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Preface 7

The American Merchant Marine. By Grover G. Huebner, Ph.D.. 9

The Evolution Of Our Universities. By Prank P. Graves, LL.D.. 25

Our Stellar Universe: How We Learn Of Its Mass, Extent And

Slow Development. By Eric Doolittle, C.E 45

The Dramas Of Lord Dunsany. By Cornelius Weygandt, Ph.D... 63

Reclaiming The Maimed In War. By R. Tait McKenzie, M.D 83

Health Insurance Legislation. By William Draper Lewis, Ph.D.. 91

Some Notes On The Wisdom Literature Of The Bible. By Josiah

H. Penniman, LL.D 103

Samuel Butler. By Louis W. Flaccus, Ph.D 133

A Friend Of Cesar's. By John C. Rolfe, Ph.D 155

Historical Tests Of Democracy. By Edward P. Cheyney, LL.D.. 189

Some Relations Of Physical Environment To The Management

Of The War Industries. By C. E. Clewell, E.E 219

Liberty Loans Of The Revolution. By John B. McMaster, LL.D.. 233

The Musical Interval. By Harold C. Barker, Ph.D 257

Literature In Time Of War. By Percy V. D. Shelly, Ph.D 269

The Microscope. By Clarence E. McClung, Ph.D 289

Governmental Provision For The Families Of Soldiers And

Sailors. By Carl Kelsey, Ph.D 315

Educational Reorganization During And After The War. By

Albert E. McKinley, Ph.D 325

The Position Of The United States On The American Continent.

By L. S. Rowe, LL.D 337

Aristophanes And The Great War. By H. Lamar Crosby, Ph.D.. 347

Medieval Warfare. By Arthur C. Howland, Ph.D 371

The Effect Of The War Upon The Institution Of Private

Property. By Edward S. Mead, Ph.D 389

East And WestAn Analysis Of Eastern And Western Civiliza-

Tion. By Morris Jastrow, Jr., LL.D 409

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