The Silent Cry of a P.k./l.k. Preacher's & Leader's Kid: Was It I Who Made You Cry?

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My involvement with children partly comes from my childhood upbringing. When I lived on the farm with my parents during my elementary school years, there was no boredom. The farm provided us with a large playground and there was the large variety of plants, berries and mushrooms that I was intrigued with and picked. But when I started high school, I had to leave home and move to the nearest village. There I hated when school was over for the day as there was not much for me to do. I realized that there are many children in similar positions in cities and developing countries where they may be confined to small spaces with lack of resources for entertainment. Adults are more concerned about material possessions and providing physical needs for children. But the child's need for play equipment is often neglected.

Being still in good health and preferring the active lifestyle, I thought I could fill this void somehow. My experience working with youth will help. In many countries, there are abundance of kids, many on the streets I can tap to. Many of them don't have any play equipment or toys and would be content with any kind of activity. This book accounts of the joys and sometimes disappointments interacting with these children.

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