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steadfastly into heaven,and saw SAINT JOHN THE EVANthe glory of God, and Jesus GELIST'S DAY. standing on the right hand of

The God; and said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the ME

ERCIFUL Lord, we beSon of man standing on the bright beams of light upon thy

seech thee to cast thy right hand of God. Then they cried out with a loud voice, by the doctrine of thy blessed

Church, that it being instructed upon him with one accord, and Apostle and Evangelist Saint cast him out of the city, and of thy truth, that it may at

John, may so walk in the light stoned him: and the witnesses length attain to everlasting life, laid down their clothes at a through Jesus Christ our Lord. young man's fect, whose name

Amen. was Saul. And they stoned Stephen, calling upon God, and The Epistle. 1 John i. 1. saying, Lord Jesus, receive my THAT which was from the and cried with a loud voice, heard, which we have seen with Lord, lay not this sin to their our eyes, which we have looked cliarge. And when he had said upon, and our hands have this, he fell asleep:

handled of the word of life The Gospel. St. Matt. xxiii. 34. (for the life was manifested, D prophets, and wise men, witness,

and show unto you I it, and scribes, and some of them that eternal life which was with ye shall kill and crucify; and the Father, and was manifested some of them shall ye scourge unto us :), that which we have in your synagogues, and per- seen and heard, declare we ungecute them from city to city: to you, that ye also may have that upon you may come all fellowship with us; and truly the righteous blood shed upon our fellowship is with the Fathe earth, from the blood of ther, and with his Son Jesus righteous Abel, unto the blood Christ. And these things write of Zacharias, son of Barachias, we unto you, that your

joy may

the temple and the altar. Verily sage which we have heard of I say unto you, All these things him, and declare unto you, that shall come upon this genera- God is light, and in him is no tion. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, darkness at all. If we say that thou that killest the prophets, we have fellowship with him, and stonest them which are and walk in darkness, we lie. sent unto thee: how often and do not the truth: But if would I have gathered thy chil-we walk in the light, as he is in dren together, even as a hen the light, we have fellowship gathereth her chickens under one with another, and the blood her wings, and ye would not ! of Jesus Christ his

Son cleansBehold, your house is left unto eth us from all sin. If we say you desolate. For I say unto that we have no sin, we deceive you, Ye shall not see nne hence ourselves, and the truth is not forth, till ye shall say, Blessed in us. If we confess our sins, is he that cometh in the name he is faithful and just to forgive of the Lord.

us our sins, and to cleanse us r wings.220 hold, yox, blon


from all unrighteousness. If and with him an hundred forty we say that we have not sinned, and four thousand, having bis we make him a liar, and his Father's name written in their word is not in us.

foreheads. And I heard a voice The Gospel. St. John xxi, 19. from heaven, as the voice of JESUS said unto Peter, Fol many waters, and as the voice

low me. Then Peter turn- the voice of harpers harping ing about, seeth the disciple with their harps : and they sung (which also leaned on his breast as it were a new song before at supper,and said, Lord, which the throne, and before the four is he that betrayeth 'thee ?) beasts, and the elders : and no Peter seeing him, saith to Je- man could learn that song, but man do ? 'Jesus saith unto him, ed from the earth. These are sus, Lord, and what shall this the hundred and forty and four

thousand, which were redeemIf I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee?

they which were not defiled Follow thou me. Then went

with women, for they are virbrethren, that that disciple he gocth : these were redeemed this saying abroad among the gins: these are they which fol

low the Lamb whithersoever not unto him, He shall not die: first-fruits unto God, and to the come, whatis that to thee This Lamb. And in their mouth was is the disciple which testifieth found no guile; for they are of these things, and wrote these

without fault before the throne things, and we know that his of God. testimony is true. And there are THE angel of the Lord ap

The Gospel. St. Matt. ii. 13. Jesus did, the whicb, if they dream, saying, Arise, and take should be written every one, I suppose that even the world and flee into Egypt, and be thou atself conld not contain the there until I bring thee word ; books that should be written.

for Herod will seek the young THE INNOCENTS' DAY.

child to destroy him. When he

arose, he took the young child The Collect.

and his mother hy night, and 0

ALMIGHTY God, who departed into Egypt; and was

out of the mouths of babes there until the death of Herod : and sucklings hast ordained that it might be fulfilled which strength, and madest infants to was spoken of the Lord by the glorify thee by their deaths : prophet, saying, Out of Egypt mortify and kill all vices in us, have I called my Son. Then and so strengthen us by thy Herod, when he saw that he grace, that by the innocency of was mocked of the wise men, our lives, and constancy of our was exceeding wroth, and sent faith even noto death, we may forth, and slew all the children glorify thy holy name, throngh that were in Bethlehem, and in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. all the coasts thereof, from two For the Epistle. Rev. xiv. I. years old and under, according

LOOKED, and lo, a Lanıb to the time which he had distood on the mount Sion, ligently inquired of the wise men. Then was fulfilled that be told thee what thou must do. which was spoken by Jeremy And the men which journeyed the prophet, saying, In Rama with him stood speechless, was there a voice heard, la- hearing a voice, but seeing no mentation, and weeping, and man. And Saul arose from the great mourning, Rachel weep- earth; and when his eyes were ing for her children, and would opened, he saw no man: but not be comforted, because they they led him by the hand, and are not.


brought him into Dainascus.

And he was three days without THE CONVERSION OF sight, and neither did eat nor ST. PAUL.

drink. And there was a certain The Collect.

disciple at Damascus, named O ,

preaching of the blessed Lord in a vision, Ananias : And Apostle Saint Paul, hast caused he said, Behold, I am here, the light of the Gospel to shine Lord. And the Lord said unto throughout the world; grant, him, Arise, and go into the we beseech thee, that we, hav- street which is called Straight, ing his wonderful conversion and inquire in the house of in remembrance, may show Judas for one called Saul, of forth our thankfulness unto Tarsus : for behold, he prayeth, thee for the same, by following and hath seen in a vision a man the holy doctrine which he named Ananias, coming in, taught, through Jesus Christ and putting his hand on him, our Lord. Amen.

that he might receive his sight. For the Epistle. Acts ix. 1. Then Ananias answered, Lord, AN

ND Saul, yet breathing I have heard by many of this

out threatenings and man, how much evil he hath slaughter against the disciples done to thy saints at Jerusaof the Lord, went unto the High lem: and here he hath authoriPriest, and desired of bion let- ty from the chief priests to ters to Damascus to the syna- bind all that call on thy name. gogues, that if he found any But the Lord said unto him, of this way, whether they were Go thy way: for he is a chosen men or women, he might bring vessel unto me, to bear my them bound unto Jerusalem. name before the Gentiles, and And as he journeyed, he came kings, and the children of near Damascus; and suddenly Israel: For I will show him there shined round about him a how great things he must suflight from heaven. And he fell | fer for my name's sake. And to the earth, and heard a voice Ananias went his way, and ensaying unto him, Saul, Saul, tered into the house, and putwhy persecutest thon me? And ting his hands on him, said, he said, Who art thou, Lord ? Brother Saul, the Lord (even And the Lord said, I am Jesus Jesus, that appeared unto theo wbom thou persecutest: It is in the way as thou camest) hath hard for thee to kick against the sent me, that thou mightest reprieks. And hc, trembling and ceive thy

sight, and be filled astonished, said, Lord, what with the Holy Ghost. And imwilt

thou have me to do ? And mediately there fell from his the Lord said unto him, Arise, leyes as it had been scales; nud and go into the city, and it shall I he received sight forth with,


and aroge, and was baptized, only begotten Son was this day And when he had received presented in the temple in submeat, he was strengthened. stance of our fiesh ; so we may Then was Saul certain days be presented unto thee with with the disciples which were pure and clean hearts, by the at Damascus. And straightway same thy Son Jesus Christ our he preached Christ in the syna- Lord. Anen. gogues, that he is the Son of For the Epistle. Mal. i. 1. . BEH

EHOLD, I will send my were amazed, and said, Is not

messenger, and he shall this he that destroyed them prepare the way before me: which called on this name in and the Lord, whom ye seek, Jerusalem, and came hither for shall suddenly come to his temthat intent, that he might bring, ple; even the messenger of the them bound unto the chief covenant, whom ye delight in: priests? But Saul increased the behold, he shall come, saith more in strength and confound the Lord of hosts. But who may ed the Jews which dwelt at abide the day of his coming ? Damascus, proving that this is and who sh stand when he very Christ.

appeareth? for he is like a reThe Gospel. St. Matt. xix. 27. finer's fire, and like fuller's PETER a

unto Jesus, Behold, we finer and porifier of silver: and have forsaken all, and followed he shall purify the sons of Levi, thee: what shall we have there- and purge them as gold and fore? And Jesus said unto them, silver, ihut they may offer unto Verily I say unto you, that ye the Lord an offering in rightewhich have followed me, in ousness. Then shall the offerthe regeneration, when the Sonings of Judah and Jerusalem of man shall sit in the throne be plesant unto the Lord, as of his glory, ye also shall sit in the days of old, and as upon twelve thrones, judging in former years. And I will the twelve tribes of Israel. come near to you to judgment; And every one that hath for- und I will be a swift witness saken houses, or brethren, or against the

sorcerers, and sisters, or father, or mother, or against the adulterers, and wife, or children, or lands, for against false sweaters, and my name's sake, shall receive against those thai oppress the an hundred fold, and shall in- hireling in his wages, the wiherit everlasting life. But ma-dow, and the fatherless, and ny that are first shall be last, that turn aside the stranger from and the last shall be first. his right, and fear not me, saith

the Lord of hosts. THE PRESENTATION OF The Gospel St. Luke üi. 22. CHRIST WOTEE TEMAND when the days of her

purification ED THE PURIFICA the law of Moses, were accomTION OF SAINT MARY olished, they brought him to THE VIRGIN

Jerusalem to present him to The Collect.

he Lord, (as it', 'ritten in the ving God, we humbly be- that opcneth the womb shall be teech thy Majesty, that as thy called holy to the Lord,) and to



offer a sacrifice, according to and spake of him to all them
that which is said in the law of that looked for redemption in
the Lord, A pair ofturtle doves, Jerusalem. And when they had
or two young pigeons. And be performed all things according
hold, there was a man in Je-to the law of the Lord, they re-
rusalem, whose name was Si- turned into Galilee, to their own
meon; and the same man was city Nazareth. And the child
just and devout, waiting for the grew, and waxed strong in spi-
consolation of Israel: and the rit, filled with wisdom; and the
Holy Ghost was upon him. And grace of God was upon him.
it was revealed unto him by the
Holy Ghost, that he should not SAINT MATTHIAS'S
see death, before he had seen

the Lord's Christ. And he
came by the Spirit into the

The Collect. comple; and when the parents O into the place of the traitor brought in the child Jesus, to do for him after the custom of Judas, didst choose thy faithful the law, then took he him up servant Matthias, to be of the in his arms, and blessed God, number of the twelve Apostles; and said, Lord, now lettest thou gộant that thy Church, being thy servant depart in peace, ac- always preserved from false cording to thy word: For mine Apostles, may be ordered and eyes have seen thy salvation ; guided by faithful and true Paswhich thou hast prepared be- tors, through Jesus Christ our fore the face of all people; a Lord. Amen. light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Is For the Epistle. Acts i. 15. rael: And Joseph and his me: I those days Peter stood up which were spoken of him. and said, (the number of the And Simeon blessed them, and names together were about an said unto Mary his mother, Be, hundred and twenty :) Men and hold, this child is set for the fall brethren, this Scripture must and rising again of many in Is- needs have been fulfilled, which rael; and for a sign which shall the Holy Ghost by the mouth of bespoken against, (yea, a sword David spake before concerning shall pierce through thy own Judas, who was guide to them soul also,) that the thoughts of that took Jesus. For he was many hearts may be revealed. numbered with us, and had obAnd there was one Anna, a tained part of this ministry, prophetess, the daughter of Now this man purchased a field Phanuel, of the tribe of Aser; with the reward of iniquity; she was of a great age, and had and falling headlong, he burst lived with an husband seven asunder in the midst, and all years from her virginity, and his bowels gushed out. And it she was a widow of about four-was known to all the dwellers score and four years, which de-at Jerusalem; insomuch as that parted not from the temple, but field is called in their proper served God with fastings and tongue, Aceldama, that is to prayers night and day. And she, say, the field of blood. For it coming in that instant, gave is written in the book of Psalms, Lanks likewise unto the Lord, I Let bis habitation be desolate,

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