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I AM told that I must write a Preface

and never was mortal in a more pitiable pre

dicament than I am, in consequence of this

necessity! I neither know what to say or who

to address !-But, as “ l'appetit vient en man

geant" I trust that ideas may flow as I write.

If I plead youth and inexperience as an excuse

for my numerous errors, I shall be told that

I had no

business' to turn Authoress.

If I

crave the kind indulgence of reviewers, they will marvel at my audacity ;-then, if I address

the public—of what may my Public consist ?

Perhaps of some half dozen readers, who may

manage to wade on to the last page! But I will

hope that they may be as many as serve to

make up a jury; and knowing the leaning

towards mercy which my countrymen have

ever evinced, I throw myself on their leniency,

and trust they will pronounce an indulgent

verdict. I can only say, that I felt every word

I wrote, and, therefore, I may hope to awaken

some kindred feelings in kindred bosoms; for

although it is the fashion to talk much of the

heartlessness and coldness of the world, I do

believe I know that there is far more thought

lessness than absence of heart in this same

world, and that deep feeling, genuine kindness, and noble generosity are much more

common than misanthropists will allow.

And now my fair and gentle countrywomen

my brave, gallant and gallant countrymen, I

throw myself on your mercy; and who ever

trusted you and was deceived ?

With honest pride swelling my heart at

being able to claim the proud title of your

compatriot, I take my leave of you.


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