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10 He hath no pleasure in the 6 He hath made them fast streagth of an horse ; neither for ever and ever; he hath gidelighteth he in any man's legs.ven them a law, which shall

1 But the Lord's delight is not be broken. in them that fear hiin, and put 7 Praise the Lord upon earth, their trust in his mercy, ye dragons, and all deeps;

12 Praise the Lord, o Jeru- 8 Fire and hail, snow and salem ; praise thy God, o Sion; vapours, wind and storm, ful

13 For he hath made fast filling his word; the bars of thy gates, and hath 9 Mountains and all hills; blessed thy children within fruitful trees, and all cedars; thee.

10 Beasts and all cattle; 14 He maketh peace in thy worms and feathered fowls; borders, and filleth thee with 11 Kings of the earth and all the flour of wheat.

people ; princes and all judges 15 He sendeth forth his com- of the world; mandment upon earth, and his 12 Young men and maidens, word runneth very swiftly. old men and children, praise the

16 He giveth snow like wool, name of the Lord; for his name and scattereth the boar frost only is excellent, and his praise like ashes.

above heaven and earth. 17 He casteth forth his ice 13 He shall exalt the horn of like morsels; who is able to his people: all his saints shall abide lis frost?

praise him ; even the children 18 He sendeth out his word, of Israel, even the people that and melteth them; he bloweth serveth him. with his wind, and the waters Psalm 149. Cantate Domino. flow. Jacob, his statutes and ordinan

songlet the concos unto Israel.

gregation of saints praise him. 20 He hath not dealt so with 2 Let Israel rejoice in him any nation; neither have the thai made him, and let the chilheathen knowledge of his laws. dren of Sion be joyful in their

King. Ps. 148. Laudate Dominum.

3 Let them praise his name O Lord

ven; praise him in the praises unto him with tabret height.

and harp. 2 Praise him, all ye angels 4 For the Lord bath pleasure of his: praise him, all his hosts. in his people, and helpeth the

3 Praise him, suu and moon; meek-hearted. praise him, all yo stars and 5 Let the saints be joyful with light.

glory; let them rejoice in their 4 Praise him, all ye heavens, beds. and ye waters that are abové 6 Let the praises of God be in the heavens.

their mouth, and a two-edged 5. Let them praise the name sword in their hands. of the Lord; for he spake the 7 To be avenged of the henword, and they were made; he then, and to rebuke the peocommanded, and they were ple : created.

8 To bind their kings in

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ARTICLES OF RELIGION, As established by the Bishops, the Clergy, and Laity of the

Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, in Convention, on the twelfth day of September, in the year

of our Lord 1801. Art. I. Of Faith in the Holy from death, and took again his Trinity.

body, with flesh, bones, and all and true God, everlasting, fection of Man's nature, wherewithout body,parts, or passions with he ascended into Heaven, of infinite power, wisdom, and and there sitteth, until he regoodness; the Maker and Pre- turn to judge all men at the seryer of all things both visible last day. and invisible. And in unity Art. V. of the Holy Ghost. of this Godhead, there be tlıree The Holy Ghost, proceeding persons, of one substance, from the Father and the Son, power, and eternity, the Fa- is of one Substance, Majesty, ther, the Son, and the Holy and Glory, with the Father and Ghost.

the Son, very and eternal God. Art. II. Of the Word, or Son Art. VI. Of the Sufficiency of of God, which was made very the Holy Scriptures for SalMin.

vation. The Son, which is the Word Holy Scripture containeth of the Father, begotten from all things necessary to Salvaeverlasting of the Father, the tion: so that whatsoever is not very and eternal God, of one read therein, nor may be proved substance with the Father, took thereby, is not to be required Man's nature in the womb of of any man, that it should be the blessed Virgin, of her sub- believed as an article of the stance : so that two whole and Faith, or be thought requisite perfect Natures, that is to say, or necessary to Salvation. In the Godhead and Manhood, the name of the Holy Scripwere joined together in one ture we do understand those Person, never to be divided, Canonical Books of the Old whereof is one Christ, very and New Testament, of whose God, and very Man; who truly Authority was never any doubt. suffered, was crucified, dead, in the Church, and buried, to reconcile bis of the Names and Number Faiber to us, and to be a sacri- of the Canonical Books. fice, not only for original guilt, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, but also for actual sins of men. Numeri, Deuteronomium, JoArt. II. Of the going down shue, Judges, Ruth, The First

of Christ into Hell. Book of Samuel, The Second As Christ died for us, and Book of Samuel, the First was buried ; so also is it to be Book of Kings, The Second believed, that he went down Book of Kings, The First Book into hell.

of Chronicles, The

Second Book Art. IV. Of the Resurrection of Chronicles, The First Book of Christ.

of Esdras, The Second Book Christ did truly rise again lof Esdras, the Book of Hester,

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