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lloc illud est præcipuè in cognitione Rerum salubre ac frugiferum, omnis te Exempli

Documenta in illustri posita Monumento intueri: inde tibi tuæque Reipublicæ quod
imitere, capias: inde fædum Inceptu, fædum Exitu, quod vites.

T. Livii Præfatio.

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1770.—MERITS of Wilkes's election discussed in parliament.-- Petitions and addresses

to the throne.- Privilege of parliament abridged-Grenville act respecting con. tested elections.-Change of ministry.-Lord North's policy respecting the

provinces.-Affair of Falkland's Islands. 1771.- -Affair of Falkland's Islands discussed. — Trials respecting liberty of the press.

Embankment of the Thames for the adelphi buildings. 1772.-General line of conduct respecting the affairs of the continent.-Ecclesiastical

affairs in parliament.-- India affairs.-American affairs. 1773. Insurrection in St. Vincent's.-East India affairs.-Important resolutions respecte

ing territorial possessions, &c.—Proceedings respecting lord Clive.-The aspect

of affairs in America is daily more serious. 1774. -Several acts to punish and restrain the Bostonians and other revolters.

Wedderburne incenses doctor Franklin, agent for the Americans, by his acri. monious language.- Quebec regulating act.—State of things in America.--A general congress.-Acts of it.—Different sentiments of men respecting the

merits of the contest. 1775.- Warm debates on the merits of the American war.- Petition from congress.

Lord Chatham's proposal.--Division in the council.—Mr. Burke's plan.--Event of the campaign.-Operations near Boston.-In Virginia.-In Canada.-Autumn session. Mr. Penn's representation of the state of America.--Second plan by

Mr. Burke. 1776. Mr. Fox's motion for a committee of inquiry.-Duke of Grafton's motion.

Lord Howe and sir William Howe appointed Commissioners to treat with the Americans.-Operations in Canada.-Operations in South Carolina.-Operations in Long Island. Subsequent operations in York Island and on the continent. b



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1777.- Policy of France towards Great Britain.-Ineffectual effort and consequent

secession of some of the members of opposition.--East India affairs.- Inves.
tigation respecting lord Pigot, &c.—Events of the campaign in the Jerseys, &c.
-Events of the campaign in Canada.-Change of commanders there.—Force.

-Disastrous issue.--Consequent parliamentary occurrences.
1778. Measures to prevent the ill consequences of the late disasters.-Appointment

of commissioners to treat with the Americans.-Death of lord Chatham and
outline of his life, &c.—Trade of Ireland.-Act respecting the revenues of the
royal family.-Act respecting roman catholics.-Transactions of the commis.
sioners.-Resignation of sir William Howe and appointment of general Clinton.
-Events of the campaign in the Jerseys.-Cruelties committed by colonel
Butler.-Consequent cruelties of the provincial generals.-Events in the southern
provinces.-Events consequent on the declaration of war by France.—Naval
occurrences in the West Indies.—Naval events in the Channel.-Influence of

party spirit.- Merits of Keppel and Palliser discussed.
1779.-Mr. Fox's mõtion for the removal of lord Sandwich.-Inquiry into his conduct.

War declared by Spain.—Tumults in Scotland.--Associations in Ireland.-
Parliamentary proceedings relative to Ireland.--Events in the West Indies.-
Events in South Carolina.-Events in Connecticut, &c.-Events in Massa-
chusets Bay.-Naval events on ,the American coast, in conjunction with the

land forces.
1780. Mr. Burke's plan of economic reform rejected.-A committee of accounts

appointed.—Lord Shelburne's motion for a committee to examine into the
expenditure, rejected.—Mr. Dunning's motion relative to the influence of the
crown, rejected.--An association in London under the auspices of lord George
Gordon to procure a , repeal of the acts in favour of roman catholics.—Conse.
quent events and parliamentary proceedings.-Naval actions in the Channel
and the West Indies.--Successes of the royalists in South Carolina.-Reverse
of fortune.-A grand scheme of operations concerted by the Americans and
their allies fails of success.-Affair of general Arnold and major André.-

Incidents which led to the war with the Dutch states and the armed neutrality.
1781. Merits of the war with llolland discussed.--East India affairs.-Unfortunate

campaign in the Carolinas.--Signal display of Washington's talents.---Lord
Cornwallis surrenders at York Town.--Descent on Jersey.--Naval campaign.
-Operations in the West Indies.-Siege of Gibraltar.-Gasconade of the
combined fleet.--Siege of St. Philips.-Battle between the English and Dutch

fleets.-Capture made by Kempenfeldt.
1782. Repeated attacks on the ministry.--Change of ministry. Popular character of

the new ministers.--Death of the marquis of Rockingham and consequent
change of ministry. --Their first measures.- Measures respecting the depen,
dency of Ireland.--Mr. Pitt's motion for a reform in the representation rejected.


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