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Ralph Allen, Esq.


ID this Address aim no

farther than at the common End of Dedicators, I should have been proud enough to have declined the Trouble, and You too wise to have approved this public Manner of offering it.

To praise You, were impertinent; and to tell others of my Obligations to You, would have the Appearance rather of Vanity than Gratitude.


The Truth is ; I make free with Your Name on this Occafion, not so much to protect my Book, as to complete my Argument.

I HAVE ventured to criticize the Works of a very celebrated Writer, who took it into his Head to oppose the folid Wifdom of the Gospel, by the Visions of false Philosophy. As His, at beft, is but the cause of Wit and Eloquence, all the Support he could give it was only to tell us how PLATO wrote: Mine being that of Truth, and Chriftianity, I have the Advantage of realizing all I say, in bidding the World take Notice how You live.


In a Word; I was willing to bring the Question to a short Iffue; and shew, by a known EXAMPLE, to what an Elevation true Christianity can exalt human Nature. Till therefore philofophic Taste can produce a parallel Effect, Religion must bear the Palm; and CHRISTIANITY, like her Parent Wisdom, will be justified of her Children.

I am, SIR,

Your most obliged,

humble Servant,


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