The Correspondence of Robert Bowes, of Aske, Esquire, the Ambassador of Queen Elizabeth in the Court of Scotland, Volume 14

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J. B. Nichols and son, 1842 - England - 588 pages
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Letter from the same to Secretary Walsingham intel
LetterBook p 100 303 150 From the same to the same the Dukes party strong Col
vI fol 10 Orig 28 19 Letter from Lord Burghley and Secretary Walsingham to Robert Bowes instructions for lowering the credit
Letter from Robert Bowes to Lord Burghley and Sir Francis Walsingham intelligence chiefly about Lennox
From the Cott MS Calig C vi fol 53 Orig 87 42 From the Earl of Morton to Robert Bowes concerning a plot to be laid Dat St Andrews 29 July 1580 ...
From the same to the same the audience in the absence
From the same to the same acquaints them of some intended alterations in the state of Scotland Dat Edinb 17 May
From the Cott MS Calig C vi fol 42 Orig 76 35 From the same to Sir F Walsingham Morton and Queen Elizabeths friends perplexed for want of tim...
vi fol 67 b 108 56 From Sir F Walsingham to ROBERT BOWES direc
Instructions for Mr Bowes drawn by Secretary Walsing
From Queen Elizabeth to Robert Bowes under the hand of Secretary Walsingham ordering him to repair
From the Harl MS 6999 Art 1 157 76 From the same to LORD BURGHLEY and SIR FRANCIS WAL
162 79 To ROBERT BOWES intelligence of troops being levied for the strengthening of the Borders and assisting the English
MS Calig C vi fol 120 171 84 From the same to the same the King desires a conference of chosen commissioners and proposes that her Majesty should
Letter from the same to the same concerning the money transmitted into Scotland on her Majestys service
Dat Edinb 9 Oct 1582 From the LetterBook p 15 197 105 From the same to the same private his conference with the King requesting further instructi...
last of Jan 1583 From the LetterBook p 129 344 163 From the same to the same with his own hand informa
From Robert Bowes to the same private the French influence much to be dreaded but the King hitherto
Dat Edinb 20 Jan 1583 From the LetterBook p 141 359 169 From Robert Bowes to the same the knavery of a German named Haller Dat Edinb 21 F...
From the LetterBook p 158 382 177 From Robert Bowes to the same in favour of Roger Almonde Dat Edinb 18 March 1583 From the Let
LetterBook p 169 398 184 Letter from the same to Sir Francis Walsingham in favour of the suit of Cuthbert Armourer Dat Edinb 6 April 1583 From...
From the LetterBook p 172
From the LetterBook p 184 421 195 From the same to the same Manningvilles departure at hand Dat Edinb 27 April 1583 From the Letter
Book p 189
vindicates Mr Davison from insinuations thrown out against him by La Mothe
From the LetterBook p 216 463 218 From the same to the same reports current that the King had been surprised and was in the power of Arran Hunt...
the LetterBook p 219 469 221 From the same to the same written at the request of Col Stewart accused of unfaithful dealing when at the English
the LetterBook p 227 493 229 From the same to the same private the English Roman
496 231 From the same to the same the English party still generally faithful but the King and his party proceed resolutely
July 1583 From the LetterBook p 248 519 238 From the same to the same indications of the Kings leaning to France and attachment to Arren Gowry...
554 252 From the same to the same the English interest on the
From the LetterBook p 295 578 265 From the same to the same Bowes recalled the King

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Page 352 - ... of the continuance of her good will, favor, and assistance, he took it in very grateful part ; acknowledging her manifold deservings at his hands to be worthy of an extraordinary love and thankfulness towards her, above all the princes of the earth ; who, he protested, had won such especial interest in him as she might no less account and dispose of him than of herself, as his actions and deeds should give good testimony.
Page 111 - ... as is conteyned in your last letters. And so, &c. LVII.— "M. TO MR. BOWES; 1st September, 1580." From the Cottonian MS. Calig. C. vi. fol. 68, b. SIR, Her Majesty entred into consideracion of their last dispache, her pleasure is that you should be willed to folde the way of perswasion, and to forbeare to enter into conference with any of them of any force to be used, or promise of assistance from her Majestye, untill such tyme as she shalbe advertised by you from thence of the necessitye thereof,...
Page 3 - Quene do say that oportunitye well serveth in these dayes to worke her good. But they grone to fynd that procede and prosper no better. The Carres have bene at Edinburghe, at a lawe day, to persue the slaughter of a Carre slayne by the Rotherforthes and the Turnbulles, whome the Lord Angus semeth to favour ; but the matter is adjourned to a newe day. The Lord Maxwell contynueth in warde upon suspicion of intent to arise troobles on the Borders. Thus ceassing further to trooble yowe untill newe occasion,...
Page v - A MEETING of the COUNCIL of the SURTEES SOCIETY was held at Mr. Ward's Office on the 26th Dec. 1842, by adjournment. RESOLVED, That the publications of the SOCIETY for 1842 be the HUTTON PAPERS and the BOWES PAPERS, and that Mr. RAINE be requested to edit the former and Mr. STEVENSON the latter, with the usual remuneration ; the usual number of copies of each to be printed. J. WARD., Chairman.
Page 410 - France, and others. They all agree and certify that 870 shall return this summer into 70; and some of them write that it shall be sooner than some of his enemies look for. It appeareth that he is persuaded and purposed to return, notwithstanding that 91 shall not assent thereto. For he presumeth (that upon the former promise made by 91 before his departure from 70, assuring him that he should come again within the half year with his favour, and by the assistance of the lords), that he shall easily...
Page 410 - Manningville has an especial commission to sound and feel the resolute minds of all such as 870 hath presented and named to be his friends in 70 ; and also to receive at their hands such assurances as may suffice 149 and 23 to send and return 870 with forces and money, and with all requisites for their aid, and for the advancement of the cause to be taken in hand. Hereupon Manningville sayeth that the reputation and welfare of 870 lyeth in his hands. He hath an evil opinion of 870, condemning his...
Page 111 - Majesties name, there shalbe no order taken for the stay of the delivery therof, then would her Majesty you conferre with the earle Moreton and other thenemies to the erle of Lennox how this matter may be helped eyther by layeing violent hands on the said earle and his principall associates, in case no other more temperate course may be found for the remedye thereof, or by some other way that by him shalbe thought mete, wherein her Majesty willeth you to assure them that they -shall not lack any...
Page 7 - Argile departed out of the castle, and he is nowe gone to levye his forces, minding to returne within two dayes at the farthest. In this uprore th'eldest sonne of the master was so crushed in the thronge, as he died the next daye. The master is fallen into vehement disease, with daunger of his life.
Page 209 - If the work be at this time stayed, or fall, the building, I think, will never after prosper ; for our credit broken so far shall be unable to repair the breach, and the loss of the good instrument to be now cast away by our default will not suddenly be recovered, nor be...
Page 285 - King hath showed such manifest signs, witnessing a great change and alteration in his conceit and favour towards the duke, as the lords are highly comforted therewith ; for with unaccustomed oath he hath protested to and assured the noblemen with his colour changed, his hands lifted up, that if the duke shall disobey this charge, then he shall never from henceforth have to do with the duke, nor show favour to him nor to any of his favorers, but to esteem him and them as his enemies; and that he shall...

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