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xiii. 16.

• To do good and to distribute, Let us pray for the whole forget not ; for with

such sacri- state of Christ's Church milifices God is well pleased. Heb. tant.

Whoso bath this world's A ling God, who, by thy holy need, and shutteth up his com- Apostle, hast taught us to make passion from him, how dwell- prayers and supplications, and eth the love of God in him? 1 to give thanks for all men: John iii. 17.

We humbly beseech thee most Give alms of thy goods, and mercifully to accept our alins never turn thy face from any and oblations, and to receive poor man; and then the face these our prayers, which we of the Lord shall not be turned offer unto thy divine Majesty ; away from thee.

Tob. iv. 7. beseeching thee to inspire conBe merciful after thy power. tinually the Universal Church If thou hast much, give plente- with the spirit of truth, unity, ously; if thou hast little, do thy and concord: and grant that diligence gladly

to give of that all those who do confess thy little: for so gatherest thou thy- holy name may agree in the self a good reward, in the day truth of thy holy word, and live of necessity. Tob. iv. 8, 9. in unity and godly love. We

He that hath pity upon the beseech thee also, so to direct poor, lendeth unto the Lord : and dispose the hearts of all and look, what he layeth out, Christian rulers, that they may it shall be paid him again. truly and impartially adminisProv. xix. 17.

ter justice, to the punishment of Blessed be the man that pro- wickedness and vice, and to the videth for the sick and needy: maintenance of thy true religion the Lord shall deliver him in and virtue. Give grace, Oheathe time of trouble. Psalm xli.l. venly Father, to all Bishops and

other Ministers, that they may, I Whilst these Sentences are both by their life and doctrine, in reading, the Deacons,

set forth thy true and lively Church-wardens, or other fit Word, and rightly and duly adpersons appointed for that purpose, shall receive the And to all thy people give thy

minister thy holy Sacraments. Alms for the Poor, and other heavenly grace; and especially Devotions of the People, in a to this congregation here predecent Basin to be provided sent; that with meek heart, and by the Parish for that par- due reverence, they may hear pose; and reverently bring it and receive thy holy Word; to the Bishop, who shall huin- truly serving thee in holiness bly present and place it upon and righteousness all the days of the Holy Table.

their life. And we most hum.17 And the Bishop shall then bly beseech thee, of thy good

place upon the Table so much ness, O Lord, to comfort and Bread and Wine, as he shall succour all those who, in this think sufficient. After which transitory life, are in trouble, he shall say,

sorrow, need, sickness, or any * If there be no alms or oblations, then shall the words (to ccept our alms and oblations, and) be left unsaid.

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other adversity. And we also the end that we should always bless thy holy name, for all thy remember the exceeding great servants departed this life in love of our Master and only thy faith and fear; beseeching Saviour Jesus Christ, thus dythee to give us grace so to fol-ing for us, and the innumerable low their good examples, that benetiis which by his precious with them we may be partakers blood-shedding he hath obtain of thy heavenly kingdom :ed for us, he hath instituted and Grant this, O Father, for Jesus ordained holy Mysteries, as Christ's sake, our only Media-pledges of his love, and for a tor and Advocate. Amen. continual remembrance of his I The Bishop shall then say comfort.

death, to our great and endless this Exhortation.

To him, therefore,

with the Father, and the Holy EARLY beloved in the Ghost, let us give (as we are most come to the Holy Communion submitting ourselves wholly to of the Body and Blood of our his holy will and pleasure, and Saviour Christ, must consider studying to erve him in true how St. Paul exhorteth all per- holiness and righteousness, all sons diligently to try and exa- the days of our life. Amen. mine themselves, before they T Then shall the Bishop say to presume to eat of that Bread, and drink of that Cup. For as

those who come to receive the benefit is great, if with a

the Communion, true penitent bipart and lively Y Ewholy do trulyo, and Sacrament; so is the danger your sins, and are in love and great, if we receive the same charity with your neighbours, unworthily. Julge therefore and intend to lead a new life, yourselves, brethren, that ye be following the commandments not judged of the Lord; repent of God, and walking from ye truly for your sins past: henceforth in his holy ways; have a lively and steadfast faith draw near with faith, and take in Christ our Saviour; amend this holy Sacrament to your your lives, and be in perfect comfort, and make your humcharity with all men: so shall ble confession to Almighty ye be meet partakers of those God, devoutly kneeling. holy Mysteries. And above all things, ye must give most hum

1 Then shall this general Conble and hearty thanks to God

fession be made by the Bishop the Father, the Son, and the

and all those who are minded

to receive the Holy CommuHoly Ghost, for the redemption of the world by the death and

nion, humbly kneeling. passion of our Saviour Christ, LMIGHTY Cod, Father both God and man; who did A of our Lord Jesus Christ, humble himself, even to the Maker of all things, Judge of death upon the cross, for us all men; we acknowledge and miserable sinners, who lay in bewail our manifold sins and darkness and the shadow of wickedness, which we from death; that he might make us time to time most grievously the children of God, and exalt have committed, by thought, us to everlasting life. And to word, and deed, against thy

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of the Holy Ghost, was made light and true knowledge of
very man, of the substance of thee, and of thy Son Jesus
the Virgin Mary bis Mother; Christ: Therefore with An-
and that without spot of sin, to gels, &c.
make us clean from all sin : 1 Upon the Feast of Trinity
Therefore with Angels, &c.

only, may be said,
1 Upon Easter Day, and se- W

HO art one God, one

Lord; not one only pereven Days after. UT chiefly are we bound son, but three persons in one

substance: For that which we ous resurrection of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord: For he the 'Son, and of the Holy

ther, the same we believe of which was offered for us, and Ghost, without any difference hath taken away the sin of the or inequality: Therefore with

Angels, &c.
world; who by his death hath
destroyed death, and, by bis

IT Or else this may be said, the

words Holy Father being rerising to life again, hath restored to us everlasting life:

tained in the Introductory
Therefore with Angels, &c.
1 Upon Ascension Day, and

VOR the precious death and

merits of thy Son Jesus seven Days after. Christ our Lord, and for the THROUGH thy most dear-sending to us of the Holy Ghost Chrisł our Lord; who, after his with thee in thy eternal

Gode most glorious resurrection, head: Therefore with Angels, manifestly appeared to all his &c. Apostles, and in their sight as I Then shall the Bishop, kneelcended up into beaven, to pre- ing down at the Lord's Ta pare a place for us ; that where ble, say, in the name of all he is, thither we might also as- those who shall receive the cend, and reign with him in glo- Communion, this prayer folry: Therefore with Angels, &c. Jowing: 1 Upon Whitsunday, and sia Wednost presumie to come THROUGH Jesus Christ ciful Lord, trusting in onr own

; in whose most true promise, the fold nd great mercies. We Holy Ghost came down as at are not worthy so much as to this time from heaven, with a gather up the crumbs under thy gudden great sound, as it had Table. But thou art the same been a mighty wind, in the like Lord, whose property is always ness of fiery tongues, lighting to have mercy: Grant us thereupon the Apostles, to teach fore, gracious Lord, so to eat them, and to lead them to all the flesh of thy dear Son Jesnig truth, giving them both the Christ, and to drink his blood, gift of divers languages, and al- that our sinful bodies may

be so boldness with fervent zeal, made clean by his body, and constantly to preach the gospel our souls washed through his unto all nations, whereby we most precious blood, and that have been brought out of dark- we may evermore dwell in him, ness and error, into the clear and he in us. Amen.

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IT When the Bishop, standing you, and for ma- Vessel, in

before the Table, hath so or- ny, for the re- which there dered the Bread and Wine, mission of sins; is any Wine that he may with the more Do this as oft as to be consereadiness and deconcy break ye shall drink it, crated. the Bread before the People, in remembrance and take the Cup into his of me. hands; he siiall say the


The Prayer of Consecration, as O Lord and oulution. followeth :

heavenly Father, according to A

LL glory be to thee, Al- the institution of thy dearly be

mighty God, our heaven loved Son our Saviour Jesus ly Father, for that thou, of Christ, we, thy hunible servants, thy tender mercy, didst give do celebrate and make here thine only Son Jesus Christ to before thy divine Majesty, with suffer death upon the cross for these thy holy gifts, which we our redemption; who made now offer unto thee, the methere (by his one oblation of morial thy Son hath commandhimself once offered a full, per- ed us to make; having in refect, and sutficient sacrifice, ob- membrance his blessed passion lation, and satisfaction, for the and precious death, his mighty sins of the whole world, and resurrection and glorious asdid institute, and in his holy cension; rendering onto thee gospel command is to continue most bearty thanks, for the ina perpetual memory of that his numerable benefits procured precious death and sacrifice un- unto us by the same. And we til his coming again : For in the most humbly be- The

night in which he seech thee, 0 Invocation. (a) Here was betrayed (a) merciful Father, to hear us; the Bishop is he took bread; and, of thy Almighty goodness, to take the and when he had vouchsafe to bless and sanctify, Paten into given thanks, with thy Word and Holy Spihis hands. (b) he brake it, rit, these thy gifts and creatures

(b), And and gave it to his of bread and wine; that we, the breat. Take, eat, thy Son our Saviour Jesus

(c) And this is my Body, Christ's holy institution, in rehere to lay which is given membrance of his Death and his hands for you; Do this Passion, may be partakers of upon all the in remembrance his most blessed Body and Bread. of me. Like- Blood. And we earnestly desire

wise, after sup thy fatherly goodness, merciful(d) Here per (d) he took Iy to accept this our sacrifice of he is to take the cup; and praise and thanksgiving; most the Cup into when be had humbly, beseeching thee to his hand. given thanks, he grant, that by the merits and

gave it to them, death of thy Son Jesus Christ, saying, Drink ye and through faith in his blood

all of this, for we, and all thy whole Church, (e) And () this is my may obtain remissioo of our here he is to Blood, of the sins, and all other benefits of luy his hand New Testament, his passion. And here we of upon every which is shed for fer and present unto thee,

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