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sailors, interspersed with moral and religious : Holy! Holy! Holy! an Anthem for three reflections for youth, with 36 engravings. 5s. votees and chorus.

The Indian Cabinet opened, in which many The Lord's Prayer, a Solo, Treble, or Tenor natural curiosities are rendered a source of Laudato (" Ye Servants of the all bounteous amusement to young minds, by the explana- Lord") a favourite quartetto, sang at the tions of a mother. price 25. 6d. half-bound. Drury-lane Oratorio, and at the royal Spa

The Original Rhythmical Grammar of the dish and other chapels. English Language, &c. &c.

Lucidus Ordo, comprising a course of stu-
Selections from Lucian, with a Latin Trans. dies on Musical Science, with Skeleton and
lation and English Notes: to which are sub-Planary Exercises, for the purpose of self-in-
joined, a Mythological Index and a Lexicon; struction; by J. Rolfe, musician in ordinary
compiled for the use of Schools ; by John to his Majesty.
Walker. 12mo. 8s, 6d.

A new Greek and English Lexicon to the

A Physiological Essay on the Sensibility
New Testament, on the plan of Dawson's
Greek and Latin Lexicon; by the Rev. H. enquiries on the nature of Life ; by G.W.

of Animals : being the first part of a series of Laing, L.L.D. 8vo. 10s. Bd.

An Account of a new Proces in Painting, of the Aggregate and Atomic Phenomena of

Twelve Essays on the Proximate Causes in two parts. Part I. Remarks on its general the Universe ; Physical, Mechanical, Checorrespondence with peculiarities of the Ve

mical and Organic ; by Sir Richard Phillips, netian School. Part II. Supplementary de

illustrated with engravings. 9s, bds.
tails explanatory of the process : with Miscel-
laneous Observations on the Arts of the Six-
teenth Century. 8vo. 8s. bds.

De Willenberg ; or, the Talisman: a Talo
A New Drawing-book in the Chalk Man.

of Mystery ; by J. M. H. Hales, esq. 4 vols.

12mo, 11. 2s. ner ; by Samuel Prout, containing 12 Views in the North of England. atlas 4to. 15s.

Letters from Wetzlar, developing the auIllustrations of Taming the Shrew, being thentic particulars on which the Sorrows of the second number of Illustrations of Shak. Werter are founded ; by Major James Bell. speare, from Pictures painted by R. Smirke,

R.A. imperial 8vo. 185. royal, 14s.

Part I. Vol. 5. of the Supplement to the

Encyclopædia Britannica; edited by MacA Grammar of general Geograpby, for the vey Napier, esq. F.R.S. &c. 4to. 11. 5s, bds, use of schools and young persons, with maps

and engravings; new edition corrected and Poetical Essays on the Character of Pope,
modernized ; by the Rev. J. Goldsmith, au- as a Poet and Moralist : and on the Language
thor of the Grammar of British Geography, and Objects most fit for Poetry; by Charles
&c. &c. 18mo. 3s. 60. bds.

Lloyd. 12mo. 3s.
An Essay on the Geography of North Wes- Poetical Fragments; by Richard Baxter.
tern Africa ; by T. Edward Bowdich, esq. 12mo. 4s. 68.

Lays on Land; by Ismael Fitzadam. 7s.
A History of Brazil, comprising its Geo- "The Old English Squire: a Poem in ten
graphy, Commerce, Colonization, Aboriginal Cantos. imperial 8vo. 11. 11s. 8d.
Inhabitants, &c. &c., illustrated by 27 plates Hero and Leander; a Tale of Love, trans-
and 2 maps ; by James lenderson. 4to. lated from the Greek ; by Francis Adam. 8vo.
31. 13s. Bd. 5ds.

2s. 6d. A History of Madeira, with 27 coloured Rouge et Noir, and other Pieces. f. cap. engravings. imperial 8vo. 21. 2s.

8vo. 7s. HERALDRY.

The Lay of the First Minstrel; by James
Regal Heraldry; the Armorial Insignia Grocatt. 8vo. 2s. 6d.
of the Kings and Queens of England, from Don Juan, Cantos 8, 4, 5, 8vo. 96. 6d.
coeval authorities; by Thomas Willement, 'f. cap. 7s.
Heraldic Artist to the King. 4to. 21, 2s.

A Familiar Treatise on Disorders of the

Stomach and Bowels, &c.; by George Ship-
Hammond's Digest of Chancery Reports, man, Surgeon.
2 vols. royal 8vo. Il. 8s.

Hancock on the Laws of Pestilence. 8s. Thoughts on the Music and Words of Psal

Report of the Committee of the Society mody, as at present used among the members for the improvement of Prison Discipline, of the Church of England; by the Rev. Rann and the reformation of Juvenile Offenders. 2s. Kennedy, A.M. 8vo. As. bds. MEDICINE AND SURGERY.

Webb's improved Psalmody, containing all - Advice to the Young Mother in the Manage the established Church Tunes, with numerous ment of Herself and Infant'; by a Member adaptations, from Handel, Purcell, Corelli, of the Royal College of Surgeons. 12mo. Haydn, Webbe, sen.&c. and various original Bs. d. bđs.

tunes by the author. A Statement of Facts tending to establish A Collection of 24 Original Tunes, set to an estimate of the true value and present choice hymns and psalms; by Webbe, sen. state of Vaccination ; by Sir Gilbert Blane. and jun.



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POLITICR AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. A Sermon preached in the Chapel of St. Essays on the Formation and Publication Savioursgate, York, August 5, 1821, on ocof Opinions; and on other subjects. 8vo. 8s. cusion of the death of Mrs. Catherine Cappe;

Vol. IV. of the New Series of Hansard's by the Rev. C. Wellbeloved. Parliamentary Debates, containing the pro- The History of Religious Liberty, from the ceedings in both Houses, from the opening of first propagation of Christianity in Britain, to the last Session to the 2d of April.

the death of George III; by Benjamin Brook. The Restoration of National Prosperity 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 4s. bds. shewn to be immediately practicable ; by the

TOPOGRAPHY. author of Junius Identified. 8vo. 5s. 6d. Pinnocks' County Histories, each county

A Letter of Condolence to his Majesty on separate and complete in itsell, containing its the Death of bis Royal Consort; by Signor History, Topography, Antiquities, Curiosities, Cymon Burlesco, written whilst performing &c. &c. and illustrated with a travelling map. quarantine in the Channel, after enduring Is. each. slavery for 40 years. Is.

New Picture of Dublin, forming a complete

Guide in the Irish Metropolis ; by John James
A Reply to Samuel Lee, M.A. professor of M'Gregor. 10s.
Arabic in the University of Cambridge: in

answer to his Remarks on the new Translation

Part 1. Vol. VI. of the Journal of Modern of the Bible from the Hebrew Text; by John Voyages and Travels, containing Otto Von Bellamy, Author of the History of all Reli- Kotzebue's Voyage round the World, Part I. gions. 8vo.

with many plates and maps. price 3s. 6d. Part I. of Practical Lectures upon the Gos

sewed, 4s, bds.
pel of St. John, comprising the first six chap- The World in Miniature, third division,
iers ; by the Rev. John Rogers Pitman, M.A. being Turkey, in 8 vols. 12mo. illustrated by
8vo. 13s. bds.

73 coloured engravings ; comprising a descrip-
A Sermon preached at the Coronation of tion of the Manners, Customs, Dresses, and
King George the Fourth, in the Abbey Church Character of its Inbabitants. 21. 2s.
Westminster, July 19, 1821; by Edward
Lord Archbishop of York, 4to. 2s.

New French Books Imported by Dulau,
A Funeral Serinon for Caroline Queen of

and Co. Soho Square. England, delivered at Parliament-court chapel Examen des doctrines médicales et des syson Sunday, August 19, 1821 ; by Mr. J. Fox, tèmes de Nosologie ; précédé de propositions 8vo. Is.

renfermant la substance de la médicine physioThe World that God made; or, Bible logique ; par F. J. V. Brousais. 2 vols. 8vo. Truths. 60.

11. 2s.
The Important Search ; being an admo- Journal militaire de Henri IV, depuis son
nition to Professing Christians, on the impor- . départ de la Navarre ; rédigé et collationné
tant study of the Bible, as containing the sur les manuscrits originaux ; précédé d'un
words of Eternal Lise. 60.

Discours sur l’art militaire du temps, avec
Scripture Teaching, or the Fundamental dessins et fac similé; par M. le comte de
Doctrines of Christianity explained and en- Valori. 8vo. 9s.
forced in the words of Scripture itself. 44. Euvres complèttes de C.F. Volney, mises

A Sermon on the Death of her late Ma. en ordre et précédées de la Vie de l'Auteur.
jesty Queen Caroline ; by the Rev. J. Evans, tomes 6 et 7. 11. Is.
Malmsbury. Is.

Annuaire historique universel pour 1820, Village Prayers; or, short and plain forms avec un Appendice contenant les actes publics, - of Devotion, for the use of Families; by a traités, notes diplomatiques, papiers d'Etat et Clergyman of the Church of England. 12mo. tableaux statistiques, &c.'une chronique ofsewed. Is.

frant les évenemens les plus piquans, etc.; Some remarkable particulars concerning des extraits de voyages ou de Mémoires intéthe rapid civilization of the Negroes in the ressans, et des Notices sur les productions les Colony of Sierra Leone, wherein the power plus remarquables de l'année dans les sciences, of the gospel is strikingly displayed. 8vo. 2s. par C. L. Lesur. 8vo. 155.

A short Examination and Defence of certain Beautés de l'histoire des Voyages les plus expressions in the office of Baptism, and in fameux autour du monde et dans les deux the Catechism of the Church of England ; hémisphères, ou Tableau des découvertes, des by a Clergyman. 8vo. 35. 60.

plus célèbres voyageurs ; terminé par une The Word of God, concerning all who are notice exacte et détaillée sur le naufrage de in trouble or affliction. sewed 4d.

la Méduse, la captivité de Dumont et la mort
A Letter to the Rev. Joseph Wilson, A.M. de Mungo Park : par H. Lemaire. 2 vols.
in reply to his Remarks on the Bishop of Pe- 12mo, 10s.
terborough's 87 questions. 2s.

Dictionnaire des proverbes français. 8vo.
The Edueation of the Christian Minister: 7s. 60.
a Sermon preached at Skipton ; by Mordaunt Force navale de la Grande Bretagne; par
Barnard, B.A, Is. 6d.

Ch. Dupin, membre de l'Institut de France, Reflections on the Public Ministry of Christ, etc., etc., etc., tome premier, Constitution de deduced from the records of the four Evange. la Marine, et tome second, Etudes et travaux. lists ; by the late Mrs. Cappe,

2 vols, 4to, with atlas. 11. 18s.


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Spanish Books, published by Boosey and la France, et le soin que l'on dołt prendre de

Sons, Broad-street, Exchange. sa conservation. 8vo. avec portrait et 2 El Teatro Español; con Notas Criticas y planches. 2s. Explanatorias. Vol. I. containing Seven Millengen Histoire Métallique de NapoPlays, by Lope de Vega and Cervantes. Price léon, ou Recueil des Médailles et des Mon11. bds. Vol. II. Five Plays, by Calderon de noies, qui out été frappées depuis la prémière la Barca, with a Portrait of the Author, price campagne de l'armée d'Italie jusqu'à son ab11.-Vol. III. Five Plays, by Calderon, price dication en 1815. 4to. with 14 plates, 11. ls. 11., and Vol. IV. Five Plays, by Moretin, Conte Alexandre de Laborde, Voyage price 185.

pittoresque en Autriche, 2 vols. in folio, avec Anaya Essay on Spanish Literature; con- cartes et planches. 141. taining its History, from the Commencement Mémoires de l'Abbé Morellet, de l'Acadéin the 12th Century; with an account of the mie Française, sur le 18ème siècle et sur la best Writers, and Critical Remarks; followed Révolution. 2 vols. 8vo. with portrait. 18s. by' a History of the Spanish Drama, and spe- Lecarpentier, Galerie des peintres célèbres, cimens. 12mo. 5s.

avec des remarques sur le genre de chaque El Diablo Cojuelo, Verdados Sonadas, y maitre, 2 vols. 8vo. 155. Novelas de la otra Vida. 18mo. 4s. 6d.

Gau (F. C. Architecte de Cologne) AntiquiLa Floresta Española; or Select Passages, tés de la Nubie, on Monumens inédits des in Prose, extracted from the most celebrated bords du Nil, situés entre la première et la Spanish Authors. 3d edition, considerably im- seconde cataracte, dessinés et mesurés en 1819, proved and corrected. 12mo. bds. 5s. Bd. livraison I. in folio, avec 5 planches. 11. 75.

Feraud Cartas Mercantiles, Conocimientos, Fastes Civils de la France depuis l'ouverProtestos, Letras de Cambio, &c.

ture de l'assemblée des Notables. 9s. Lista Alfabética de las Voces , Comerciales Giraud, Beautés de l'histoire de l'Inde, 2 en Espanol y Ingles. 12mo. bds. 4s. 6d. vols. 12mo, avec 12 fig. Is.

Feraud's Vocabulary and Dialogues in Lettres sur la Valachie, ou Observations English, Spanish, and Portuguese, on Subjects sur cette Province et ses Habitans, écrites de adapted to general Use and Military Affairs, 1815 à 1821, avec la rélation des derniers price 3s. 6d. bound.

événemens qui y ont eu lieu, 12mo. 3s. By Treuttle, Würtz, and Co.

Larry, Recueil de Mémoires de Chirurgie. Vauban, de l'importance dont Paris est à 8vo. 9s.

Con una


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Cendrillon, acelebrated French Air, ar- strain, the style of which is compound

ranged as a Rondo for the Piano Forte, ed of natural mellifluousness and artifiby T. B. Phipps. 38.

cial ornament. is here turned to very account. twin'd around my heart, dear," and The introduction of the car dance, “ When the youth kneeling, his passion and the German flute accompaniment, revealing,by G. W. Reeve. 48. 6d. or are eligible additions; and the result of 18. éd. each. the whole is an effect which bespeaks These songs are coinposed in a clear the lively and tasteful mind of the and unembarrassed style, and evince composer.

the power of the master to adapt his This sweet Rose, tho' a beautiful melody to the various feelings of nature.

Flouer,a Song written by Mr. D. A. The sense of the words is strongly and O'Meara, and composed by John Davy. agreeably conveyed; and the general 1s. 6d.

effect is appropriate and attractive. This little song (in two verses) is both The title of the piece, as here given, is written and composed with considerable The Witch of Durncleugh, (being a verability. The words are poetical and sion of Guy Mannering) and these elegant, and the melody is sweet and songs are newly written. They have appropriate. Without perceiving any piano-forte accompaniments, and transdistinct and original beauty in this or positions for the flute, and are every that passage, as it presents itself, we

way accommodated for chamber pracderive from the impression of the whole

tice. peculiar gratification. The ideas are not Fourteen Favourite Airs for two Flutes, only consistent and connected, but suc- composed in a familiar Style for the ceed each other with peculiar ease and Use of Young Practitioners, by Weigglgracefulness. Mr. Davy has obviously dem, jun. 3s. taken great pains with this composition. These airs are so light and easy, that A high degree of taste pervades the they cannot fail to improve those who


will give them sufficient practice. They gree of skill which evinces Mr. F.'s are also, for the most part, smooth and qualification for undertakings of this graceful, as well as very, lively; description. A ware, as we are, of the and the two parts are blevded with difficulty of producing with two instrumuch skill. The melody is judiciously ments only, any desirable effect in an divided between the flauto primo and orchestral composition, it would be inthe flauto secondo, each of which be, justice in the present instance to withcomes alternately the principal, and hold our praise. All that could be consequently shares the delicacy and achieved with such slender means, has difficulty of the execution.

been effected ; and such success in so A Concertante Duett for Two Flutes, com- narrow a space, will, we hope, eucouposed by John Parry. 38.

rage this master to exercise his talents This concertante, in which is intro

on more extended plans. duced the favourite Scotch Air of Auld Lang Syne, is the productiou of a master whose-merits, in certain styles of DRURY LANE and HAYMARKET composition, are too well known not to

THEATRES. These theatres, during bespeak a favourable anticipation of the past month, have been running a the pretensions of whatever is announ- brilliant career. The one, by the con.ced from the same hand. The present tinued representation of the Coronation, productiou abounds in pleasingly-con- aided by A Cheque on my Banker, The ceived passages; and the general effect Spoctre Bridegroum, Monsieur Tonson, is calculated to gratify every cultivated and Geraldi Duval; and the other, by ear, and to maintain the reputation the repeated performance of Venice PreMr. Parry has so justly acquired. served, (which introduced a new and La Retour au Chateau ; a favourite di

excellent young actress) Rise and Fall, vertimento for the Piano Forte, by J.C. Match Making and Match Breaking, Nightingale. 2s.6d. This publication cousists of an “ in- continued, in spite of the unpropitious

(pieces of high and peculiar merit) has troduction,” in two crotchets in a bar, a march in common time of four crotch of the Lyceum and the other minor

season of the year, and the opposition ets, a trio in the same time, the air of theatres, to attract full and fashionable “ Ye streams that round my, prison audiences, and to render the recess at creep,

," and a Rondo Polonaise, in three Covent Garden the less felt. This latcrotchets. The whole occupies seven pages, and presents the juvenile prac. and a good appointment, re-opened on

ter house, with renovated splendour titioner on the instrument for which it Monday, the 24th of September, and is intended, with an exercise as inviting did not a little contribute to enliven the as agreeable. The beauty and diversity somewhat flat period of a London life. of the passages and movements are calculated to excite and repay atten

The new painting and gilding of the in

terior put the audience in good humour, tion; and to practice them will be to

and rendered them willing to be pleased improve the finger and refine the taste. The Venetian Gondoliers, an Air, with the bill of fare. But however the com

with the representations promised in Variations for the Piano Forte or Harp, by M. Holst.

pany might be delighted with the new Mr. Holst, in this piece, has intro- and lustrous aspect of every part of the duced his main

subject with a pleasing edifice, they were more attracted by the and animated movement. The varia performance of Mr. Young, after a tions are happily conceived, and ably three years'absence from London. His executed ; and the intended effect is personation of Hamlet was received fully produced. The Finale, without with those warm manifestations of pubdeserting the theme, possesses a spirit

lic favour, to which his chaste, classical and boldness that close the piece with and animated acting is so well entitled. peculiar eclat. The publication is evi. The other characters were respectably dently designed for young practitioners, sustained; and the melo-dramatic roand to such it will prove as profitablements of the evening with eclat. The

mance of Undine, closed the entertainas gratifying. Overture du Jeune Henry, par Mehul, audience was full and fashionable, and arrangée pour Deux Flutes par G.F. gave to the managers the most cheering Fuchs. 38.

promise of a successful and brilliant This overture is arranged with a de

season. MONTHLY MAG. No. 359.


MEDICAL REPORT. REPORT of DISEASES and Casualties occurring in public and prirate Practice of the Physician who has the care of the Western District of the City DISPENSARY.




ILIOUS affections have lately been a different state of things, would irritate

prevalent even beyond the ordinary and disturb, rather than calm and compose. proportion of the season, and in some cases Witness the astonishing quantities of opium have proved of so malignant a nature, and tnat may be beneficially administered in so severe in degree as to require more than instances of Tetanic spasm. common vigilance on the part of the prac- We have, thirdly, smothered strength astitioner to preserve the vital principle from suming the seniblance of essential weaksudden extinction.

ness, without actually partaking of its The physician finds in the treatment of nature. In these affections we have disease generally) four species of debility to unwind, as it were, for a considerable to contend with, all demanding different length, in order to replace the cord of management, and therefore calling for strength around the bodies of our patients, much care in respect of their recognition. in a well-adjusted and unentangled man

The first kind of weakness is purely ner- We are here to “ do evil that good rous ; it is a weakness of the will—that is, may come,” and to look to the point of the there exists actual power, but from a mor- lancet (as a predecessor* of the reporter bid condition of the voluntary faculty, the has happily expressed himself,) for the patient is reduced to the same state of im- conveyance of a cordial ;” many fevers potence as if the positive want of power present illustrations of this sort of feeblewas the complaint to be combated. It scarcely needs be said, that much discern- Lastly, the practitioner will but too ment is often demanded 1horoughly to ap- often meet with examples of much gepreciate, and properly to manage this, in neral weakness, so intimately united with fact, mental malady, though presenting a topical and internal derangement, that bodily shape-but if the physician find the unadvisedly to attempt the institution proper clue to the requisites of the case, of a sirengthening process, is to strengthand judiciously make use of his knowledge, en—not the subject of the disease, but he will sometimes successfully command the disease itself; and even his apparently feeble, fainting, and tor- lerate the fatal termination. The writer pid patient, to become strong, courageous, has just commanded a visit to the coast and active.

in the case of a functional malady—he has In the second case, there is an actual de- just condemned the same in the case of a privation of power—a positive exhaustion structural disorder—the one was an inof the principle of strength; and here stance of pure unmixed debility, the other physical tonics are loudly called for, and was an example of weakness complicated abundantly applicable; much action is with, and even caused by, an inflammatory compatible with this state of the animal irritation of an important organ. fibre; but then it is irregular and inordi

D. Uwins, M.D. nate, not due and well proportioned ; you Bedford Row, Sept. 20, 1821. may here often instantaneously still the excited commotion, by measures which, in

* Dr. Sayer Walker,

to acce


generally, the wheats are said to have been concluded in one of the most expen

harvested with most success.

Lincoln: sive and distressing harvests, to the majo- shire is named as one of the most fortunate rity of our farmers, to which an uncertain districts. The plant of all the white corn climate subjects us. We have, however, was sufficiently strong and thick upon the experienced far worse seasons, in which land, unless oats be the exception ; but the cold, wet, and blighting weather has been atmospheric diseases took place early, and more constant, the present having been re- the rains which clouded the harvest have Jieved almost throughout by warm and ge- completed the misfortune of the crop, of nial alternations. The Continent has not which a fine sample will be a rarity. There been more fortunate. With respeci to the will be a vast quantity of black and sproutharvest in particular, Ireland has perhapsed wheat, and of discoloured barley. The suffered more heavily than this country, in bulk, indeed, will be considerable; and as which the Western parts have been most to peas and beans, the crop was perhaps unfortunate. In Scotland, and in the North never greater, but 'the harvest of the


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