Rapture 2015 and Planet X

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Exposing the Truth — The Rapture in 2015

If you knew a life-changing event would be occurring in the autumn of 2015, and the odds that it would indeed happen were in the proven range of 1 in 17 billion, what would you do?  This book is about events unlike anything seen before in human history. It is about a point of no return.

That is the situation you are facing right now.  There are 4 critical key events that have come together to affect this generation like no other, and all at one date and one time. The time lock on Daniel has been removed.  Jesus said in John's gospel that there are no secrets between friends. There is irrefutable evidence that God gave Isaac Newton the solution to the most mysterious riddle and secret of all ages.  His papers only in this generation have surfaced, and have been donated to Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Sir Isaac Newton was perhaps the world's most unique genius.  He contributed to a variety of disciplines, including physics, astronomy and mathematics. He actually invented calculus. He was fluent in ancient Greek and Hebrew. And he was positive that the Bible, indeed the whole universe, was a "cryptogram" set by the Almighty.

He spent the last half of his life decoding the Bible, particularly the Scriptures in Daniel that provide us with a foreknowledge of the dates of both the First and Second Advent.  His interpretations of Daniel have surfaced through a Library of Congress copy of his manuscripts.  We explore them in this book.  They set the dates for the 7-year Tribulation period.  Paul in the Epistles confirms that "You, brothers, are not in darkness, so that that day should come upon you as it would thieves."

I've covered in this book four critical factors that when considered together represent the astronomically high odds equation of 1 in 17 billion.  The first is Newton's interpretation of Daniel and the end date to which it points.  Daniel 9:25 and Newton's interpretation of it is the key Scripture.  The second is Revelation 12, a once in a millennium sign that pinpoints the mid-point of the Tribulation and confirms the 7-years. It is an unmistakable sign.

The third is the astronomical Tetrad, a series of 4 blood moons on Israel's High Feast Days in 2014 and 2015 that bookend in 2015 the beginning of the tribulation. The last lunar eclipse on September 28, 2015 will be an extreme super blood red moon, which occurs right before the Day of the Lord (7 year Tribulation).  The fourth is the Jubilee Year. God put a stamp of approval on June 7, 1967 as the marker date (the Six Day War with the recapture of Jerusalem) as the starting point for the Final Jubilee cycle of 49 years. The next Jubilee year is 2015 (counting with 360 day prophetic years).  All end-time events must begin with a Jubilee year.  It will be a 7-year process from that point.  If 2015 does not start that process, we must wait another 50 years which is IMPOSSIBLE and is not in concert with the other signs!

The recapture of Jerusalem in 1967 is a landmark date from which the Rapture and 7-year Tribulation can be calculated.  These events will usher in the Tribulation period. Joel 2:31: “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come."

The approach of a dangerous astronomical object will open the Sixth Seal of Revelation.  Planet X is the Wormwood of the Book of Revelation.  The Sixth Seal of Revelation is in Revelation, Chapter 6.  It describes a great worldwide earthquake, followed by the “heavens departing as a scroll."  If you look towards that body as it is moves in its orbit in front of the sun at a future point, the earth will be cast into darkness, and you will see the stars disappear as this celestial body passes in between their light and your eyes.  It would make the stars appear to roll up like a scroll.

Matthew 24:36 Young's Literal Translation (YLT)
“And concerning that day and the hour no one hath known -- not even the messengers of the heavens -- except my Father only."  No one hath known until Jesus spoke it.  What changed?  Why was it knowable at that point?

One last thought to keep in mind: A Total Lunar Tetrad falls on Passover, Tabernacles and again, on Passover and Tabernacles in 2014 and 2015. Only once in the past two millennia do we find two Total Lunar Tetrads occurring in a single century. The next feast-filled Tetrad is 2014/15 and the one after that is 2582/83 which is over 600 years from when Israel became a nation. I don't think Jesus was referring to a 600 year waiting period anywhere in the Bible.

Would you like to read the headlines of 2015 before they transpire? The product of decades of research, this book is a page-turner and a must-read. The Apocalypse and Bible prophecies are deciphered with clarity as never seen before in this classic edition for people of all faiths.

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