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’A, he, I

BEZALEEL. He designed | BOGLE, bogie, ghost ABLINS, AIBLINS, perhaps and executed the works BONA DEA, the special god. ABOULFOUARIS. See The of art for the Tabernacle. dess of women amongst Monastery, Appendix : See Exod. xxxi. 1-6

the ancient Romans Author's answer to Cap- BIDE, BIDDEN, remain, BONSPIEL, match at curltain Clutterbuck

wait, stay, live ABUNE, above BIELD, shelter

BOTTLE - HEAD, a stupid AE, one

BIG, BIGG, build; BIGGIT fellow AFTERHEND, afterwards

WA's, built walls

BOUGHT SO MANY BROOMS, A-GUISARDING, New Year's BILBOES, a long iron bar got so many warrants mumming

with sliding shackles, in AHINT, behind

which the legs of prison BOURTREE, elder tree Aik, oak

ers were confined. See Bow, boll Ain, own

note on the Gad (p. Bowl O' A PINT STOUP, the ANCE ERRAND, for the very 431)

handle of a pint flagon, purpose

Billie, young man, jolly than which, as the ScotANTI-BURGHER, a Presby comrade

tish proverb infers, there terian sect who refused BING OUT AND TOUR, go out is nothing comes more to take the burgess oath and watch

readily to the grasp A SECRETIS, as private BINNA, be not

BRAGGED WI', reproached, secretary BIRK, birch twig

upbraided by ATWEEL, very well

BIRLING, drinking in com BRIGG, bridge AULD THREEP, an old pany

BROCK, badger superstition, obstinately BIRTH, an obsolete form BROD, a church collectingpersisted in of 'berth,' situation

plate AUT QUOCUNQUE ALIO BITTLE, or BEETLE, a BUIRDLY, stout, well made

NOMINE VOCARIS, or by wooden mallet for beat BULLY-HUFF, boasting bully whatever other name you ing washed clothes Bye, besides are called

BITTOCK, a little bit AWEEL, well

BLACK Acts, the laws of CA’, CA'D, call, called AwMous, alms

necromancy or magic CABARET, tavern

BLACK - FISHING, salmon - CADIE, or CADDIE, mesBALLANT, ballad, song

spearing by night during senger, errand - man or BAN, revile, rail at

the close season BARKEN, clot, harden

BLACK PETER, portman CAKE-HOUSE, house of enBARKERS AND SLASHERS, teau. Cf. To rob Peter to tertainment, where cakes pistols and cutlasses pay Paul

were sold BARROW-TRAM, raw-boned, BLATE, shy, abashed

CALIPH VATHEK, an awkward fellow

BLEARING YOUR EE, blind Arabian tale by W. BAULK, ridge, bank

ing your eye by flattery Beckford (1784) BEDRAL, sexton

BLUMENGARTEN, flower CALLANT, lad BERLING, BERLIN, sort of garden

CALOTTE. Presumably galley or boat

BLUNKER, calico-printer Jacques Callot, a French BESTED, SAIR, in a sad way, 1 BODDLE, small Scotch designer and engraver of sad condition copper coin

the 17th century, who


delighted in grotesque and extravagant subjects CAMACHO'S WEDDING, an

allusion to Don Quixote,

Part II.
CAMSTEARY, obstinate and

unruly, perverse
CANIDIA, an old witch of

Naples. See Horace,

CANNY, cautious, prudent
CANTLE, corner-piece, slice
CANTY, cheerful, merry
CAPTION, warrant for appre-

CAPUCHIN, a kind of hood

or shawl
CARLE, fellow
Cess, land-tax
CHAPPIT, struck (e.g. a

CHAUDRONS, entrails
CHEERER, glass of spirits

and hot water CHIELD, fellow CHRISTENBURY CRAIG, or

a hill in the east of

CHUMLAY, chimney
CIRCUMDUCE, to declare the

time elapsed during
which proof can be
brought forward. A

Scots law term
CLANJAMFRAY, rabble, all

sorts of people
CLASHES, rumours, gossip
CLAUGHT, snatch
CLAVER, gossip
CLECKING TIME, when hens

hatch chickens
CLEEKS, iron chimney-

hooks. See note on Lum

Cleeks (p. 428) CLERIHUGH's, a tavern in

Writers' Court, off the

High Street, Edinburgh CLOD, fling, hurl Close, alley CLOUR, thump, smash CLOUTED SHOES, shoes having the soles studded with iron plates or large-headed nails; also

patched shoes CLOYED A DUD, stolen a

CONCURRENT, an attendant tween the island of on a sheriff's officer

Walcheren and Flanders
CONJURO, ABJURO, etc. (p. DING, throw, beat

329), I adjure, swear, DONNERT, stupid
protest, and emphatic Doo, dove. See also Dukit
ally enjoin thee

DOOMS, very, absolutely
CONJURO TE, etc. (p. 329), Douce, quiet, staid

I adjure thee, thou most DOUSE THE GLIM, put out
accursed, iniquitous, the light
base, wicked, and Dow, list, care
wretched woman, I DOWIE, dull, melancholy
adjure thee

DOWNRIGHT DUNSTABLE, CORPS DE LOGIS, main one who speaks plain, building of a mansion. and straight to the point house

DREE'D HIS WEIRD, bore COUP, upset, overturn

his fate
CRACKS, familiar talk, DRY-HANDED, unarmed

DUB, pool, puddle
CRAMBO, a game at capping DUDS, clothes, rags

rhymed scraps

Shakespeare's Henry VI. CRANKING, creaking, bust Part II. Act ii. Sc. i ling

DUKIT, or DUKATE, doveCRAPPIT - HEADS, haddock cote. A park containing

heads cooked with a the dovecote is often
stuffing of oatmeal, suet, called in Scotland the
onions, and pepper

'dukate park'
CROOKS, windings of a

EASSEL, EASSIL, eastward
CROW, a crowbar

EE, EEN, eye, eyes
CRUFFEL FELL, a lofty hill ELDING, fuel, generally

(Criffell) in the east of

ELD, old people, elders
CUJACIUS. Jacques Cujas, EPHEMERIS (pl. Epheme-

a celebrated French rides), an astronomical

jurist of the 16th century almanac, or predicted CUMMERBAND, or CUMMER chart of the heavenly

BUND, the broad sash or bodies for every day shawl that an Oriental during a certain period wears as a girdle

ERICTHOE, a Thessalian CUSSER, one given to Sorceress cursing

Es SPUCKT DA, that place
Custos ROTULORUM, the is haunted

chief civil officer of a

FADERLAND, one's father-
CULUGGED, crop-eared

land or mother country CUTTY SPOON, short spoon FAEM, foam

FAIR-STRAE DEATH, natural DARBIES, handcuffs

death in one's own bed DARKMANS, night, night FAMBLES, hands time

FAR YAUD, far away, a cry DAURNA, dare not

to sheep-dogs DAY-DAWING, dawn

Fasi, trouble, cause
DEAD-THRAW, death-agony trouble to; FASHIOUS,
DEATH - RUCKLE, death FASHEOUS, troublesoine

FASTE, display, show
DEFEAT, exhausted

FAULD - DYKE, sheep - fold
DEIL-BE - LICKET, not the wall
least scrap, piece

FAUSE LOON, false, sham-
DE LYRA, a French theo. ming fellow

logian of the 14th cen FECK, part
tury, wrote celebrated FECKLESS, feeble, spiritless
Commentaries (in Latin) FEE AND BOUNTIT), wages

on the Old Testament and perquisites
DEUKE, the Duke of FEIFTEEN, the Supreme

Court of fifteen judges DEURLOO, or DEURLO, & in Edinburgh

narrow arm of the FELL, hill; hide, skin; Western Scheldt, be. I keen, clever

[blocks in formation]


ILKA WAF CARLE, every born to consume the wild GUMPHIONS, funeral ban. insignificant churl animals of the field-an ners

ILK ITHER, one another allusion to the sporting GYRE-CARLING, witch, hob INGAN, onion squires of England in

goblin Tom Jones

JAW-HOLE, the hole or sink FERME ORNÉE, fancy farm | HADDEN, held

where dirty water, etc., FERN-SEED, GATHER THE, HAFFLIN CALLANT, half is thrown a means of rendering grown lad

JET AND OBJECT, aim, point, oneself invisible HAICK, hack

and object FERRET, a narrow cotton HAILL WATER, whole river JETHART, Jedburgh or worsted band

side, valley, district

JOE, sweetheart FESCENNINE, ribald, scur HALLAN, partition wall JOHN A' NOKES, or JOHN rilous

HANSEL, gift of money in 0' NOAKES, a fictitious FIE, predestined, fore the hand, tip, Christmas name used by lawyers in doomed

box; HANSEL MONANDAY, writs for ejectment FIENT A BIT, never a bit; Monday after New Year's JOHNNIE ARMSTRONG AND FIENT A HAET, the devil a day

HIS MERRY - MEN; celejot!

HANTLE, handful, a num brated Border raiders FIKE, bother, take trouble ber of

of Liddesdale. See MinFIRLOT, a corn measure HAUD, hold

strelsy of Scottish Border, FLISK, frisk, jerk

HAULD, OUT OF HOUSE AND, Johnie Armstrong FORBYE, besides



MAN. Faa is a well-known Fou, full, satisfied

HELLICAT, desperate, ex gipsy family on the FOUR-HOURS, a slight meal travagant

Borders. The leader of taken between dinner HERD, man in charge of the a gang (and the greatest and supper, usually at cattle on a Scotch farm rogue in it) was called 4 o'clock

HEUGH, or HEUCH, a broken the upright man. See FOUR QUARTERS, hands and bank

Blackwood, 1817, vol. i. feet (to help)

HEYDON AND CHAMBER. John o' THE SCALES, FRIAR'S CHICKEN, chicken John Chainber, canon of steward of the lord of broth with eggs beaten Windsor, and Sir Chris Linne, whose estate he

up and dropped into it topher Heydon carried bought at a ridiculously FRUMMAGEM'D, throttled on a controversy on low figure and then astrology in 1601-4

treated his late master GAE, GAED, go, went

HIGH MIGHTINESSES, the despitefully. See Percy's GAEDOWN, drinking bout customary title of the Reliques, Series II, Book GALLOWAY, kind of strong Estates of Holland

II. Scotch cob

HINNEY, honey, a familiar GANG, to go

form of address

Kahn, skiff GANGREL, vagrant

HIRSEL, HIRSILL, to slide KAIM, camp, hillock GANGTHEREOUT, wander or glide down ; a flock KEEPIT THE KIRK, ating, vagrant HIZZIE, hussy

tended the parish church GANWEHIS, possibly for HOLD MICH DER DEYVIL, a KEN, KENNA, know, know

Gauricus, an astrologer corruption of a common not of the 16th century

German oath, The devil KIBE, chapped heel, ulcerGAR, force, make

take me!'

ated chilblain GATE, GAIT, way, manner, HORNING, warrant for ap KILLOGIE, lime-kiln furroad prehending a debtor

nace GAY, GEY, considerable HOUDIE, midwife

KILT, upset, overturn GELT, money

HOUNDSFOOT SCHELM, stu KIMMER, gossip, friend GIFF-GAFF, give and take pid blockhead, blunder KINCHEN-MORT, a girl GLIFF, GLIFFING, instant, ing rascal

KINCHIN, infant minute

HOWFF, resort, lurking KINDER, children GLIM, light

place. See Whaap

KIPPER, smoked salmon GLOWER, stare Howk, dig

KIST, chest GOTT, God

Howm, hollow, small KITT, booty, plunder GOUD, gold


KITTLE, ticklish, doubtful GOWAN, daisy

KNAVE-BAIRN, boy child GRACE THE WOODIE, adorn has no horns

KNEVEL, beat severely with the gallows HUMDUDGEON, ado, pet

the fists GREET, cry, weep HUND, hound, drive

KOBOLD, a hobgoblin; the GREGO, GRIEGO, a short HUNT -THE-GOWK, fool's devil

cloak, of coarse woollen errand stuff, with a hood at.

LAIR, learning, education tached ICH BIN, I am, I be

LANG GATE, a long way, a GREW, greyhound

ICH BIN GANZ GEFRORNE, IT good step GRIEVE, overseer

am frozen to death

LANGSYNE, long ago


and food LATCH, mire, bog LED FARM, a farm on which

the tenant does not

LETTER-GAE, church pre-

centor or clerk
LEUGH, laughed
LEVIN, lightning
LIB - KEN, jail quarters,

LIFT, the firmament, sky
middle of the 17th cen-
tury made a profession,
in London, of casting
nativities and foretelling
future events, his knav.
eries having great weight

with many LIMMER, jade LINKS, windings of a river LINNE, HEIR OF. The story is related in Percy's Reliques, Series II. Book

[blocks in formation]

after Easter Sunday, 14th, should be built, and an April 1360

armed guard should acMOIDORE,a Portuguese gold company every coach

coin, worth 27 shillings PARRITCH, porridge MONITOIRE, a French law PEAT-HAG, a bog, morass

term. Strictly, a brief PECULIUM, pocket-money
read from the parish PEENGING, whining
church, charging all PENNY-STANE, stone quoit
under pain of excom PERIAPT, amulet
munication to give any | PICKLE, a few
evidence for detection of PIKE OUT, pick out, pluck

MOONSHIE, secretary PINNERS, head-dress, lap-
Moss, a morass, bog; MOSS pets

HAG, a hollow or break in PIRN, reel
a moss

Pit, put
MUCKLE, much, great, PIT MIRK, dark as a pit

PLAINTE DE TOURNELLE, MULTA SUNT, etc. (p. 423), information laid before

in customs there are the chamber for crimmany things inconsistent inal inquiries (La Tourand many devoid of nelle) of the Parlement reason

of Paris. As a general MUSCAVADO, or MUSCOVADO, term, a rigorous in. unrefined sugar


PLOUGH-GATE, as much land NANTz, Nantes brandy

as could be ploughed with NE ACCESSERIS, etc. (p. one plough

410), enter not into coun Pock, poke, bag

sel until you are called POCKMANKY, portmanteau NEIN, no

POINDED, impounded, shut
NE MOVEAS CAMERINAM, up in a pin-fold

Don't touch (interfere Poppling, purling,rippling
with) the Camerina. An Pow, head
oracular dictum of Apollo PRIG, beg, entreat
forbidding the marsh or PRIN, pin
morass in the river at PROUT DE LEGE, according
Camarina in Sicily to be to law


TENDIT APOLLO, peither storming and raging does Apollo (Phoebus) RANDLE-TREE, a tall, rawalways bend the bow

boned person though that was his RANDY, vagrant, disorderly special duty

RANGING AND RIPING, siftNIFFER, higgle, bargain

ing and searching NIFF-NAFFY, fastidious RASP-HOUSE, custom-house NO CANNY, not safe, danger RED COCK CRAW, raise ous

fire NON VALENS AGERE, not in REDDING (a quarrel), set

a position to look after tling, putting an end to one's own

REDGILL, Dr., a vulgar,

selfish gourmand in ON N'ARRÊTE, etc. (p. 352), Miss Ferrier's novel

it doesn't do to halt on Marriage
such a good road

REISE, twig, small branch OPORTET VIVERE, we must REIST, smoke, dry (fish, needs live

etc.) ORRA TIME, occasionally RETOUR, returned to ChanOUTCAST, dispute

cery for service of an OUT OF HOUSE AND HAULD, heir destitute

Rig, ridge, field, acre

Rin, run
Paiks, drubbing, punish RIPE, to search

RIVE, rob, pilfer

Palmer of Bath in 1782 ROTURIER, a plebeian
suggested that special ROUGHIES, dry splinters
post coaches for speed or branches used as fuel

MAIST, most
MAROONS, outlaws (run.

a way slaves and others)

in Jamaica Maun, MAUNNA, must,

must not
MAUNDERING, grumbling
MEARNS, an old name for

MEMORIAL, barrister's brief
MESSAN, cur, dog of little


murder by night
Monday, called after
Black Monday, the day


to supply the light for bay from 1793 to 1836, popularly called Tartars

burning the water, as and richer in silver than in Norway and Sweden it is called. Rags dipped the Company's rupees Tass, glass in tar and similarly SING OUT, or WHISTLE IN TEINDS, tithes employed cre called THE CAGE, is when a TEMPORE CAROLI PRIMI, in hards'

rogue, being appre the time of Charles I. ROUP, to sell by auction ; hended, peaches against TENT, care a sale ; ROUPIT, sold by his comrades

THACK AND RAPE, thatch auction

SKEEL, professional advice and rope, with which ROUTING, bellowing, snor. SKITS, tricks

farmers make fast their ing

Slack, morass, a low pass. corn-stacks RUBBIT, robbed

age between two hills THAE, these RULLION GREEN, a natural SLAP, gap, breach

THAT WEIGHT OF WOOD, pass on the south side SMAIK, a mean, despicable etc. From Crabbe's of the Pentland Hills, fellow, wretch

Library where in 1666 a party SOUPLE, a stout cudgel TURAPPLE, the throat of Covenanters from Gal SPAE, cast, foretell

THREEP, assert, say, loway were cut to pieces SPAN - COUNTER, a game threaten by General Thomas Dal with counters in which THRISTLE, thistle ziel

the player tries to pitch TIFF, a sup, draught of RUMP AND DOZEN, rump of his own counter within drink

beef and a dozen of wine, a span's length of his | TIPPENNY, twopenny ale a good dinner antagonist's

TOD, fox SPEER, SPEIR, to inquire, TOLBOOTH, jail, house of SACKLESS, innocent ask

detention SAIN, bless


pouch, occasionally used tongue of the Jew's harp, SALL ICH BIN, shall I be as a purse

the sounding-piece of the SALVATOR. Salvator Rosa, SPLORES, frolics, squabbles instrument the Neapolitan painter SPRUG, a sparrow

Toom, empty SAMYN, self-same

SPUNK OF FIRE, a bit of TOTA RE PERSPECTA, conSAP, ninny, heavy-headed fire, small fire

sidering the whole thing fellow

STANDISH, an inkstand Tow, hemp, rope SARK, shirt


shirt-full of sore bones at a spot near the Roman hanged SAUFEN BIER, etc. (p. 226), Wall in Cumberland TROKE, deal or traffic with

Quaff the beer and STEEK, stitch ; shut, close TRON, a church on the brandy, Smash the win. STICKIT MINISTER, STICKIT High Street, Edinburgh, dows in! I'm a rake; STIBBLER, one who, after a little to the east of St. you're a rake. Are we studying for the church Giles' Cathedral not all rakes together? in Scotland, fails in the TRYST, market, fair SAUGH, willow


TUILZIE, brawl, scuffle SAULIES, hired mourners STIRK, steer

TURBAND, turban SAUT, salt

STIR YOUR GEAR, touch, I TWA, TWASOME, two SCAFF-RAFF, riff-raff, rabble meddle with, your be TWEEL, web, woven cloth SCART, scratch


TYKE, cur SCHNAPS, a dram

STOWN, stolen SCOURING THE CRAMP-RING, STRAE, straw being thrown into fetters, STRAFE MICH HELLE, Hell


deceased or into prison

take me! STRAFE MICH SCREED, a lengthy piece,

| Unco, uncommon, strange DER DEYFEL, the devil

UPHAUD, uphold large quantity, an excess fetch me! SEDERUNT, a sitting, a law STRAMMEL, straw term STREIK, STREEK, stretch,

VERBUM VOLANS, a winged SHAKE-RAG, tatterdemalion lay out a dead body

word, idle word SHAND, base coin

STURE, tall, big
SHEAR, divide, cut
SUNKIE, a low stool

WAD, would ; bet, wager SHERRA, sheriff

SUUM CUIQUE TRIBUITO, TO WAEFU', woeful SHOEING-HORN, something every man his due

WALE, choice, best, pick leading or encouraging SWEAR, difficult, hard WAME, belly to further drinking

WARLOCK, wizard, witch SHOON, shoes

WA's, walls SIB, related

Tait o' woo', tuft (small WASTER, or LEISTER, a long SIC, SICKEN, such

piece) of wool

spear used for striking SICCA RUPEES, rupees newly | TAK Tent, to take care, be salmon. There is also coined; rupees struck by ware of

a shorter, which is cast the Government of Bom- | TARTARS. The gipsies are from the hand, and

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