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Page 64 - Now, when a directly opposite state of mind is induced, there is a strong and involuntary tendency to the performance of movements of a directly opposite nature, though these are of no use; and such movements are in some cases highly expressive.
Page 204 - Idiocy is not a disease but a condition in which the intellectual faculties are never manifested or have never been developed sufficiently to enable the idiot to acquire such an amount of knowledge as persons of his own age, and placed in similar circumstances with himself are capable of receiving.
Page 189 - They wanted to make an old woman of me, or that I should stuff Latin and Greek at the University ; but these schemes I cracked like so many vermin as they came before me.
Page 109 - Virtue; and had inclination to that Duty and Obedience they had never been taught; so that when it pleased God to bring King Charles the Second back to his Throne, he found that University [Oxford] . . . abounding in excellent Learning, and devoted to Duty and Obedience, little inferior to what it was before its desolation...
Page 64 - The movements of expression in the face and body, whatever their origin may have been, are in themselves of much importance for our welfare. They serve as the first means of communication between the mother and her infant ; she smiles approval, and thus encourages her child on the right path, or frowns disapproval.
Page 139 - Certificates of diligent attendance in each term on courses of Lectures, or Practical Instruction, in two of the subjects of the Examinations for Medical or Surgical degrees; or of diligent attendance in each term on a course of Lectures, or Practical Instruction, in one of those subjects, and also on the Practice of Addenbrooke's Hospital.
Page 74 - Of the patients about whom I have been consulted, I know only two who are now, after many years, disordered in mind, and of them one had already been so before her marriage.
Page 89 - By this means I hope, gentlemen, not only to supply an amount of skin equal to the size of the piece transferred, but to furnish also a nucleus from which additional skin shall be formed. I hope to establish a new centre of life — an oasis — from whose outer verge a true and healthy vegetation shall advance in every direction over the exhausted soil.
Page 119 - ... are exhausted the risk begins. Third : If the syphilitic virus and the vaccine virus be implanted at one and the same time, what will be the course of events ? If the patient is susceptible of vaccination the vesicle goes through its usual phases and heals, and nothing more happens till the end of a month, when the scar indurates and the chancre forms. In some cases, however, the vaccination sore never heals, and in these the scab somewhat obscures the characters of the chancre.
Page 13 - Society, was unparalleled. It was his custom to run about with a highly ornamented album to every distinguished person, British or Foreign, to whom he could by any possibility introduce himself, inform them that they were elected honorary members...

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