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of their Sorceries,nor of their Fornication, nor af their Thefts. This signifiesto us, that the Periods of the sixth Trumpet , and the ravages of the Turks, is that of the corruption of the Church in the fourth Monarchy, & in the Antichristian Kingdom'; a period, during which there reigned Idolatry, worshipping of Demons, or fecond Mediatory Gods, Images placed in the Temples & Oratories, depravation of manners, by Poisonings, Afaffinations, Sodomies, Incests , Adulteries, and other impurities, Thefts, Robberies and Violent Dealings. And in truth, the Roman Church since.the tenth Age, fell into such shameful Idolatry, and such horrible Corruption of Manners that never was any thing like it seen in the History of the World. This point may be seen justified at large in qur just Prejudices against Popery.


The Explication of the Tenth Chapter of

the Revelation.

He ninth Chapter ends the first part of

the Revelation and the second ; wherin is what we seek after, viz. Antichrift, the time of his continuance, and the circumstances of his end.

This tenth Chapter is properly the preface to the second little book ; Wemust explainit bere before we proceed.


V. I. ,

time for a lecond

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And I saw a nother mighty Angel come Pe

down from Heaven clothed with a Cloud, 1. Chrif É a Rain-bow was upon his Head , ES his second Face was as it were the Sun, & his Feet as Pillars of Fire. 'Tis clear by this Pomp, that vision. this Angel is Jesus Christ. They are very near the same colours

wherwith he was described in the firft chapter of the book ; his Countenance was like the Sun, & his Feet like unto fine Brass. This is an Argument, that here a new Prophecy begins , a second act of this great piece. 'Tis Jesus Christ the Prophet of Prophets, that must cause these Visions to enter.

He had in his hand a little Book open : & The diffe be set his right Foot upon the Sea , & his left between Foot on the Earth. See here a little book the firft

little book different from the first, which was given to of the Rcthe Lamb in the fifth chapter. Another velation, argument , that 'tis a Revelation wholly feconda new, of another order. The first book contained the Destinies of the Empire, and this eontains the Destinies of the Church. The first book was written without & within; by Vreason of the multitude of events that were to befall the fourth Monarchy, the adventures wherof God would foretel , until the coming of the fifth Monarchy; that is to say, the Kingdom of

Jesus Christ. The first book was Sealed with seven seals. But this later one is a little book. opened. 'Tis because the first part of the Revelation, which respects the destinies of the Empire , is incomparably pore obscure, & more difficult to be under


The defti- stood than the second. In this second part, the Church which respects the deftinies of the Church, are more Antichrist is very plainly seen , & all thofe prediæed things that muft befall the Antichristian Em. ifanc Empire. But the first part of the Revelation, pirc.

which contains the deftinies of the Empire, is so obscure that hardly any thing of it is understood, tho at this day all the events are come to pafs , & the prophecies fullfilled. fofeph Mede in my opinion is the first, that understood any thing of it. He fet his right foot on the sea ; & his left foot on the Earth. This fignifies his Empire over the whole terrestrial Globe, composed of Earth and water ; & it fignifies also, that what he was about to fore-tell, respected all the men that dwell in the world. He fet his right foot on the Sea. The Sea in respect to the land of Canaan was on the West ; & this signifies, that the West should be the principal Theater of the Adventures of the Antichristian Eme pire, which he was going to describe.

And he cried with a loud voice as when 4 Lion roareth, when he bad cried seven Thunders uttered their voices. This roaring of a Lion was a prefage, that

that which he was about to predict, was výhat terrible : As in truth nothing is more voices & fatal to the Church, than the Empire of An. fignify in, tichrift. Seven thunders uttered their voices. the Reve. In this Book, Lightnings, Thunders, Voices especally always fignify the words & oracles of God.

The seven Thunders of this second little book, second parto are exactly the feven Spirits of the former.

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For both the seven Spirits , & the sever
Thunders fignify the divine Oracles : Spirits ,
because of him that dictares them: Thunders,
because of their efficacy, because they beat
down to the ground, they astonish, & they
fhake : Seven, because of their perfection.
When Jesus Chrift by his roaring had given
the presage of Future Events, the Oracles
were given & pronounced concerning those

And when the seven Thunders had uttered
their Voices, I was about to write , 8 I heard A fealed
A voice from heaven saying unto me , seal up an obscure

vilion. those things which the seven Thunders uttered, & write them not.

A Sealed Book, a Writing , a Word sealed, according to the Style of the Scripture, is a word that is not understood. The Vision of 11. 29. 11. all is, faith Efay, as a book that is sealed : that is to say, you shall not understand it. God

Dan. 8.26 faith to Daniel , seal up the vision , for it Shall be for many Days. And in another place, o Daniel, Shut up the words , & seal the Dani 12. book, even to the time of the end : many shall inn to 8 fro, & knowledg Shall be encreased. That is to fay, God will not have the Prophecies be understood till a certain time. In like manner the Prophecy that respected Antichrist

up till an appointed time. For above ten whole ages nothing of it was understood, or so little, that 'tis to be reckon'd as nothing. And write themi not: that is to say, do not express them in fuch


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was Sealed

terms, that in them the events may be read at lealt not very soon.

V.5. And the Angel which I saw ftanding zipon tbe Sea and upon the Earth, lifted up bis Hand to Heaven.

V.6. And fware by him that liveth forever and ever; who created Heaven, and the things that therein are ; and the Earth, and the things that therein are ; and the Sea, and the things which are therein, That there should be Time no longer.

V.7. But in the days of the Voice of the seventh Angel, when he shall begin to found, the My. Rery of Godfhould be finisht, as he hath declared to his Servants the Prophets.

The Voice of the seventh Trumpet is that which must found at the moment of the last Fall of the Antichristian Empire, when Popemy shall be destroyed: Then all the Nations shall turn unto God, to make up the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, that is yet to come; as

appears by these words: Gh. 11. 15. The seventh Angel sounded, and there were

great Voices in Heaven, saying, The Kingdoms of this world are become the Kingdoms of our Lord, and of bis Cbrist, and he shall reign fora ever and ever.

Here our Angel swears, that in that time, that is to say, when the Kingdoms shall be reduced to Jesus Christ, Time shall be no longer, Time in this place is not opposed to Eternity, as if the Angel would say, that then the World Challend, and Eternity begin; but his mean


vvhen the laft Trum

pet muft


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