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may be preserved in body and Son, and the Holy Ghost, be soul, through our Lord and Sa- upon you, and remain with viour Jesus Christ. Amen.

you for ever. Amen. Then the Bishop shall bless IT And there shall none be ad

mitted to the Holy Commuthem, saying thus :

nion, until such time as he be

confirmed, or be ready and mighty, the Father, the desirous to be confirmed.

THE FORM OF SOLEMNIZATION OF MATRIMONY. T The Laws respecting Matrimony, whether by publishing the Bans in Churches, or by License, being different in the seve

ral States; every Minister is left to the direction of those · Laws, in every thing that regards the civil contract between

the Parties. 1 And when the Bans are published, it shall be in the following form: I publish the Bans of Marriage between M. of

and N. of - If any of you know cause or just impediment, why these two persons should not be joined together in holy Matrimony, ye are to declare it. This is the

first, second, or third time of asking.) 1 At the day and time appoint-| Ifany man can show just cause,

ed for Solemnization of Ma- why they may not lawfully be trimony, the Persons to be joined together, let him now married shall come into the speak, or else hereafter for ever body of the Church, or shall hold his peace. be ready in some proper 1 And also speaking unto the house, with their friends and Persons who are to be marneighbours; and there stand- ried, he shall say, ing together, the Man on the


REQUIRE and charge you right hand, and the Woman both, (as ye will answer at on the left, the Minister shall the dreadful day of judgment,

when the secrets of all hearts EARLY beloved, we are shall be disclosed,)that if either the sight of God, and in the why ye may not be lawfully face of this company, to join joined together in Matrimony, together this Man and this Wo- ye do now confess it: For be man in holy Matrimony; which ye well assured, that if any is commended of St. Paul to persons are joined together be honourable among all men ; otherwise than as God's word and therefore is not by any to doth allow, their marriage is be entered into unadvisedly or not lawful. lightly; but reverently, dis i The Minister, if he shall have creetly, advisediy, soberly, and reason to doubt of the law in the fear of God. Into this fulness of the proposed Marholy estate, these two persons riage, may demand sufficient present come now to be joined.' surety for his indemnitica


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tion, but if no impediments to God's holy ordinance; and shall be alleged, or suspect- thereto I plight thee my Troth. ed, the Minister shall say to 1 Then shall they loose their the man,

Hands, and the Woman with VILT thou have this her Right Hand taking the

Woman to thy wed- Man by his Right Hand, ded Wife, to live together af- shall likewise say after the ter God's ordinance, in the holy Minister, thou love her, comfort wer: I make thee M. to my wedhonour, and keep her, in sick- to hold, from this day forward, ness and in health ; and, for- for better for worse, for richer saking all others, keep thee only for poorer, in sickness and in unto her, so long as ye both health, to love, cherish, and to shall live?

obey, till death us do part, ucI The Man shall answer, cording to God's holy ordiI will.

nance; and thereto I give thee IT Then shall the Minister say T Then shall they again loose

my Troth. unto the Woman,

their Hands; and the Man N.

TILT thou have this
Man to
thy wed-

shall give unto the Woman ded Husband, to live together

a Ring.

And the Minister

taking the Ring shall deliafter God's ordinance, in the holy estate of Matrimony?

ver it unto the Man, to put Wilt thou obey him, and serve

it upon the fourth Finger of

the Woman's Left Hand. him, love, honour, and keep him, in sickness and in health;

And the Man holding the

Ring there, and taught by and, forsaking all others, keep thee only unto him, so long as

the Minister, shall say, ye both shall live? Ti The Woman shall answer, worldly goods I thee endow;

wed, and with all my I will.

In the name of the Father, and 11 Then shall the Minister say, of the Son, and of the Holy

Who giveth this Woman to Ghost. Amen. be married to this Man ? 1 Then the Man leaving the T Then shall they give their Ring upon the fourth FinTroth to each other in this ger of the Woman's Left Manner:

Hand, the Minister shall say, I The Minister receiving the

Let us pray Woman at her Father's or


UR Father, who art in Friend's Hands, shall cause the Man with his Right Name; Thy Kingdom come; Jland to take the Woman by Thy Will be done on Earth, as her Right Hand, and to say it is in Heaven; Give us this after him as followeth: day our daily bread; And forI

M. take thee N. to my wed-give us our trespasses, as we

ded Wife, to have and to forgive those who trespass hold, from this day forward, for against us; And lead us not inbetter for worse, for richer for to temptation ; But deliver us poorer, in sickness and in from evil. Amen. till death us do , according and Preserver of

acadeba to love and

to cherish; O ETERNALGO Creator

kind, giver of all spiritual, grace: FORASMUCH Med and send thy blessing upon these ther in holy Wedlock, and have thy servants, this man and this witnessed the same before God woman, whom we bless in thy and this company, and thereto name; that as Isaac and Re- have given and pledged their becca lived faithfully together, troth, each to the other, and so these persons may surely have declared the same by givperform and keep the vow and ing and receiving a Ring, and covenant betwixt them made, by joining hands; I pronounce, (whereof this Ring given and that they are Man and Wife; received is a token and pledge,) in the name of the Father, and and may ever remain in per- of the Son, and of the Holy fect love and peace together, Ghost. Amen. and live according to thy laws, 11 And the Minister shall add through Jesus Christ our Lord.

this Blessing : Amen.

MOD the Father, God the I Then shall the Minister join bless, preserve, and keep you:

u Son, God the Holy Ghost, their Right Hands together, The Lord mercifully with his and say,

Those whom God hath joined favour look upon you, and fill together, let no man put asun- tion and grace; that ye may so

you with all spiritual benedicder.

live together in this life, that in T Then shall the Minister the world to come ye may have

speak unto the Company : life everlasting. Amen.


Let us pray.

TWhen any Person is sick, no-1 | Then the Minister shall say, tice shall be given thereof to the Minister of the Parish; Lord, have mercy upon us. who, coming into the sick Christ, have mercy upon us.

Person's House, shall say, Lord, have mercy upon us. Pead to all that dwell in it EACE be to this House, OUR Father, who art in

Heaven, Hallowed be thy

name : Thy Kingdom come; 1 When he cometh into the Thy will be done on earth, as

sick Man's presence, he shall it is in Heaven; Give us this say, kneeling down, day our daily bread, And for

iniquities, nor the iniqui- give those who trespass against ties of our forefathers; Spare us; And lead us not into tempus, good Lord, spare thy peo- tation; But deliver us from ple, whom thou başt redeemed evil.. Amen. with thy most precious blood; Min. O Lord, save thy' serand be not angry with us for vant; ever.

Ans. Who putteth his trust Ans. Spare us, good Lord. Tin thee.

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