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the wword, and have bent their The unrighteous shall be pubow, to cast down the poor and nished , as for the seed of the needy, and to slay such as are ungodly, it shall be rooted out. of a right conversation.

The righteous shall inherit Their sword shall go through the land, and dwell therein for their own heart, and their bow ever. shall be broken.

The mouth of the righteous A small thing that the right is exercised in wisdom, and his eous hath, is better than great tongue will be talking of judgriches of the ungodly;

ment. For the arms of the ungodly The law of his God is in his shall be broken, and the Lord heart, and his goings shall not upholdeth the righteous. slide.

The Lord knoweth the days The ungodly seeth the rightof the godly; and their inheri- eous, and seeketh occasion to tance shall endure for ever.

slay him. * They shall not be confound- The Lord will not leave him ed in the perilous time; and in in his hand, nor condemn him the days of dearth they shall when he is judged. have enough.

Hope thou in the Lord, and As for the ungodly, they keep his way, and he shall proshall perish, and the enemies of mote thee, that thou shalt posthe Lord shall consume as the sess the land : when the ungodfat of lambs; yea, even as the ly shall perish, thou shalt see it. smoke shall they consume I myself have seen the unaway.

godly in great power, and flouThe ungodly borroweth, and rishing like a green bay-tree. payeth not again; but the right- I went by, and lo, he was cous is merciful and liberal.

gone : I sought him, but his Such as are blessed of God, place could no where be found. shall possess the land, and they Keep innocency, and take that are cursed of him, sball be heed unto the thing that is right; rooted out.

for that shall bring a man peace The Lord ordereth a good at the last. man's going, and maketh his As for the transgressors, they way acceptable to himself.

shall perish together; and the Though he fall, he shall not end of the ungodly is, they shall be cast away; for the Lord up- be rooted out at the last. holdeth him with his hand. But the salvation of the right

I have been young, and now eous cometh of the Lord, who am old, and yet saw I never the is also their strength in the time righteous forsaken, nor his seed of trouble. begging their bread.

And the Lord shall stand by The righteous is ever merci-them, and save them; he shall ful, and lendeth; and his seed deliver them from the ungodly, is blessed.

and shall save them, because Flee from evil, and do the they put their trust in him. 4! thing that is good, and dwell for evermore.

SELECTION V. in For the Lord loveth the Psalm 1. Beatus vir, quid non thing that is right, he forsaketh


that are preserved for ever.

hot his that be godly, but they Bhath not walked in Liu


liver him; I will set him up, O let thine ears consider well because he hath known my the voice of my complaint. name,

me shall call upon me, and I to mark what is done amiss, o will hear him; yea, I am with Lord, who may abide it ? him in trouble; I will deliver For there is mercy with thee; him, and bring him to honour. therefore shalt thou be feared?

With long life will I satisfy I look for the Lord, my soul him, and show him my salva- doth wait for him; in his word tion. )

is my trust.

My soul fleeth unto the Lord SELECTION VI. before the morning watch; I From Psalm 32. Beati,quorum.say, before the morning

watch. BLebeneis he whose un Israel. trust in the Lord;

righteousness is forgiven, for with the Lord there is mer and whose sin is covered. cy, and with him is plenteous

Blessed is the man unto redemption. whom the Lord imputeth no And he shall redeem Israel no gunde in whose spirit there is from all his sins.

Psalm 121. Levavi oculos I will acknowledge my sin

meos. unto thee; and mine unright- I WILL lift up mine eyes un

I said, I will confess my sins cometh my help. unto the Lord ; and so thou for- My help cometh even from gavest the wickedness of my the Lord, who hath made heasin.

ven and earth. For this shall every one that He will not suffer thy foot to is godly make his prayer unto be moved, and he that keepeth thee, in a time when thou may- thee will not sleep. est be found; but in the great Behold, he that keepeth Iswater floods they shall not rael shall neither slumber nor come nigh him.

sleep Thou art a place to hide me The Lord himself is thy in; thou shalt preserve me from keeper; the Lord is thy defence trouble, thou shalt compass me upon thy right hand : about with songs of deliver- So that the sun shall not burn ance.

thee by day; neither the moon I will inform thee, and teach by night. thee in the way wherein thou The Lord shall preserve theo shalt go; and I will guide thee from all evil; yea, it is even with mine eye.

he that shall keep thy soul. Great plagues remain for the The Lord sbals preserve thy ungodly; but whoso putteth his going out and thy coming in, trust in the Lord, mercy em- from this time forth for everbraceth him on every side. more.

Be glad, O ye righteous, and rejoice in the Lord; and be SELECTION VII. joyful, all ye that are true of Psalm 23. Dominus regit me. beart, Psalm 130. De profundis. UT the

therefore can I lack no upto thee, O Lord ; thing. Lord, hear my voice.

He shall foed me in a greon!


O of the deep hoa - Tere is my shepherd ;


pasture, and lead me forth be-Lord shall want no manner of side the waters of comfort.thing that is good.

He shall convert my soul, Come, ye children and hearkand bring me forth in the paths en unto me: I will teach you of righteousness for his name's the fear of the Lord. sake.

What man is he that lusteth Yea, though I walk through to live, and would fain see good the valley of the shadow of days ? death, I will fear no evil; for Keep thy tongue from evil, thou art with me; thry rod and and thy lips, that they speak thy

staff comfort me. no guile. Thou shalt prepare a table Eschew evil, and do good; before me against them that seek peace, and ensue it. trouble me; thou hast anoint- The eyes of the Lord are ed my head with oil, and my over the righteous, and his ears cup shall be full.

are open unto their prayers. But thy loving kindness and The countenance of the Lord mercy shall follow me all the is against them that do evil, to days of my life; and I will root out the remembrance of dwell in the house of the Lord them from the for ever,

The righteous cry, and the Psalm 34. Benediciam Domino. Lord heareth them, and deli

vereth them out of all their

The Lord is nigh unto those shall ever be in my mouth. who are of a contrite heart, and

My soul shall make her boast will save such as are of an in the Lord; the humble shall humble spirit. 30 hear thereof, and be glad. Great are the troubles of the

O praise the Lord with me; righteous; but the Lord deliand let us magnify his name vereth him out of all. together.

He keepeth all his bones, so sought the Lord, and he that not one of them is broken. heard me : yea, he delivered But misfortune shall slay the me out of all my fear.

ungodly; and they that hate They had an eye unto him, the righteous shall be desolate. and were lightened ; and their The Lord delivereth the faces were not ashamed. soul of his servants; and all

Lo, the poor crieth, and the they that put their trust in him Lord heareth him, yea, and shall not be destitute. il saveth out of all his trou

Psalm 65. re decet hymnus. The Angel of the Lord tax: TH09:00 Gada aut praised fear him, and delivereth them. shall the vow be performed in

O taste, and see, how gra- Jerusalem. cious the Lord is : blessed is Thou that hearest the prayer, the man that trusteth in him. unto thee shall all flesh come.

O fear the Lord, ye that are My misdeeds prevail against his Saints; for they that fear me: O be thou merciful unto him lack nothing.

our sins. The lions do lack, and suffer Blessed is the man whom bunger; but they who seek the thou choosest, and receivest

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