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THE TENTH VOLUME OF THE PRESBYTERIAN HISTORICAL ALMANAC is herewith submitted to the consideration of the Church and the public.

The main object of the work from its commencement has been to place upon permanent record the current history of every branch of the Presbyterian Church. To show that these AnNUAL CHRONICLES meet the wants of those who are intelligently active in advancing the interests of Presbyterianism, I refer to what has already been accomplished :

I. Over five hundred and fifty Acts and Deliverances have been fully recorded, also

II. Many judicial cases involving questions coming within the purview of Ecclesiastical Law.

III. Full accounts of various organizations, whereby the Church carries on its benevolent operations.

IV. Histories of Churches and Theological Seminaries.
V. Statistics of Churches, Boards and Committees.

VI. Lists of Ministers, giving the names and post-office of every Presbyterian minister in the world.

VII. Biographies of Presbyterian ministers who have died during the period covered by the publication of the Almanac, numbering between twelve and thirteen hundred.

VIII. MANSES, being comfortable homes for Presbyterian ministers, free of rent, have been constantly urged upon the Church, and this subject is pre-eminently worthy of serious and active consideration.

IX. Libraries for MANSES and Periodical Associations have been pleaded for and their importance demonstrated.

X. Statistical Tables, valuable as well as interesting.

The Almanac has also labored for the reunion of the Church ; which, owing partly to the strong protesting element among Presbyterians, was divided into at least thirty branches, ranging in numbers from fourteen ministers up to twenty-eight hundred;


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