The Itinerary of John Leland the Antiquary: Publish'd from the Original MS. in the Bodleian Library, Volumes 1-3

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Printed at the Theater for James Fletcher ... and Joseph Pote, Eaton, 1768 - Great Britain

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Page 85 - Then were al the chief toures of the 3. court as in the hart of the castel. The haul and al the houses of offices be large and stately : and in the haul I saw an incredible great beame of an hart. The great chaumber was exceding large, but now it is fals rofid and devidid into 2.
Page 110 - Boscastelle lyith apon the brow of a rokky hille by south est, and so goith doun by lenght to the northe % toward the se, but not even ful hard to it. It is a very filthy toun and il kept. There is a chirch in it, as I remembre, of S. Simpherian.
Page 16 - Godolcan, on the top of an hille, wher is a diche, and there was a pile and principal habitation of the Godolcans. The diche yet apperith, and many stones of late time hath beene fetchid thens ; it is a 3.
Page 55 - One thing I likid excedingly yn one of the towers, that was a study caullid Paradise, wher was a closet in the midle of 8. squares latisid aboute : and at the toppe of every square was a desk ledgid...
Page xxvi - Swannes, wherein is comprehended the original and increafe of the River Lee, commonly called Ware River, together with the Antiquitie of fundri places and towns feated upon the fame.
Page 50 - Rotenhering, of the same toun, cam into so high favor for wit, actyvite, and riches, that he was made Counte of Southfolk, wherapon he got of King Richard the 2. many grauntes and privileges to the toune ; and yn his tyme the toune was wonderfully augmentid yn building, and was enclosid with diches, and the waul begon, and yn continuance endid, and made al of brike, as most part of the houses of the toun at that tyme was.
Page 93 - Ther is in the North side of the Body of the Chapelle a Tumbe in the Waulle without Image or Writing, and a Tumbe with a goodly Image of a man of Armes in the North...
Page vii - Or in a twelve monelhs time and a day Repented not in thought any way : But continued true and just in desire As when you joyned hands in the holy quire If to these conditions without all feare, Of your own accord you will freely...
Page 86 - Ther long 3. parkes to Raby wherof 2. be plenishid with fo. 92. dere. The midle park hath a lodge in it. And thereby is a chace bering the name of Langeley," and hath falow dere : it is a 3. miles in lenght.
Page 106 - Then al the cuntery about sette their handes onto the performing of it: and sins landes hath be gyven to the maintenaunce of it. Ther standith a fair chapelle of our Lady trans pontem at the very ende of it, and there is a fraternite in the toun for perservation of this bridge : and one waitith continually to kepe the bridg clene from al ordure.

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