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The favourable reception given to the SACRAMENTAL ADDRESSES AND MEDITATIONS, published by the Author some years ago, has encouraged him to prepare a Second Volume, and to offer it to the Public. It was his wish to frame these now presented in such a way as to fit them for the general edification of Christians, as well as to direct and to impress them in the observance of the Lord's Supper ; and for this

purpose, he has enlarged many of them, by adding various explanatory remarks and practical exhortations. He has taken a wide range of topics, not only to give variety to the work, but to lead his readers to trace the connexion of the death of Christ with the other articles of our religion, and to bring the pious feelings and resolutions which are excited by them to the Communion Table.

The Sermons which are interspersed, will be found, he hopes, to accord with the spirit of the work, and to have some tendency to promote its great object.

Remembering the gracious promise of the Saviour with regard to the Comforter,—" He shall glorify me, for he shall receive of mine, and shew it unto you," it is his earnest prayer that the Holy Ghost may exhibit the beauties of Christ's character, and the wonders of his death to every readermay form in them the spirit, and impart to them the blessings of the Cross : And if these Meditations are blessed for leading any to the knowledge of Christ crucified, as the wisdom of God, and the power of God, for animating languid piety, comforting those that mourn, and promoting holy obedience, he will rejoice in the day of the Lord that he has not laboured in vain.

FALKIRK, April 9, 1821.



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1. The God of Bethel,

Genesis xxxi. 13. 2. Ruth's Choice,

Ruth i. 16, 17. 3. Christ's engaging to be a sacrifice

Psalm xl. 6, 7, 8. 4. David's lamentation over Jonathan, 2 Samuel i. 26. 5. The love of Christ preferred to the best earthly comforts,

Song i. 4.

for us,

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SERM. I. The first promise illustrated, Genesis iii. 15.



6. The first promise applied,

Genesis iii. 15.
7. The harmony of mercy and justice
in our redemption,

Psalm lxxxv. 10. 8. The Ministry of our Lord, Luke iv. 18, 19. 9. Christ's kingly glory ridiculed, John xix. 5. 10. The place of our Lord's crucifixion, John xix. 17, 18. 11. The dividing of our Lord's garments,

John xix. 23, 24.

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Our Lord forsaken by his

Matthew xxvii. 46.93

12. The desertion of Christ applied,

Matthew xxvii. 46. 109 13. The resurrection at the death of Jesus, Matt. xxvii. 52, 53. 113 14, Christ's legacy of peace,

John xiv. 27. 121 15. Glory to the righteous,

Isaiah xxiv. 16. 128 16. The plant of renown,

Ezekiel xxxiv. 29. 135 17. Christ wounded in the house of his friends,

Zechariah xüi. 6. 142 18. The bread of life,

John vi. 34.


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