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the men sit down. Now there much more shall the blood of was much grass in the place. Christ, who, through the eternal So the men sat down, in num- Spirit, offered himself without ber about five thousand. And spot to God, purge your conJesus took the loaves, and science from dead works to when he had given thanks, he serve the living God? And for distributed to the disciples, and this cause he is the Mediator the disciples to them that were of the New Testament, that set down, and likewise of the by means of death, for the refishes as much as they would, demption of the transgressions When they were filled, he said that were under the first Test unto his disciples, Gather up tament, they which are called the fragments that remain, that might receive the promise of nothing be lost. Therefore they eternal inheritance. gathered them together, and filled twelve baskets with the The Gospel. St. John viü. 46. loaves, which remained over convinceth me of sin? And

, and above unto them that had if I say the trụth, why do ye eaten. Then those men, when not believe me? He that is of they had seen the miracle that God, heareth God's words; ye Jesns did, said, This is of a therefore hear them not, betruth that prophet that should cause ye are not of God. Then come into the world.

answered the Jews, and said

unto him, Say we not well, that THE FIFTH SUNDAY IN thou art a Samaritan, and hast LENT.

a devil? Jesus answered. I The Collect.

have not a devil: but I lovoar E beseech thee, Almighty my Father, and ye do disho ripon thy people; that by thy own glory : there is one that great goodness they may be

seeketh and judgeth. Verily, governed and preserved ever- verily, I say unto you, if a man more, both in body and soul. keep my saying, he shall never through Jesus Christ our Lord: see death. Then said the Jews Amen.

unto him, Now we know that

thou hast a devil: Abraham is The Epistle. Heb. ix. 11. dead, and the prophets; and

priest of good things to saying, he shall never taste of come, by a greater and more death. Art thou greater than perfect tabernacle, not made our father Abraham, which' is with hands; that is to say, not dead? and the prophets are of this building ; neither by the dead : whom makest thou thyblood of goats and calves; but self? Jesus answered, Ift hoby his own blood he entered nour myself, my honour is poin once into the holy place, thing; it is my Father that hohaving obtained eternal re- noureth me, of whom you say, demption for us. For if the that he is your God: yel ye blood of bulls and of goats, and have not known him; but I the ashes of an heifer sprink- know him: and if I should say ling the unclean, sanctifieth to I know him not, I shall be a the purifying of the flesh; how liar like unto you; but I know

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up out of the sea, with the shep- meat, there came a woman herd of his flock? Where is be having an alabaster box of ointthat put his Holy Spirit within ment of spikenard, very precihim ? that led them by the ous, and she brake the box, and right hand of Moses, with his poured it on his head. And glorious arm dividing the water there were some that had inbefore them, to make himself dignation within themselves, an everlasting name? That led and said, Why was this waste them through the deep as an of the ointment made ? for it horse in the wilderness, that might have been sold for more they should not stumble? As than three hundred pence, and a beast goeth down into the have been given to the poor. valley, the spirit of the Lord And they murmured against caused him to rest : so didst her. And Jesus said, Let her thou lead thy people, to make alone: why trouble ye her? she thyself a glorious naine. Look hath wrought a good work ou down from heaven, and behold me: For ye have the poor with from the habitation of thy holi- you always, and whensoever ness, and of thy glory: Where ye will, ye may do them good; is thy zeal, and thy strength, but me ye have not always. the sounding of thy bowels, and She hath done what she could; of thy mercies towards me? she is come aforehand to anoiut are they restrained ? Doubtless my body to the burying. Verithou art our Father, though ly I say unto you, WheresoAbraham be ignorant of us, ever this gospel shall be preachand Israel acknowledge ug noted throughout the whole world, thou, O Lord, art our Father, this also that she hath done our Redeerner; thy name is shall be spoken of, for a inefrom everlasting. O Lord, why mooria) of her. And Judas ls. hast thou made us to err from cariot, one of the twelve, went thy ways, and hardened our unto the chief priests, to betray heart from thy fear? Return, bim unto them. And when they for thy servant's sake, the heard it, they were glad, and tribes of thine inheritance. The promised to give him money; possessed it but a little while: conveniently betra y him. And our adversaries have trodden the first day of unleavened down thy sanctuary. We are bread, when they killed the thine : thou never barest rule passover, his disciples said unto over them, they were not call him, Where wilt thou that we ed by thy name.

go and prepare, that thou mayThe Gospel. St. Mark xiv. 1. est eat ihe passover? And lie A of the

FTER Iwo days was the sendeth forth two of his disci. of unleavened bread: and the ye into the city; and there shall chief priests and the scribes meet yon a man bearing a sought how they might take pitcher of water : follow him. him by craft, and put him to And wheresoever he shall go death. But they said, Not op in, say ye to the good man of the feast day, lest there be an the house, The Master saith, uproar of the people. And be: Where is the guest-chamber, ing in Bethany, in the house of where I shall eat, the passover Simon the leper, as he sat at with my disciples? And I

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