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Constitutional Convention,



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The members of the Constitutional Convention, elected in pursuance of an Act of the General Assembly, approved Februi ry 16, 1901, assembled in the Capitol, in the City of Richmond, at 12 o'clock M., on Wednesday, the 12th day of June, in the year of our Lord, 1901, and in the one hundred and Tenty-fifth year of the Commonwealth.

The Convention was called to order by Mr. John W. DANIEL, of Campbell, on whose motion Mr. WILLIAM B. PETtit, of FluFanda, was unanimously elected temporary Chairman of the Convention. Mr. PETTIT took the chair and addressed the ConTention.

On motion of Mr. H. D. Floon, of Appomattox, Mr. Joseph Barton, of the county of Appomattox, Clerk of the State fenate, was elected temporary Secretary of the Convention.

On motion of Mr. A. C. BRAXTON, of Augusta, Mr. William Wilson, of Henrico, was elected temporary Sergeant-at-Arms.

Mr. Joseph T. Lawless, Secretary of the Commonwealth, apLeared before the Convention and presented the following certi-. fed list of the members-elect of the Convention.


I, J. T. Lawless, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virgnia, certify that the following is a true and correct list of the members-elect of the Constitutional Convention of Virginia for

the term beginning this day, as ascertained and determined by • the Board of State Canyassers at their meeting held June 3, 1901, the official record of which is on file in my office.

Given under my hand and the Lesser Seal of the CommonWealth, at Richmond, this 12th day of June, A. D., 1901. (SEAL]

J. T. LAWLESS, Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Accomack-N. B. Westcott.
Albemarle and the city of Charlottesville-W. H. Boaz, J. H. Lindsay.
Alexandria county and city-Francis L. Smith.
Alleghany, Bath and Highland-George K. Anderson.
Amherst-Clarence J. Campbell.
Augusta and city of Staunton J. M. Quarles, A. C. Braxton.
Bedford-John Goode, John Thompson Brown.
Botetourt-James Mundy.
Brunswick-Robert Turnbull.
Buchanan, Dickenson and Wise-R. A. Ayres.
Buckingham and Cumberland-Edmund 'W. Hubard.
Campbell John W. Daniel.
Campbell and Appomattox-H. D. Flood.
Caroline-W. L. Cobb.
Carroll-D. W. Bolen.
Charlotte-D. Q. Eggleston.
Chesterfield, Manchester and Powhatan-Beverly A. Hancock, John H. Ingram.
Clarke and Warren-D. C. O'Flaherty.
Craig, Roanoke city and county-Wm. Gordon Robertson, James W. Marshall, Sr.
Culpeper-John S. Barbour.
Dinwiddie-B. J. Epes.
Elizabeth City and Accomack-J. M. Willis.
Essex and Middlesex-J. A, Bristow.
Fairfax-R, Walton Moore.
Fauquier—Eppa Hunton, Jr.
Floyd-Nathan Phillips.
Fluvanna and Goochland-Wm. B. Pettit.
Franklin-Beverley A. Davis.
Frederick and city of Winchester-Thomas W. Harrison.
Gloucester and Mathews-G. T. Garnett.
Grayson—T. L. Gwyn.
Greene and Madison-E, H, Lovell.
Greenesville and Sussex-G. L. Vincent.
Halifax-Wood Bouldin, Joseph Stebbins.
Hanover-Hill Carter.
Henrico-Samuel P. Waddill.
Henry-A. L. Pedigo.
Isle of Wight,J. W. Lawson.
King and Queen--Claggett B. Jones.
King William and Hanover-Roger Gregory.
Lancaster and Richmond-W. F. Dunaway.
Lee-James W. Orr.
Loudoun-Henry Fairfax.
Loudoun and Fauquier-Albert Fletcher.
Louisa-R. L. Gordon, Jr.
Lynchburg—Carter Glass.
Lunenburg-L. A. Hardy.
Mecklenburg-G. P. Tarry.
Montgomery and Radford— Thomas L. Moore.
Nansemond-Thomas H. Barnes.
Nelson-B. T. Gordon.

New Kent, Charles City, James City, Warwick, York, Williamsburg
Newport News–M. H. Barnes.

Norfolk city-A. P. Thom, D. Tucker Brooke.
Norfolk county-Wm. N. Portlock.
Northampton and Accomack-Gilmor S. Kendall.
Northumberland and Westmoreland-C. Harding Walker,
Nottoway and Amelia-Walter A. Watson.
Orange-A. C. Walter.
Page and Rappahannock—R. S. Parks.
Patrick J. M. Hooker.
Petersburg—Alexander Hamilton, William E. Cameron.

Pittsylvania and Danville, Berryman Green, Eugene Withers, C. E. Mille G. W. Jones.

Portsmouth-G. Hatton.
Princess Anne-Jonathan Woodhouse.


Prince Edward-Richard McIlwaine. Prince George and Surry—Timothy Rives. Prince William–J. B. T. Thornton. Palaski and Giles-J. C. Wysor. Rappabannock-W. T. Yancey. Richmond city-C. V. Meredith, John Garland Pollard, James W. Gordon, George D. Wise, Virginius Newton. Rockbridge and Buena Vista, William C. Anderson, J. W. Gilmore. Rockingham-George B. Keezell, George N. Earman. Russell-H. C. Stuart. Scott-J. B. Richmond. Shenandoah-H. B. Chapman. Southampton-Joseph L. Barham. Smyth and Bland-A. T. Lincoln. Spottsylvania and Fredericksburg-H. F. Crismond. Stafford and King George, Thomas J. Moncure. Tazewell-A. P. Gillespie. Washington and city of Bristol-John C. Summers, Preston W. Campbell. Wythe-Robert William Blair.

On motion of Mr. GEO. B. KEEZELL, of Rockingham the roll was then called and the following members answered to their Dames :

Messrs. George K. Anderson, W. A. Anderson, Rufus A. Ayers, John S. Barboar, Joseph L. Barbam, M. H. Barnes, Thomas H. Barnes, Robt. W. Blair, W. H. Boaz, D. W. Bolen, Wood Bouldin, A. C. Braxton, J. A. Bristow, D. Tucker Brooke, J. Thompson Brown, William E. Cameron, Clarence J. Campbell, Hill Carter, Hunter B. Chapman, W. L. Cobb, H. F. Crismond, John W. Daniel, B. 4. Davis, W. F. Dunaway, George N. Earman, D. Q. Eggleston, B. J. Epes, Henry Fairfax, Albert Fletcher, H. D. Flood, G. T. Garnett, J. W. Gilmore, A. P. Gillespie, Carter Glass, John Goode, B. T. Gordon, James W. Gordon, R. L. Gordon, Berryman Green, Roger Gregory, T. L. Gwyn, Alexander Hamilton, B. A. Hancock, L. A. Hardy, Ť. W. Harrison, Goodrich Hatton, J. M. Hooker, E. W. Habard, Eppa Hunton, Jr., J. H. Ingram, Claggett B. Jones, G. W. Jones, George B. Keezell, A. T. Lincoln, J. H. Lindsay, E. H. Lovell, James W. Marshall, Richard McIlwaine, Charles V. Meredith, C. E. Miller, Thomas J. Moncure,

Walton Moore, Thomas L. Moore, James Mundy, Virginus Newton, D. C. 'Flaherty, J. W. Orr, R. 8. Parks, A. L. Pedigo, William B. Pettit, Nathan Phillips, John Garland Pollard, W. N. Portlock, J. M. Quarles, J. B. Richmond, Timothy Rives, W. Gordon Robertson, Francis L. Smith, Joseph Stebbins, John C. Summers, George P. Tarry, A. P. Thom, J. B. T. Thornton, Robert Tornbull, Gordon L. Vincent, s. P. Waddill, C. Harding Walker, A. C. Walker, Walter A. Watson, N. B. Wescott, J. M. Willis, George D. Wise, Eugene Withers, Jonathan Woodhouse, J. C. Wysor, W. T. Yancey.

Subsequently the following members appeared and took their seats. Messrs. PRESTON W. CAMPBELL and John W. Lawson.

On motion of Mr. J. H. LINDSAY, of Albemarle, Reverend RICHARD MCILWAINE, member of the Convention from Prince Edward, opened the proceedings of the Convention with prayer.

Mr. A. P. THOM, of Norfolk City, offered the following resolution :

Resolved, That the Convention, without undertaking to deeide whether the members of this body are officers or not, deem it prudent that the oath required by section 5 of article 3 of the present Constituion be taken and subscribed to by the delegates to this Convention. Which, after debate thereon, was on motion of Mr. BRAXTON, of Augusta, laid on the table-ayes 56 ; noes 37.

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