The farmer's boy; a rural poem [ed. by C. Lofft. On fine paper].

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Page 21 - Midst nature's revels, sports that never cloy. A few begin a short but vigorous race, And indolence abash'd, soon flies the place ; Thus challenged forth, see thither one by one, From every side assembling playmates run ; A thousand wily antics mark their stay, A starting crowd, impatient of delay. Like the fond dove from fearful prison freed, Each seems to say, " come, let us try our speed...
Page 45 - Here once a year Distinction low'rs its crest, The master, servant, and the merry guest, Are equal all ; and round the happy ring The reaper's eyes exulting glances fling, And, warm'd with gratitude, he quits his place, With sunburnt hands and...
Page 21 - Or gaz'd in merry clusters by your side? Ye who can smile, to wisdom no disgrace, At the arch meaning of a kitten's face ; If spotless innocence, and infant mirth, Excites to praise, or gives reflection birth ; In shades like these pursue your fav'rite joy, Midst Nature's revels, sports that never cloy.
Page 47 - The widening distance which I daily see, Has Wealth done this?— then Wealth's a foe to me: Foe to our rights ; that leaves a powerful few The paths of emulation to pursue : — For emulation stoops to us no more : The hope of humble industry is o'er; The blameless hope, the cheering sweet presage Of future comforts for declining age.
Page xxxix - For yet above these wafted clouds are seen (In a remoter sky, still more serene) Others, detached in ranges through the air, Spotless as snow, and countless as they're fair ; Scattered immensely wide from east to west, The beauteous semblance of a flock at rest.
Page 46 - tis the peasant's curse, That hourly makes his wretched station worse; Destroys life's intercourse; the social plan That rank to rank cements, as man to man: Wealth flows around him, Fashion lordly reigns; Yet poverty is his, and mental pains.
Page 3 - Thou kindling warmth that hoverest round my heart, Sweet inmate, hail ! thou source of sterling joy, That poverty itself cannot destroy, Be thou my muse ; and faithful still to me, Retrace the paths of wild obscurity. No deeds of arms my humble lines rehearse ; No Alpine wonders thunder through my verse, The roaring cataract, the snow-topt hill, Inspiring awe, till breath itself stands still ; Nature's sublimer scenes ne'er charm'd mine eyes, Nor science led me through the boundless skies...
Page 31 - Here branches bend, there corn o'ertops his head. Green covert, hail ! for through the varying year No hours so sweet, no scene to him so dear. Here Wisdom's placid eye delighted sees His frequent intervals of lonely ease, And with one ray his infant soul inspires, Just kindling there her never-dying fires, Whence solitude derives peculiar charms, And heaven-directed thought his bosom warms.
Page 22 - Away they scour, impetuous, ardent, strong, The green turf trembling as they bound along ; Adown the slope, then up the hillock climb, Where every molehill is a bed of thyme ; There panting stop ; yet scarcely can refrain ; A bird, a leaf will set them off again ; Or, if a gale with strength unusual blow, Scatt'ring the wild-briar roses into snow, Their little limbs increasing efforts try, Like the torn flow'r the fair assemblage fly.
Page 9 - From field to field the flock increasing goes ; To level crops most formidable foes : Their danger well the wary plunderers know, And place a watch on some conspicuous bough ; Yet oft the skulking gunner by surprise Will scatter death amongst them as they rise. These, hung in triumph round the spacious field, At best will but a...

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