all know me from the least of them unto the greatest ; faith the Lord.

These Prophecies speak four things, 1. They paint out the State of the Courch under the Mej. Jiah. 2. They describe it by a more then ordinary Holiness, that shall every where be poured que. 3: By a persevering Holiness to which no return to vice, or no apoftacy shall succeed. For 'tis said, ; the Spirit of God shall not depart from them, or their feed', or feeds feed. 4. Lastly , This is a Holiness, whereof the Jewish Nation is to have the chiefest part. For 'tis to that people, and concerning them that God speaks.

Now I demand, whether any one can show me that age of the Cburch, wherein such an Holiness, which answers the Idea given us by these Prophecies, can be found, where we shall meet with a perfevering Holiness? If the Church for any time hath been pure, that hath not continued from one Generation to another; yea, let such an Age be named , wherein the Ifraelitish Nation did pertake of this Evangelical Holiness. Hath noỉ that People been always obstinate, unbelieving, Enemies to Christ, without faith in respect of men, as well as in reference to God? we must than open oureyes, and confess, that there shall be a Kingdom of Holiness, such a one as fhall fill all Nations, and not fubject to those unhappy Revolutions, that by corrue' ption have changed the face of the Church from year to year. Thus far Righteousness and Holinefs.

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Part 2. Next we are to consider the Peace and Prosperity Glorious of the Church, whereof the Prophets {peak more Prophecies

largely, and in an higher strain, because under the pe of the Images of Temporal Prosperity, they set forth that

Spirátual Prosperity, which we have spoken of under the names of Holiness and Righteousness. Concerning Peace,the Prophet Isaiah faith that they shall beat their swords into Plough-shares, and their Spears into pruning-hooks ; that Nation shall not rise against Nation ; neither shall they learn war

any more. Concerning its future Prosperity, he 6.45.18, saith, The eyes of the blind shall be opened, and

the ears of the deaf shall be unstop't, the lame shall leap as the Hart, and the tongue of the Dumb shall fing for joy. I will open Rivers in high places, and Fountains in the midst of Valleys, I will make the wilderness a Pool of water, and the dry Land springs of water I will plant in the wilderness the Cedar, the Pine, the Myrtle, and the Olive-tree;

and I will set in the desert the Fir-tree, the Pine, C.49.10, and the Box-iree together. They shall not hanger,

nor thirsi, neither shall the heat or Sunsmite them: for 'he' that hath mercy on them shall lçad them,

even by the springs of water shall be guide them. 6:55. 12, I will make all my Mountains a way; and my high

ways shall be exalted; ye sball go out with joy, and be led forth with peace. The Mountains and the Hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the Trees of the Field shall clap their hands, InRead of the Thorn, shall come np the Firr-tree; and instead of the Bryer, shall come up the Myrtle-tree: and it shall be to the Lord for a Name, and for everlasting Sign, that shall not be cut off The Sun

shall be no more thy Light by day, neither for bright11.60.19. ness shall the Moon give Light unto thee; but the Lord shall be unto thee an everlafting Light, and



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