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spiracy, and rebellion; from all they may duly execute their
false doctrine, heresy, and office, to the edifying of thy
schism; from hardness of heart, Church, and the glory of thy
and contempt of thy Word and holy name;

We beseech thee to hear us,
Good Lord, deliver us. good Lord.

By the mystery of thy holy That it may please thee to Incarnation by thy holy Na- bless and keep all thy peaivity and Circumcision Ly thy plete Baptism, Fasting, and Temp- We beseech three to hear us, tation ;

good Lord. Good Lord, deliver us. That it may please thee to

By thine Agony and bloody give to all nations unity, peace Sweat; by thy Cross and Pas- and concord; kon; by thy precious Death We beseech thee to hear us, ind Burial; by thy glorious good Lord, Resurrection and Ascension; That it may please thee to ind by the coming of the Ho- give us an heart to love and fear y Ghost;

thee, and diligently to live after Good Lord, deliver us. thy Commandments;

In all time of our tribulation We beseech thee to hear us, in all time of our prosperity good Lord. in the bour of death, and in the That it may please thee to day of judgment;

give to all thy people increase Good Lord, deliver us. of grace, to hear meekly thy

We sinners do beseech thee Word, and to receive it with to hear us, O Lord God ; and pure affection, and to bring that it may please thee to rule forth the fruits of the Spirit; and govern thy holy Church We beseech thee to hear us universal in the right way; good Lord.

We beseech thee to hear us, That it may please thee to good Lord.

bring into the way of truth, all That it may please thee to such as have erred and are debless and preserve all Christian ceived ; Rulers and Magistrates; giving We beseech thee to hear us. them grace to execute justice, good Lord. and to maintain truth;

That it may please thee to We beseech thee to hear us, strengthen such as do stand, and good Lord.

to comfort and help the weakThat it may please thee to hearted, and to raise up those illuminate all Bishops, Priests, who fall, and finally to beat and Deacons, with true know-down Satan under our feet; ledge and understanding of thy We beseech thee to hear us, Word; and that both by their good Lord. thee to hear preaching and living they may That it may please thee to set it forth, and show it ae-succour, help, and comfort all cordingly;

who are in danger, necessity. We beseech thee to hear us, I and tribulation; good Lord.

We beseech thee to hear us, That it may please thee to good Lord bless these thy servants, now That it may please thee to to be admitted to the order of preserve all who travel by land Deacons, for Priests,) and to or by water, all women in the pour thy grace upon them; that perils of child-birth, all sick

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persons, and young children, Lord, have mercy upon us. and to show thy pity upon all Lord, have mercy upon us. prisoners and captives;

Christ, have mercy upon us. We beseech thee to hear us, Christ, have mercy upon us. good Lord.

Lord, have mercy upon us. That it may please thee to Lord, have mercy upon us." defend, and provide for, the fa-1 Thon shall the Bishop, and therless children, and widows, and all who are desolate and Lord's Prayer.

the People with him, say the Pipes beseech thee to hear us, O'Ne vem, Hallowed be thy

who good Lord.

That it may please thee to Name: Thy Kingdom come have mercy upon all inen; Thy Will be done on Earth, as

We beseech thee to hear us, it is in Heaven; Give us this good Lord.

day our daily bread; And for That it may please thee to give us our trespasses, as we forgive our enemies, persecu- forgive those who trespass tors, and slanderers, and to turn against us; And lead us not their hearts;

into temptation ; But deliver us We beseech thee to hear us, from evil. Amin. good Lord.

Bishop. O Lord, deal not That it may please thee to with us according to our sins; give and preserve to our use Ans. Neither reward us acthe kindly fruits of the carth, cording to our iniquities. so that in due time we may en- Bishop. Let us pray. joy them; We beseech thee to hear us,

O ,

who despisest not the sighgood Lord.

ing of a contrite heart, nor the That it may please thee to desire of such as are sorrowful; give us true repentance: to for- mercifully assist our prayers give us all our sins, negligences, which we make before

thee in and ignorances, and to endue all our troubles and adversities, us with the grace of thy Holy whensoever they oppress us ; Spirit, to amend our lives ac and graciously hear us, that cording to thy Holy Word; those evils which the craft and

We beseech thee to hear us, subtilty, of the devil or man good Lord.

worketh against us, may, by thy Son of God, we beseech thee good providence, be brought to to hear us.

nought, that we, thy servants, Son of God, we beseech thee being hurt by no, persecutions, to hear us.

may evermore give thanks un O Lamb of God, who takest to thee in thy holy Church, away the sins of the world; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Grant us thy peace.

O Lord, arise, help us, and O Lamb of God, who takest deliver us, for thy name's sake. away the sins of the world; Hive mercy upon us.

GOD, we have heard with 0

our ears, and our fathers E The Bishop mau, at his dis- have declared unto us, the no

cretivn, omit all that follows, ble works that thou didst in to the Praver, We humbly their days, and in the old time beseech thee, O Father," &c. before them. O Christ, hear us.

O Lord, arise, help us, and Christ, hear us.

deliver us, for thine honour,


Glory be to the Father, and Christ; graciously hear us, to the Son, and to the Holy O Lord Christ. Ghost:

O Lord, let thy mercy be As it was in the beginning, is showed upon us ; now, and ever shall be, world As we do put our trust in without end. Amen.

thce.) From our enemies defend us, Bishop. Let us pray. O Christ.

TE humbly beseech thee, Graciously look upon our afflictions.

look upon our infirmities; and, With pity behold the sorrows for the glory of thy name, turn of our hearts.

from us all those evils that we Mercifully forgive the sins most justly have deserved ; and of thy people.

grant that, in all our troubles, Favourably with mercy hear we may put our whole trust and our prayers.

confidence in thy mercy; and O Son of David, have mercy evermore serve thee in holiness upon us.

and pureness of living, to thy Both now and ever, vouch- honour and glory, through our safe to hear us, O Christ. only Mediator and Advocate, Graciously hear us, O'Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Here endeth the Litany.


LORD'S SUPPER, OR, HOLY COMMUNION. OUR UR Father, who art in Then shall the Bishop,

Heaven, Hallowed be thy turning to the People, reName: Thy Kingdom come: hearse distinctly the Ten Thy Will be done on Earth, as Commandments: and the it is in Heaven; Give us this People still knceling, shall, day our daily bread ; And for- after every commandment, give us our trespasses, as we ask God mercy for their forgive those

who trespass transgressions for the time against us; And lead us not in- past, and grace to keep the to temptation : But deliver us law for the time to come, as from evil: For thine is the followeth. Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, for ever and ever.

Bishop. Amen.

LOD spake these words, and The Collect.

God: Thou shalt have none LMIGHTY God, unto other gods but me,

whom all hearts are open, People. Lord, have mercy all desires known, and from upon us, and incline our hearts whom no secrets are hid; to keep this law. cleanse the thoughts of our

Bishop. Thou shalt not hearts by the inspiration of thy make to thyself any graven Holy Spirit; that we may per- image, nor the likeness of any fectly love thee, and worthily thing that is in heaven above, magnify thy holy name, through or in the earth beneath, or in Christ our Lord. Amen. the water under the earth


Thou shalt not bow down to Bishop. Thou shalt not them, nor worship them: For commit adultery. I the Lord thy God am a jea- People. Lord, have mercy lous God; and visit the sins of upon us, and incline our hearts the fathers upon the children, to keep this law. unto the third and fourth gene- Bishop. Thou shalt not ration of them that hate me; steal. and show inercy, unto thou- People. Lord, have mercy sands in them that love me, and upon us, and incline our hearts keep my commandments. to keep this law. People. Lord,, have mercy

Bishop. Thou shalt not upou as, and incline our hearts bear falee witness against thy to keep this law.

neighbour. Bishop. Thou shalt not People. Lord, have mercy take the name of the Lord thy upon us, and incline our hearts God in vain : For the Lord will to keep this law. not hold him guiltless, that Bishop. Thou shalt not taketh his name in vain. covet thy neighbour's house,

People. Lord, have mercy thou shalt not covet thy neighupon us, and incline our hearts bour's wife, nor his servant, nor to keep this law.

his maid, nor his ox, nor bis Bishop. Remember that ass, nor any thing that is his. thou keep holy the Sabbath- People. Lord, have mercy day. Six days shalt thou la- upon us, and write all these bour, and do all that thou hast thy laws in our hearts, we beto do, but the seventh day is seech thee. the Sabbath of the Lord thy * Then the Bishop may say, Gd. In it thou shalt do no mauner of work; thou, and Hear also what our Lord thy son, and thy daughter, thy Jesus Christ saith :

, . servant, thy cattle, and he i thy God with all thy heart, 8 ranger that is within thy gates. and with all thy soul, and with For in six days the Lord made all thy mind: This is the first heaven and carth, the sea, and and great commandment. And all that in them is, and rested the second is like unto it; Thou the seventh day; wherefore the shalt love thy neighbour as thyLord blessed the seventh day, self. On these two commandand hallowed it.

ments hang all the law and the People. Lord, have mercy prophets. upon us, and incline our hearts

IT Let us pray. to keep this law.

Bishop. Honour thy father and thy motherthat the days O ALMIGHTY Lord, and

everlasting God, vouchmay be long in the land which safe, we beseech thee, to direct, the Lord thy God giveth thee. sanctify, and govern, both our

Piople. Lord, have mercy hearts and bodies, in the ways upon us, and incline our hearts of thy laws, and in the works to keep this law.

of thy commandments: that, Bishop. Thou shalt do no through thy most mighty promurder.

tection, both here and ever, we People. Lord, have mercy may be preserved in body and upon us, and incline our hearts soul, through our Lord and Sato keep this law,

viour Jesus Christ. Amen.


1 Then -shall be read the Col- If we have sown unto you lect, Epistle,

and Gospel, as spiritual things, is it a great they are appointed.

matter if we shall reap your Then shall be read the Apos-worldly things? 1 Cor. ix. 11. tles' or Nicene Creed ; unless Do ye not know, that they one of them have been read who minister about holy things, immediately before, in the live of the sacrifice; and they Morning Service.

who wait at the altar, are parI Then shall the Bishop begin takers with the altar ? Even so

the Offertory, saying one or hath the Lord also ordained, more of these sentences fol- that they who preach the Goslowing, as he thinketh most pel, should live of the Gospel. convenient.

Cor. ix. 13, 14.

He that soweth little, shall fore men, that they may plenteously, shall reap plentesee your good works, and glo- ously. Let every man do acrify your Father which is in cording as he is disposed in his heaven, St. Matt. v. 16.

heart, not grudgingly, or of Lay not up for yourselves necessity; for God loveth a treasures upon earth, where cheerful giver. 2 Cor. ix. 6, 7. moth and rust doth corrupt, and Let him that is taught in the where thieves break through word, minister unto him that and steal: But lay up for your teacheth, in all good things. selves treasures in heaven, Be not deceived, God is not where neither moth nor rust mocked: For whatsoever a doth corrupt, and where thieves man soweth, that shall he reap. do not break through nor steal. Gal. vi. 6, 7. St. Mutt. vi. 19, 20.

While we have time, let us Whatsoever ye would that do good unto all men: and esmen should do to you, even so pecially unto them that are of do to them: for this is the law the household of faith. Gal. and the prophets. St. Matt. vi. 10. vii. 12.

Godliness is great riches, if Not every one that saith un-a man be content with that he to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter bath: For we brought nothing into the kingdom of heaven: into this world, neither may we but he that doeth the will of carry any thing out. 1 Tim. my Father which is in heaven. vi. 6, 7. St. Matt. vii. 21.

Charge them who are rich in Zaccheus stood forth, and this world, that they be ready gaid unto the Lord, Behold, to give, and glad to distribute ; Lord, the half of my goods I laying up in store for themgive to the poor; and if I have selves a good foundation adone any wrong to any man, 1 gainst the time to come, that ręstore four-fold. St. Luke they may attain eternal life.

1 Tim. vi. 17, 18, 19. Who goeth a warfare at any God is not unrighteous, that time at his own cost? Who he will forget your works, and planteth a vineyard, and eateth labour that proceedeth of love ; not of the fruit thereof? or which love ye have showed for who feedeth a flock, and eateth his name's sake, who have minot of the milk of the flock ? 1 pistered unto the saints, and Cor. ix. 7.

yet do minister. Heb. vi, 10

xix. 8.

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