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I CANNOT suffer this Edition to appear,

without publicly returning my thanks to Henry Penruddock Wyndham efq. M. P. Rev. William Coxe, canon and archdeacon of Salisbury, Rev. Mr. Todd, Joseph Cooper Walker efq. Samuel Rogers efq. Parry Okeden efq. Uvedale Price esq. the Proprietors of Gilbert Wakefield's Works, Rev. Mr. Polwhele, and in particular to Alexander Chalmers esq. to whom the public is indebted' for the notes marked C.

The drawing of Pope's perfon has been retained, not because it is the “ libelled shape,” but because it is an exact representation, which may gratify curiosity, but surely cannot provoke the malignity of fpleen. The notes by Warton have been revised, and much which he had admitted has been porn though it is hoped that all which s valuable has been retained. The Orsonlive epistle is excluded ; and if the chapter of the “ double Mistress,” after some hesitation,

. has


has found a place, it has been on account of its exquisite humour, and because, though offensive to delicacy, it is not seductive or dangerous to principles.

In the tenth volume, the original letters to the two Miss Blounts, from the light they throw on Pope's early connexions, will be read with interest.

Some original papers have been, for obvious reasons, omitted. Those which have been published I do not think can detract from the moral character of the writer. What man, indeed, if all the errors of his youth were severely scanned, could escape censure ? In other respects, the letters are natural, interesting, and creditable to his feelings. Among the omiffions I now sincerely with I had included the farce of “ Three Hours after Marriage;" but it was printed when I was afflicted with illness, and was scarcely able to judge for myself. I think it right to in my forrow, though too late : the rest

to the candour of the public.

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