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Page СНАР. 1. Genealogical Tables of the Irish

II. The Topographical Names of

14 III. Expedition of Partholan 23 IV.

40 V.

of the Firbolg, Fir D'Omnann or Fir Galeon

129 VI.

of the Tuatha Dadann

151 VII.

of Phenius Pharsa 254 VIII,

of Milefius 291 IX.

proved from Spanish Authority

325 X. Conclusion

335 XI. Of Paganism in general. Of

the Pagan Religion of the
Ancient Irish


Errors to be corrected :-for which the Editor must plead in excufe,

his distance from the press.

Page i, for correspond read correfponds,

x, line 14, for if read it.
xi, note, for pofletati, read pofteritati,
18, (note m) for Tattessus read Tartessus.

32, line 13, før must allowed read must be allowed.')
145, (note l) for ee read fee.
160, line last, for Eocad read Eocad illdathac.
176, line 12, for aboat read about.
201, line 23, for fout read font.

: 24; for Ancèrreus read Ancètres.
line laft, for qu'um read qu'un.

id. for seu read fur.
208, line 24, for their read their.
265; 3d line of note (r), for wave read interweave.
275, line 29, for transfetentes raad transferentes.
305, line 6, for pursed read pursued.
314, line 27, for prohpetia read prophetia.
333, line 15, for tran rend tranflated.
339, line 10, for according read accordingly.
345, Notes, line 2, for town read tower.
346, line 14, for penuriam read penuriả.
418, line 27, for celebris read celebres.
434, line 1, for 159 read isos.
447, after Fileagh, add Filek, in Persic a Magi of the

470, line 17, for stand read stands.
518, line laft, for Sudela read Suadela.
541, (note K) for warmths read warms.
544, line 25, for ursus read urfa.

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